STREAM Co., Ltd. Online shopping site “EC CURRENT” operated by STREAM Black Friday campaign is being held!

Stream Co., Ltd.
The online shopping site “EC Current” operated by Stream is now holding a Black Friday campaign!
Until November 30th

Stream Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo: Katsuhisa Saito, President and CEO) will run a lottery on the Internet shopping site “EC Current” ( operated by Stream. We are selling super bargain products such as TVs with built-in tuners, robot vacuum cleaners, and kitchen appliances, and we are conducting a campaign to give 500 points to 500 people by drawing lots again from the names of those who did not win the lottery.
Part 1. Reception of super bargain items such as 55V type 4K tuner built-in TVs and robot vacuum cleaners that can be purchased by lottery!
Part 2. Double Chance! 500 points will be presented to 500 people by lottery from the names of those who did not purchase by lottery. Part 3. In addition to the lottery products, carefully selected bargain products are also available!
campaign period
Friday, November 18, 2022 – Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Lottery sales How to apply
・EC Current member registration (free) is required to apply. ・ After logging in to My Page after registering as a member, apply for the desired product during the campaign period from the entry icon displayed on the campaign site.
・The number of applications is limited to once per person (or per family). ・ Even if the membership number is different, if the delivery address is the same, it will not be eligible for the lottery.
・If our store determines that the application is from a corporation or a trader, it will be invalid.
・ Applications cannot be accepted after the campaign period, or by telephone, fax, letter, or email.
・Cancellation after application is not accepted.
Winning announcement
・The announcement date for “Lottery Sales” and “W Chance Point Present” is scheduled for mid-December 2022.
・Only the winners will be notified of the results by email. (We will not notify unsuccessful applicants by email.)
・If your registered address is a mobile phone or smartphone, please allow emails from “” in advance.
・We cannot answer inquiries about the results of winning.
・The winning right belongs to the applicant and cannot be transferred to a third party.
Lottery sales order acceptance and payment method
・Please place your order from the address that will be notified by email after the winner is confirmed.
・The payment method differs for each lottery item, so please check the “Delivery Address/Payment Method” screen when ordering.
Notes on shipping
・Limited to those who live in Japan and whose delivery address is in Japan. others
・This campaign may end without notice.
・In addition, the contents may change due to unavoidable circumstances. During the campaign period, please use “EC Current”, which has a wide variety of home appliances such as popular LCD TVs, home appliances, and even beauty appliances at a proud price.
-Inquiries from the media regarding this matter-
Stream Co., Ltd. Contact: Uehara TEL03-6823-1127

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