StylingLife Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company The collaboration between “Saborino” and “Heraruboni” will be unveiled at the TBS-affiliated SDGs project “Plaza that makes the world smile.”

Styling Life Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company
The collaboration between “Saborino” and “Heraruboni” will be unveiled at the TBS SDGs project “The Square that Makes the World Smile”. Debuted in April 2015! A new product from Saborino, which has been developing long-selling morning masks, is now available!

We exhibited a corporate limited package of the Saborino Mezama Sheet scheduled to be released in January 2023.
Styling Life Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company will participate in the time-saving cosmetic series “Saborino” and welfare at the
TBS-affiliated SDGs project “The Square that Makes the Earth Smile” held at Akasaka Sacas Square from November 3 to 6, 2022. A
collaboration photo booth and a mini gallery will be exhibited by the experimental unit “Heral Bonnie”. We unveiled the company-only package of “Mezama Sheet” scheduled to be released in January 2023.
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A special collaboration photo booth by “Saborino” and the welfare experimental unit “Heraruboni”.
●What is “Plaza that makes the world smile”?
Akasaka Saka from November 3rd to 6th, 2022, in collaboration with the TBS SDGs project “Week 2022 Autumn, which makes the earth smile” The SDGs event “Plaza that makes the world smile” held at Sushiroba (sponsored by TBS, supported by Minato Ward, Minato Ward Board of Education)
Power: Ministry of the Environment) theme is to recycle, reuse, and circulate things that are usually thrown away as garbage, and reborn as new things and resources. !”. In the center of the plaza, the “Zero Waste Center WHY” in Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture, which is known for zero waste, has fully cooperated to set up the “Zero Waste Hub” to create a circular future. It is an experiential event where visitors can feel closer to the SDGs and take a step toward putting them into practice by exhibiting a place where they can experience how garbage is reborn as a resource and the efforts of participating companies aiming to become circular.
●Sustainable action by Saborino
A sustainable ecology step by step with the daily habit “Mezama Sheet”. Under the slogan of “sustainable action,” the Saborino series uses “eco-friendly ingredients” to utilize materials that were previously discarded as ingredients, “eco-friendly materials” to reduce the plastic usage rate of containers by 15%, and used products. We have been actively working on the creation of products that support the SDGs, such as the “eco-collection” project for collecting packages. At the “Plaza that makes the earth smile” that I
participated in this time, I exhibited the sustainable actions related to the circular that the Saborino series is working on with panels. It was an opportunity for many visitors to be interested in the Saborino series’ efforts toward SDGs.
●Presenting the collaboration scheduled to be released in January 2023 as a special photo booth
In the collaboration between “Saborino” and “Heraruboni” scheduled to be released in January 2023, based on the color image associated with all six types of “Mezama Sheet” key ingredients, 6 people with disabilities contracted by Heralboni The art drawn by the artist is used for each design. By developing it as a “outstanding” company-only package, we have created a package that allows you to enjoy your daily care habits with the “Mezama Sheet” even more. In addition to the unveiling of the collaboration package, we also set up a booth introducing the colorful art used in the package along with the artist’s profile, as well as a special collaboration photo booth for some of the works. rice field.
[Image 2d38303-252-0dff279884e4bf43655a-1.jpg&s3=38303-252-1af49106cb76a98db05f957d97391519-2000x1413.jpg
● List of works and authors appointed by Heral Bonnie
・Shishi Okabe (The Garden of Hope) “Scratch Works Yay!Yay!No.21” ・ Nana Yamazaki (Yamanami Koubou) “Fashionable person”
・Koichi Tsuchiya (unico / Museum of Beginnings) “Leaf”
・Ikumi (Tamutamusha Nakayama Koubou) “Tamtamdot”
・SATO (Individual) “Ant”
・ fuco: (Individual) “Shiawase Pink”
●What is Saborino?
Saborino, which debuted in April 2015, is a morning face mask brand that cleanses the face by wiping and prepares skin care and
moisturizing foundation in 60 seconds. On July 1, 2022, the total number of shipments of the face mask series exceeded 700 million. And since 2019, when the market survey was born, it has been the No. 1 face mask share for the morning for three consecutive years. The best cosmetics project recognized by the beauty industry, which is held every year, surpassed 100 crowns in December 2020 and is still updating the record. Currently, Saborino is sold in 39 countries and regions overseas, including the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, Thailand, Italy, and Bulgaria. (As of December 2021) ●What is Heral Bonnie?
Heralbony is a welfare experimental unit whose mission is to “let it shine.” “HERALBONY” is an art lifestyle brand that makes contracts with welfare facilities and writers mainly for intellectual
disabilities throughout Japan and incorporates works into products such as fashion and interior, including a licensing business centered on art copyright management. ”, art production for spaces such as hotels, and the “All Japan Temporary Enclosure Art Museum” that diverts works to temporary enclosures at construction sites. Through these social implementations, we aim to change the image of
“disability” and create a new culture based on welfare.
Heralbony official website -Inquiries about the product-
BCL Customer Service Office 0120-303-820 -Inquiries about Heral Bonnie-
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