SuMPO/EcoPro 2022 Booth Exhibit Information “Carbon footprint is a common language in the carbon-neutral era”

SuMPO/EcoPro 2022 Booth Exhibit Information “Carbon Footprint is the Common Language in the Carbon-Neutral Era”

Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Hideki Ishida, hereinafter referred to as “SuMPO”), Nikkei Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Hasebe) We will hold “EcoPro 2022-Facing Environmental Issues and SDGs for a Sustainable Society-” (at Tokyo Big Sight) for three days from December 7th (Wednesday) to 9th (Friday).
During the same period, SuMPO will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 6 (6-066) with the theme of “Carbon Footprint is the Common Language of the Carbon Neutral Era”.
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State of last year’s EcoPro 2021
SuMPO and Nihon Keizai Shimbun Co., Ltd. co-sponsored “EcoPro 2022 – Towards a Sustainable Society Confronting Environmental Issues and SDGs -” (at Tokyo Big Sight) from December 7 (Wednesday) to 9 (Friday). It will be held during the day.
This year marks the 24th time, exhibitors are not only private businesses, but also from a wide range of fields such as government / local governments. The exhibition is expected to attract 60,000 people.

Under these circumstances, SuMPO, the organizer, presented at its own booth the implementation status of the proposed action plan based on the “SuMPO/Carbon Neutral Initiative” formulated in June last year. We will introduce various service contents of our company under the theme of “. In particular, as one response to inquiries from small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations all over the country, “What should we do for carbon neutrality?” We will also introduce the status of initiatives for the “Carbon Neutral Declaration Simultaneous Action”.
In addition, at the SuMPO booth, we will introduce the 5th EcoPro Award winning organizations, introduce some of SuMPO’s activity areas, introduce award winning organizations, and hold mini lectures on LCA, carbon footprint, etc. .
In addition, the “5th EcoPro Award Ceremony” will be held on December 8 (Thursday) during the EcoPro period, and the “Decarbonization Region Symposium” will be held on December 9 (Friday) on a special stage. We look forward to seeing many of you there.
In addition, at the SDGs Week EXPO online exhibition seminar held at the same time, from 10:00 on Friday, November 25th to 17:00 on Friday, December 16th, Takehisa Kabeya, Executive Director of SuMPO, said, “Sustainability Since I am serving as a speaker at a seminar on the theme of “Returning to the origin”, I would like to inform you as well.
1. Overview of SuMPO booth exhibition
Holding period: December 7th (Wednesday) to 9th (Friday) 10:00-17:00 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 6 (6-066 (one company) Sustainable Management Promotion Organization)
Contents of the exhibition:
・Implementation status of the SuMPO Carbon Footprint Initiative (SuMPO/Carbon Neutral Declaration Simultaneous Action etc.)
· Introduction of LCA consulting services
・Introduction of LCA calculation database (IDEA) and LCA calculation tool (MiLCA)
・Introduction of SuMPO/Environmental Label Program (Eco Leaf/Carbon Footprint) ・Introduction of third-party certified carbon footprint comprehensive calculation system
・Introduction corner of EcoPro Award 2022 winners
· Mini lecture on LCA, carbon footprint, etc. Held at the booth stage *The program of the mini-lecture will be published separately on the SuMPO HP [Image 3

Last year’s business meeting corner
An LCA expert will be on standby as an explainer during the period, so please use it as an opportunity for consultation.

2. 5th EcoPro Award Ceremony
Date and time: Thursday, December 8, 10:20-12:00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East 6 Hall “Special Stage”
Details: Award ceremony for EcoPro Award winners
Audience seats: about 100 seats
Organizer: Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO Sanpo)

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Last year’s 4th EcoPro Award Ceremony
The “EcoPro Awards” sponsored by SuMPO are products, services, technologies, and solutions that are highly evaluated by business operators, consumers, investors, and market participants in the Japanese market, and that incorporate excellent environmental considerations.・By awarding projects such as business models, this award system aims to promote the further development and spread of these and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. Awards will be presented to all 16 winners of the 5th Awards.
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(URL: [Minister Award]
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award: Kanematsu Sustech Co., Ltd.
 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award: NGP Japan Automobile Recycling Business Cooperative
 Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award: City of Yokohama/JFE Steel Corporation
Minister of the Environment Award: Sekisui House Co., Ltd.
【Outstanding performance award】
・Nomura Real Estate Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.
・Unilever Japan Customer Marketing Co., Ltd.
・ Daito Trust Co., Ltd., Seishoku Co., Ltd.
・ Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
・Brother Industries, Ltd./Brother Enterprises Co., Ltd./Toyota Motor Corporation 【Incentive award】
・Ishikari City / Ishikari Atsuta Green Energy Co., Ltd.
・ Japan Flexographic Technology Association
・Hios Co., Ltd.
・ Morino Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
・Upcon Co., Ltd.
・ Otsuka Sangyo Materials Co., Ltd. / Otsuka Sangyo Creates Co., Ltd. / Fiber CDM Co., Ltd. /
Ethos Co., Ltd.
In addition, the following 5 organizations will have booths during the EcoPro period.
[Award winner exhibition information]
Exhibitor information:
・Kanematsu Sustech Co., Ltd.
・Yokohama City / JFE Steel Corporation
・Sekisui House, Ltd.
・Brother Industries, Ltd.
・Ishikari City, Ishikari Atsuta Green Energy Co., Ltd.
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 6 (6-065) * Adjacent to the booth of the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization
3. Decarbonization regional symposium

Date and time: Friday, December 9, 13:40-14:20
 Location: Tokyo Big Sight East 6 Hall “Special Stage”
Audience seats: Approximately 100 seats (real format) Participation fee: Free Organizer: Sustainable Management Promotion Organization
13:40-13:50 “What the regional decarbonization project aims for (provisional)” Mr. Yu Kawata, Assistant Manager, Regional Decarbonization Project Promotion Division, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of the
 13:50-14:05 “Decarbonization action of the largest CO2 emitting city starting from Kawasaki’s transportation hub “Mizo no Kuchi”” Mr. Atsushi Ida, Director, Decarbonization Strategy Promotion Office, Kawasaki City Environment Bureau
 14:05-14:20 “Regional decarbonization initiated by citizens (provisional)”           Mr. Yuki Yoshida, in charge of Shimakuwa and 6th
industrialization, Agriculture and Forestry Division, China Town Hall, Kagoshima Prefecture
Moderator: Takehisa Kabeya, Representative Director, Sustainable Management Promotion Organization
In April of this year, the Ministry of the Environment’s regional decarbonization promotion project system was launched, and 26 local governments were selected as “decarbonization advanced areas.” It is expected to contribute to regional revitalization by realizing decarbonization and solving local issues at the same time.
In this symposium, we will disseminate information centered on cases that aim to change the behavior of citizens by making use of regional characteristics to achieve regional decarbonization. We aim to connect it to manufacturing.
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4. SDGs Week EXPO Online Exhibition Seminar
Date and time: November 25th (Friday) 10:00 to December 16th (Friday) 17:00 Organizer: Sustainable Management Promotion Organization
Theme: “Returning to the origin of sustainability”
Lecturer: Takehisa Kabeya, Representative Director, Sustainable Management Promotion Organization
The first “Eco-Products Exhibition” was held in 1999 with the aim of developing and popularizing environmentally friendly products and services (eco-products). Twenty-four years have passed since then, and society has changed at a dizzying pace. Global environmental degradation, including climate change, is threatening people’s lives around the world and exacerbating economic losses. I would like to think about how the “Sustainable Transformation” Eco-Pro Exhibition will become a place for all stakeholders to make new proposals.

[Image 5

Takehisa Kabeya
Speaker biography:
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1959. Former Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry,
Manufacturing Industries Bureau). In April 2007, he transferred to the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry and engaged in LCA business and regional/industrial support business. In June 2019, the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization was established (starting business in October), envisioning a vision that should be future-oriented, and policies and projects based on backcasting thinking that approaches problem solving toward its realization. Expand support. In June 2021, the “SuMPO Carbon Neutral Initiative (CN Strategy)” was formulated and advocated “Realization of a
carbon-valued society by 2030”. Currently, we are taking on the challenge of supporting the creation of “new industrial models” such as “circular economy” toward the realization of carbon neutrality.

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