Stranza Co., Ltd. No. 1 download number in the dental industry The industry’s first medical examination ticket app “My Dentist” has surpassed 1 million downloads!

Stranza Co., Ltd.
No. 1 downloads in the dental industry Industry’s first medical examination ticket app “My Dentist” has surpassed 1 million downloads!
Stranza Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Shoichi Nishijima; hereinafter referred to as Stranza), which supports both medical treatment and management of dental clinics with IT, provides the industry’s first consultation ticket app for dental clinics, “My We are pleased to announce that “Dentist” has exceeded 1 million downloads in November 2022, boasting the number one download in the industry.
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■ Development background
In the dental industry, paper management was the mainstream, including patient registration cards. For this reason, face-to-face reception is essential, and unexpected problems such as forgetting or losing a patient registration card or writing a wrong date for the next appointment occur on a daily basis, which requires time and money. Therefore, in July 2018, Stranza released the industry’s first examination ticket app in order to reduce the work burden and improve work efficiency of dental clinics. Thankfully, the number of contracted clinics has increased year by year, and as of November 2022, about four years after its release, we were able to break through 1 million downloads.
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What is the consultation ticket app “My Dentist”?
It is an application that works with the appointment and patient information of the business management system “Apotool & Box” specialized in dentistry, and realizes acquisition and change of appointments on the app and reception of visits without contact. It will reduce the burden on dental clinics and improve operational efficiency, such as automatic transmission of appointment reminders and notifications, and prevention of forgetting to bring and losing paper patient tickets. Furthermore, by turning the patient
registration card into an application, it is possible to propose oral care products and share photos and videos of the patient’s oral cavity, so it can be used as a communication tool that is not limited to just a patient registration card.
In December 2019, the cashless payment function “Sasatto Pay” was installed in the examination ticket app. By registering credit card information on the app, patients are now able to make one-touch payments for medical fees from the app. Since there is no need to wait in the waiting room until the accounting process is completed after the medical examination, it is possible to prevent congestion in the waiting room.
* To use “Sasatto Pay”, a contract with the POS register function “Accounting” and a payment agency is required.
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-Main features of the consultation ticket app-
・ Reception of hospital visits with QR code
・ Easy reservation / change reservation from the app
・Batch management of family appointments and treatment history ・Proposal of oral care products
・ Send messages with images and videos about precautions before and after surgery
・Camera function
・Cashless payment function

-Voices of hospitals using-
At our clinic, we send intraoral photos at the time of the first visit and post-treatment photos to patients using the consultation ticket app. We have received comments from patients such as “I saw the inside of my mouth properly for the first time” and “I could see the difference before and after the treatment”, which is one of the factors that differentiates us from other clinics. I think. [Kanagawa Prefecture Hospitals using from 2021]
Apotool’s consultation ticket app is used as a tool for providing information to individual patients. For example, it is easy to provide materials for reconsideration of information such as correction consultation at home, and mutual contact is also possible. [Nagasaki Prefecture, a clinic that has been using since 2019]
The check-in system using the QR code is overwhelmingly smart, and when the new store opened, I was able to give the impression that “this is the latest”. It also simplifies the reception process. In addition, by sharing image data with the medical box, patients are interested in their own mouths, and through counseling, it is possible to collect information about the patient’s “I’m worried about this part!” . Currently, DX is progressing more and more in every industry, so the current situation is that patients’ demands for DX are rising. Apo Tool is an indispensable presence in our hospital, which increases patient satisfaction with the latest DX. [Miyazaki Prefecture Hospital since 2019]
■ Future development
Further communication by expanding the scope of support of the consultation ticket app, such as installing a chat function between the dental clinic and the patient, responding to model changes, implementing a call function in preparation for unmanned reception, and taking over patient information when changing hospitals. We will pursue the promotion and ease of use of this system and contribute greatly to regionally focused medical care. In addition, in addition to expanding the payment methods for cashless payment functions, we aim to develop a wide range of functions such as installing dental loans, displaying purchase history and recommendation functions, and installing receipt issuing / printing functions.
■ About “Apotool & Box”
“Apotool & Box” is a cloud-based system exclusively for dental clinics, developed independently by Stranza. Unlike a simple reservation management system, it is possible to visualize management indicators through deep cooperation with a receipt computer. Considering that “patient data = assets”, all patient information gathered in the system on a daily basis will be utilized in the solutions necessary for dental management. It is a completely new “patient management and business management system” that has not been found in previous reservation management systems.
■Company profile
Company name: Stranza Co., Ltd.
Location: 〒105-0004 6-17-21 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Fudosan Onarimon Ekimae Building 3F
Phone: 03-6403-4880
Fax: 03-6403-4881
Representative: Representative Director Shoichi Nishijima
Established: May 15, 2013
Business description: Development, production, sales, leasing and maintenance management of reservation and ordering systems, agency for ordering and receiving orders, information security services, payment information processing, etc.
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