Styling Life Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company From November 25th, all directly managed stores of Becure Honey will start handling the organic brand “Elva Viva”.

Styling Life Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company
From November 25th, we will start handling the organic brand “Elba Viva” at all directly managed stores of Becure Honey.
Becure Honey, which proposes a natural lifestyle, will expand its product lineup at five directly managed stores to provide the fun of choosing.

[Image 1d38303-254-2c5050cb6ccbe011a53d-14.jpg&s3=38303-254-c708f1da73600b90cc41e7cef6032742-425x64.jpg
StylingLife Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will handle the organic brand “Elba Viva” at five stores of the cosmetics brand “Becure Honey”, which was born in 2011, on November 25, 2022. We will start from There are 5 stores in total: 2 Sendai Parco stores in the Tohoku and Hokuriku areas, the Lumine Tachikawa store in the Kanto area, the Lumine Kitasenju store, the Yokohama Joinus store, and the Hankyu Sanbangai store in the Kinki area. [Image 2d38303-254-0039d81c70d7bd98d48d-10.jpg&s3=38303-254-0cf336fe39a963f1824770f3fc0e935c-905x1127.jpg

■What is Erbaviva?
Born in California, USA in 1996, “erbaviva” has been loved by many as a brand that delivers pure, natural and organic skin care products. Erbaviva has the meaning of “living herb” in Italian.
■ Products that will start handling this time
[Image 3d38303-254-2d16e2560d2327922e91-9.jpg&s3=38303-254-8664692996523d2d9db3e18f18ec0a46-780x780.jpg
・ Erbaviva STM cream
[Image 4d38303-254-c23ce36cd93251afb8cc-8.jpg&s3=38303-254-64cf584ce663760110a67e16abc9e668-780x780.jpg
・ Erbaviva STM oil
[Image 5d38303-254-dc0fff1a7a97fe1bdb6e-7.jpg&s3=38303-254-4a0f181ca3bc77d7329fb5072bb6a586-780x780.jpg
・ Erbaviva baby lotion
[Image 6d38303-254-289eaf23f56136f80241-6.jpg&s3=38303-254-72e6188e39f8f62febd5ece83649ab9e-780x780.jpg
・ Erbaviva baby cream
[Image 7d38303-254-83b52b79626649ac9956-4.jpg&s3=38303-254-dc8e4418efdb9b5dff50e59442adba53-780x780.jpg
・ Erbaviva Baby Butter
[Image 8d38303-254-19473c00bd1e653e5cd3-3.jpg&s3=38303-254-88adb8fab29a71712f1bade3517cdac4-741x1000.jpg
・ Erbaviva Lip & Cheek Balm
[Image 9d38303-254-aca77033917bf59553f0-2.jpg&s3=38303-254-26348fbfb340e86daeb71ecc083fac29-780x780.jpg
・ Erbaviva body wash

[Image 10d38303-254-0e31ac7322c3f9268421-5.jpg&s3=38303-254-c117213281bc62ca096a26bda8510ebf-1000x1749.jpg
・Elbaviva Baby Discovery Kit

Styling Life Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company
BCL Customer Service Office 0120-303-820

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