Sunrise Co., Ltd. Melon bread specialty store December 2nd (Friday) 10:00 am “Melon de melon Hachioji stor e” grand opening!

Sunrise Co., Ltd.
[Melon bread specialty store] Grand opening of “Melon de melon Hachioji store” at 10:00 am on Friday, December 2nd!
A much-talked-about melon bread specialty store is coming to Hachioji City!
Take-out melon bread specialty store “Melon de melon” (Sunrise Co., Ltd., head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will open the “Melon de melon Hachioji store” on Friday, December 2, 2022. increase.
A store specializing in melon bread that uses carefully selected ingredients and has long queues has finally opened in Hachioji, Tokyo! We offer a wide variety of melon breads, including the most popular “plain melon bread”.
Don’t miss this opportunity to try Melon de melon’s special freshly baked bread! [Image 1d30468-53-056bfb8df567e7a75194-14.jpg&s3=30468-53-7ba3b9cdee600b22640e79f8e1b7a3b8-3900x2600.jpg
Store overview
■ Store name
Melon de melon Hachioji
■ Grand opening date and time
Friday, December 2, 2022 at 10:00 am
■ Business hours
■ Address
〒192-0081 19-6 Yokoyama-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo IS Grande
Yokoyama-cho 1F (8-minute walk from JR Hachioji Station)
■ phone number
Menu (6 types in total, all prices include tax)
1. Plain Melon Bread 230 yen
2. Chocolate chip melon bread 250 yen
3. Amao Strawberry Melon Bread 250 yen
4. Belgian Chocolate Melon Bread 270 yen
5. Croissant 250 yen
6. Apple pie 390 yen
[Image 2d30468-53-1efebff4efdc37b7c7ac-8.jpg&s3=30468-53-bad486e628e020cbad4de40c66393a9f-3900x3465.jpg
plain melon bread
[Image 3d30468-53-10219754af20bdfacc84-9.jpg&s3=30468-53-e3d9da3a490107cc57e6ed6e09c1a5fc-3287x2191.jpg
chocolate chip melon bread
[Image 4d30468-53-122e822816622ff97b15-10.jpg&s3=30468-53-81499a224e666e651af2a596b5374fb0-1279x904.jpg
Amaou Strawberry Melon Bread
[Image 5d30468-53-a912badf6a72464b4681-11.jpg&s3=30468-53-ec21473912fd194a3f15e7ff1c1b5dbf-2406x1604.jpg
Belgian chocolate melon bread
[Image 6d30468-53-3ae6751f863618683294-12.jpg&s3=30468-53-cd2ea51631e6be2e7c135eca87388655-3628x2418.jpg
[Image 7d30468-53-f9aeed460ad13e0f24bd-13.jpg&s3=30468-53-5b15eb00a669eb84d942d2807d61f94e-3900x2600.jpg
Apple Pie
Open commemorative set
We will prepare an “opening commemorative set” where you can enjoy various melonpans at once.
Regular price: 1,350 yen (tax included) sold at 1,100 yen (tax included)! * Because it is a “limited set of 100”, it will end as soon as it is gone. Please forgive me when it is sold out.
1 Plain Melon Bread, 1 Chocolate Chip Melon Bread, 1 Amaou Strawberry Melon Bread,
1 Belgian chocolate melon bread, 1 croissant
We will put it in a special gift box (usually 100 yen).
Grand Opening “Kiwami Long Apple Pie”
Squeeze the cream with vanilla beans on the pie crust and top it with a harp-cut apple.
A long apple pie perfect for the party season!
Customers who purchase melon bread will receive a 100 yen discount. Regular price: 1,400 yen (tax included) instead of 1,500 yen (tax included) * Because it is “limited to 100”, it will end as soon as it is gone. Please forgive me when it is sold out.
[Image 8d30468-53-e5d3546be4f73b6fa735-7.jpg&s3=30468-53-98d3b22bdb983a14a5b854743095f96a-2111x1751.jpg

Opening commemorative benefits
For customers who have purchased over 1,000 yen including tax, We will give you a “100 yen discount coupon” that you can use on your next visit.
The red appearance is a landmark! A melon bread store with 26 stores nationwide! People all over the country enjoy freshly baked bread.
This time, the long-awaited grand opening in Hachioji City!
We hope that our store can play a role in creating a vibrant city. [Image 9d30468-53-92dc5e940a1e0e230485-4.jpg&s3=30468-53-19616cd7ec978f0433e14a1f2e04a4b1-1172x402.jpg
Melon de melon official website

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