Sun Living Co., Ltd. Until 11/28 (Monday) Support purchase amount of 1,000,000 yen achieved! Don’t miss this chance to get the amazing warmth of a 93% goose down duvet “two-layer comforter”!

Sun Living Co., Ltd.
[Until 11/28 (Monday)] Support purchase amount of 1,000,000 yen achieved! Don’t miss this chance to get the amazing warmth of a 93% goose down duvet “two-layer comforter”!
[Until 11/28 (Monday)] Only 200 special comforters

Sun Living Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) has set a target amount of 300,000 yen for the “Two-Layer Comforter” project, which is currently on sale at the support purchase service “Makuake”, at 1,009,400 yen (November 2022), which is more than 300%. As of the 16th of the month), we received more support than expected. This project is being accepted until November 28th (Monday). Only 200 copies are available, so don’t miss this chance!
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Thank you very much for your support purchase that greatly exceeds our expectations!
There are many “warm futons” on the market, but thank you for supporting our products!
I think it is difficult to compare the warmth on the screen, so I would like you to compare the warmth (CLO value) in order to compare the warmth.
Please try our “ultimately warm futon”.

Unintentionally limited edition comforter
In fact, the production factory for this “two-layer comforter” said, “There are too many commitments, so it seems that only 200 can be produced.”
It’s a comforter that unintentionally became a limited edition because the product developer was too picky.
The Makuake special price is available until November 28th (Monday), so don’t miss this chance!

9 sticking points
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[Artificial ultrafine fiber that reproduces the principle of feathers] The two-layer quilt uses artificial microfibers that reproduce the principle of feathers. It is so thin that even if it is 9,000m long, it weighs less than 3g!
The granules made of this ultra-fine fiber contain air and store heat like feathers, and succeeded in faithfully reproducing the warmth of feathers.
[Increased heat retention with zipper specifications]
When attaching two quilts, the fasteners are used instead of buttons, so they can be layered without any gaps, further increasing heat retention.
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As a result of much trial and error, it achieves a heat retention that exceeds 93% of goose down! !
[Image 4

[Can be used all year round]
The combination of a thin skin comforter and a normal thickness comforter can be used all year round.
Also, you don’t need seasonal towels or blankets.
[Detachment is a fastener specification]
The YKK zipper makes it easy for anyone to put on and take off the comforter. Because it’s a zipper, you don’t have to worry about it coming off inside the cover while you are using it.
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[High durability that keeps fluffiness even after washing 5 times] The two-layer comforter was washed five times and compared with the two-layer comforter before washing.
As a result, the fluffy feeling remains the same as before washing! It is highly durable and can be used cleanly for a long time. [Image 6

[melting texture like a marshmallow]
The skin comforter feels like a marshmallow.
The soft and chewy fabric is stuffed with fluffy micro-cotton that gently wraps around your body.
[Image 7

A filling amount of 2.2 kg, which is just the right weight, with the benefits of heavy and light duvets.
[Management such as storage and washing is not difficult]
At 2.2kg, it weighs less than the average newborn baby, so even women can easily carry it.
[Prevents cold air from entering with high skin-friendliness] It has just the right amount of weight so it doesn’t float and doesn’t create a gap between your body and the comforter. Therefore, cold air does not enter and warm air inside the futon does not escape. [comfort that fits the body and is gently protected]
Light futons tend to float, so it’s hard to feel like you’re covered, but they’re just the right amount of weight, so you’ll feel like you’re being gently protected.
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The fabric has been treated to be antibacterial, deodorant, and anti-mite (unpleasant pests).
The antibacterial and deodorant effect suppresses the growth of bacteria and keeps the bedding clean.
[Image 9

[The amount of dust generated is only about 1/6 compared to feathers] Since no animal-derived materials are used, even those with sensitive skin can sleep in a clean sleeping environment.
[Image 10

[Special quilting prevents cotton from being biased]
The two-layer comforter uses special hexagonal quilting that looks like a turtle shell.
The obtuse corners of the quilt allow the cotton to reach all the way to the edge and prevent unevenness.
[Prevents warm air from escaping through gaps in the quilt]
In addition, the fineness of the quilt is different between the comforter and the skin comforter, and the seams do not overlap when layered, so warm air does not escape.
[Smooth peach skin processing]
The fabric has been treated with peach skin, which is soft and smooth to the touch, like the surface of a peach.
[Image 11
Product Details
[Two-layer comforter body]
– 1 comforter
Size: 150×210cm
Filling amount: 1.5kg
Side fabric: 100% polyester
Filling: 100% polyester
– 1 skin comforter
Size: 150×210cm
Filling amount: 0.7kg
Side fabric: 100% polyester
Filling: 100% polyester
[Exclusive cover]
Size: 150×210cm
Fabric: 100% polyester
[Exclusive storage case]
Size: 52×48×30cm
* Sun Living Co., Ltd. in Japan, the project executor, produces OEM products in China.
* Sun Living Co., Ltd. guarantees the initial defects of the product. Company Profile
Company name: Sun Living Co., Ltd.
Established: December 2003
Location: 7F, 1-9-6 Horidome-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Customer service: 080-0888-2878
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