Successful reskilling app “Concentration”, strengthening corporate introduction support | Commemorating 2 million downloads

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Successful reskilling app “Concentration”, strengthening corporate introduction support | Commemorating 2 million downloads
Motivation management supports self-learning, the heart of reskilling and skill-up learning

bondavi Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) conducted a questionnaire survey of users of the “Concentration” application for studying and working, and found that it was highly effective in reskilling and improving skills. More than 97% of the users who used the app for a certain period of time answered that their study time and motivation increased. were reported. In the background of this, in reskilling, where “self-learning” greatly affects the results, it is thought that the function of maintaining the learning motivation of the app “concentration” and improving the quality and quantity of self-study boosted the results. Based on this result, bondavi Co., Ltd. will strengthen corporate introduction support in commemoration of exceeding 2 million downloads in November 2022.
In an era where reskilling (re-learning) is required
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Reskilling refers to “acquisition of new skills in order to adapt to changes in the skills required at work”, and in recent years it has attracted attention as follows.
・”Reskill 1 billion people worldwide by 2030″ (2020, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting)
・“Investing 1 trillion yen in the next five years” in reskilling (Kishida Cabinet in 2022)
On the other hand, while some companies are moving to introduce teaching materials and training for reskilling, it is said that there are many companies that are not actually producing good results. Under such circumstances, when we conducted a questionnaire with the users of the app “Concentration”, it was suggested that it was highly effective in reskilling.
Data on reskilling and skill-up learning of the app “Concentration” Reporting of qualifications and career advancement acquired using the app “Concentration”
Many achievements were reported, ranging from a complete career change to a career upgrade that strengthened the specialty.
・ Successfully changed jobs as an engineer (male in his 20s) ・Passed the basic information engineer test (female in her 20s) ・FP2 grade passed (female in her 20s)
・Passed information processing security support specialist (male in his 40s) ・CFP (certified financial planner) passed (male in his 50s)
・Passed USCPA (US Certified Public Accountant) (female in her 20s) ・Passed Bookkeeping Level 1 (Female in her 30s)
・Passed administrative scrivener (woman in her 30s)
・Passed specialist examination (woman in her 30s)
・Passed overseas graduate school (female in her 20s)
Report on “motivation to study” and “study time”
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Reporting on other changes
Answer to the question “Please let me know if there are any changes other than the above when using the app “Concentration””
* The numbers in parentheses are “Age/Gender/Contents”
・ I was able to make a habit of studying (female in her 30s / language) ・I was able to make effective use of my spare time (man in his 30s / promotion exam)
・ I can see what I have done, so I feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment (female in her 20s / bookkeeping exam)
・Thanks to being able to set a short time, I can now use my free time (female in her 20s / TOEIC)
・Even on days when I don’t feel like it, I always do it for 10 minutes (female in her 20s / kanji test)
・Because I can see the total study time, I feel like I’m saving up knowledge and it’s fun (20s male / FP)
・I was able to see how much time I spent studying, and I knew how much I had studied, which boosted my motivation (male in his 20s / CPA exam)
Questionnaire overview
Number of respondents: 232
Implementation period: November 1, 2022 ~ November 11, 2022
Implementation method: In-app questionnaire
Respondent: Users who used “Focus” for career advancement learning for a sufficient period* to measure the effect
* A minimum of 100 hours was set to understand the effect on the qualification exam.
Why are there many people who succeed in reskilling and improving their skills with the app “Concentration”?
It is thought that “reskilling (re-learning) is because self-study determines the result”.
For example, it is said that 100 hours of study is required for the “IT Passport”, which is said to be an introductory qualification for the IT industry.
It is extremely difficult to generate that amount of time through in-house training alone, so self-study is absolutely necessary. However, it is not easy for busy working adults to maintain their motivation to study in parallel with their work and carve out time for self-study.
The app “Concentration” helps you manage your motivation and improve your study time and quality.
Strengthening corporate introduction support
Until now, “Concentration” was mainly provided to individual users, but based on the above results, we will also strengthen corporate introduction support.
This time, we will start supporting “effect measurement questionnaire” by introducing “concentration”.
・We will create a questionnaire for measuring the effect according to the form of the company that has introduced it.
・ Six months after the introduction, the company will distribute the created questionnaire URL to the employees.
・Our company aggregates and analyzes the survey results, and makes them available for companies to view.
[Image 4d66061-47-b7630b46bc2b5e9b43ea-6.png&s3=66061-47-8f5acfad4f63501722223784c33cc48b-1920x1279.png
This service is also provided free of charge based on bondavi’s philosophy of “100% with no reward”.
Please check this out for details.

App “Focus”
An application that increases motivation for work and study and the quality of work by setting a time limit with a timer.
In November 2022, the cumulative total of downloads exceeded 2 million. For personal use, you can download it from the following app stores. App Store:
Google Play: Image material: bondavi Inc.
Address: 1-12-39 Edanishi, Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Representative Director: Daisuke Toda
An app development venture founded by the president of a former advertising agency data analyst. Based on the president’s commitment, we are challenging to become profitable only by “user’s goodwill (donation)” without advertising or in-app purchases. We provide Japan’s No. 1 habit-forming app “Continuous Technology”, No. 1 Concentration App “Concentration”, “Chick Filter”, etc., and have exceeded 4 million downloads just by improving the quality of the app without any paid promotions. is doing.

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