Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental How to spend a stylish night “Night Afternoon Tea” & “Insieme”

The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental
How to spend a stylish night “Night Afternoon Tea” & “Insieme”
The Strings Afternoon Tea offered at The Score Dining’s Italian Grill “Melodia” and Café & Bar “Ryuthmos” changes with the seasons, and you can always feel the surprise and newness. This afternoon tea is a collaboration between Manabu and Kentaro Yamamoto, the chef of the Italian grill Melodia.
Night afternoon tea is a night plan with truffle-flavored French fries, which is popular with the “Chocolate & Caramel Afternoon Tea” set that will be delivered this winter. A premium plan with free flow of champagne is also available.
Incieme is a casual sharing style of appetizer and main dish, and you can enjoy pasta, risotto, or whatever you like before the main dish, and afternoon tea sweets for dessert, making it a fulfilling dinner. Would you like to spend a relaxing time at Melodia, where you can refresh yourself after work or recharge for the next day?
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About “Chocolate & Caramel Afternoon Tea”
Chocolate is loved by people of all ages. Because of its simplicity, the variations are endless. You can enjoy various flavors and textures by combining cacao production areas and concentrations, spices and milk, alcohol and fruits. Chocolate & caramel afternoon tea, where you can fully enjoy the chocolate that executive pastry chef Osada specializes in, is a unique and elegant afternoon tea unique to Strings, where the charm of chocolate is further enhanced by pairing it with caramel.
Italian grill “Melodia” chef Yamamoto’s new sensation savory of cacao and white chocolate is a colorful menu that is perfect for the festive season.
During Christmas and New Year’s holidays, we will add gorgeous colors to your gatherings with important people you can’t put your heart into, and deliver memorable moments. During the Christmas period from December 1st (Thursday) to 25th (Sunday), you can also enjoy freshly baked fondant chocolate.
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◆ “Chocolate & Caramel Night Afternoon Tea”
Period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday), 2022 and December 26th (Monday) to January 17th, 2023 (Tuesday)
Price: 7,150 yen, 8,250 yen per person (with champagne free flow) ◆ “White Sparkling Christmas ☆ Chocolate & Caramel Night Christmas Afternoon Tea”
Period: December 1st (Thursday) to 22nd (Thursday), 2022
Price: 8,250 yen, 9,350 yen per person (with free flow champagne until 15th (Thursday))
*Includes Christmas special plate “Ariba Fondant Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream & Red Currant Sauce”
Venue: Italian Grill “Melodia” Cafe & Bar “Ryuthmos” (both on the 26th floor) Time: 18:00 – 21:30 (L.O. 19:30) *Two-hour system
-Sweets & Scone-
pure chocolate
apple caramel pie
White chocolate and caramel macchiato mini parfait
Tochiotome Milk Chocolate Sauce
Salted Caramel Macaron & White Chocolate Orangette
Chocolate scones & caramel banana scones with clotted cream and Ariva chocolate spread
★★ December 1st (Thursday) to 22nd (Thursday)
Arriba Fondant Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream & Red Currant Sauce -Savory-
Spiced Cacao Butter Brioche Toast Turkey and Chestnut Candied White mushroom cappuccino almond caramel dust
Carrot and Mandarin Terrine White Chocolate & Cointreau Glaze -Drink-
Coffee, tea, herbal tea, flavored tea, etc.
Enjoy as much as you like from over 20 selections.
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[December 1st (Thursday) to 22nd (Thursday), 2022]
Happy Merry Christmas! special plate
Arriba fondant chocolate
vanilla ice cream & red currant sauce
Chocolate made from rare Arriba cacao beans is melty and hot fondant chocolate.


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