Sucrei Co., Ltd. Brownie specialty store côte cour will open at Tokyo Station “Tokyo Gift Palette” on W ednesday, November 16th.

Sucrei Co., Ltd.
Brownie specialty store [côte cour] will open at Tokyo Station “Tokyo Gift Palette” on Wednesday, November 16th.
Along with the expansion and renewal of Tokyo Gift Palette, côte cour opens a long-awaited permanent store at Tokyo Station!

Sucrei Co., Ltd. (President: Ryoichi Sakamoto, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will open the côte cour Tokyo Gift Palette store on November 16th (Wednesday).
côte cour wants to deliver the original taste and deliciousness of brownies. From that strong feeling, it is a brand that was born as a brownie specialty store.
In addition to the most popular “Tokyo Brownie”, we also offer a variety of “Raw Brownies” (requires refrigeration) that you can enjoy with a moist and chewy texture like raw chocolate. In commemoration of the opening, we have prepared “Raw Brownie Pistachio & Hazelnut” where you can enjoy the flavor of cacao and nuts exclusively at the Tokyo Gift Palette store. You can only purchase it at the Tokyo Gift Palette store.
How about a gift for your loved ones or a reward for yourself? In addition, we will also carry out a campaign to commemorate the opening. Please drop in at this opportunity.
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◆ Store overview
Store name: Court Cool Tokyo Gift Palette store
Address: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit Tokyo Gift Palette
Phone: 03-6665-9981
Business hours: (Weekdays) 9:30-20:30
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 9:00-20:30
◆ Campaign information
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In commemoration of the opening of the Tokyo Gift Palette store, we will present a Court Cool original tote bag to customers who purchase 3,240 yen or more including tax.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.

◆Introduction of limited products
[Image 4

Raw Brownie/Pistachio & Hazelnut
We carefully select and use 3 types of couverture chocolate for the material. We kneaded hazelnut paste into the dough and added chopped walnuts as an accent. The topping is decorated with pistachio chops. It is a gem that you can enjoy the smooth and moist texture of the brownie dough and the crunchy feeling of pistachio.
648 yen (tax included) per stick *must be refrigerated
◆ Product information
[Image 5

Raw Brownie/Plain
Carefully selected couverture chocolate
The scent of rum in the blended dough
I listened. Moist and dusty
Enjoy the texture of raw chocolate
It’s a brownie.
1 stick 390 yen (tax included) *must be refrigerated
[Image 6

raw brownies/almonds
Brownie mixed with hazelnuts
Almond and caramel on top of dough
Layered nougat. The aroma of nuts
It is a characteristic raw brownie.
1 stick 494 yen (tax included) *must be refrigerated
[Image 7

raw brownie/orange
Valencia orange and orange liqueur
Refreshing citrus scent kneaded into the dough
raw brownie. Layered with sliced ​​oranges, the appearance is also finished vividly.
1 stick 494 yen (tax included) *must be refrigerated
[Image 8d16051-751-245dfa2c70c60bc7df3a-7.jpg&s3=16051-751-b3926dac7902cb08d23132c08d23e972-2132x1422.jpg
Raw brownie/apple caramel
Apples, caramel, and walnuts are kneaded into the dough blended with 3 carefully selected types of couverture chocolate, and calvados enhances the flavor of the apples.
You can enjoy the exquisite harmony of elegant apple scent and bittersweet caramel.
1 stick 494 yen (tax included) *must be refrigerated
[Image 9d16051-751-98c5536471393ba6b47e-8.jpg&s3=16051-751-4a517e304aa4ac643fc5f098d068284d-1980x1320.jpg
Assorted fresh brownies
3 pieces 1,611 yen (tax included)
5 pieces 2,852 yen (tax included)
8 pieces 4,386 yen (tax included)
10 pieces 5,375 yen (tax included)
※Keep refrigerated
*Prices vary depending on the contents of the assortment.
※The photograph is an image.
[Image 10d16051-751-623a57ba15ad504dd68d-9.jpg&s3=16051-751-06de6f22601f264b5dedee14efdf919b-3900x2600.jpg
Tokyo Brownie
Standard product of Court Cool.
Two carefully selected types of couverture chocolate are kneaded into the dough to create a dough with a strong cacao flavor. You can enjoy the smooth and moist texture.
6 pieces 1,350 yen (tax included)
10 pieces 2,106 yen (tax included)
◆ Brand information
[Image 11d16051-751-7a85d250fdd6b7e065cc-11.jpg&s3=16051-751-0e1afe037c09232a940c1a20dc1c9350-1932x2478.jpg
The original taste of brownie,
I want to deliver to everyone in Japan.
From that strong desire, “Court Cool” was born as a brownie specialty store. Two kinds of couverture chocolate
Rich cocoa produced by blending
flavor. Furthermore, using only carefully selected ingredients, Finished with an unprecedented deep taste.
A relaxing time of fellowship and a special occasion for someone special Selected as a gift or a gem of hospitality
I would like to have it.
Brought to you by Courtcourt
Please enjoy the finest brownies.
◆ Store information
[Image 12d16051-751-0867be27fbe10bef8906-10.jpg&s3=16051-751-f8714c8dcf13001b27429fc02d67be69-3742x2686.jpg
・ Ebisu Main Store
Address: 3-9-40 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011
Business hours: 11:00 to 19:00 Closed: Tuesdays
・Matsuya Ginza store
・ Lumine Tachikawa store
・Lumine Ogikubo
・Lazona Kawasaki Plaza
・Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Kin no Tsubasa
・Tokyo Gift Palette Store
◆Official site
◆Company profile
-Sucrei Co., Ltd.-
Established: December 15, 2011
Head office location: 1-2-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Developed brands: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, The Maple Mania, Chitose Tsukiji, Court Cool, Oriental Chocolat by Court Cool, Butter Butler, The Master by Butter Butler, GENDY, Millefeuille Maison Francais, Francais, Lemon Shop by Francais, Strawberry Shop by Francais, Caramel Ghost House, Belly Up! , The Tailor, Nekochef, Cocolis, Dore, Fioratte, Drory
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