Sunshine City Sunshine City “Coupons that return up to 10% of PayPay points” distribution campaign Decembe r 1 (Thursday) to December 14 (Wednesday)

Sunshine City Co., Ltd.
Sunshine City “Coupons that return up to 10% of PayPay points” distribution campaign December 1 (Thursday) to December 14 (Wednesday) New shops are opening one after another, including large stores!
The large complex facility “Sunshine City” (Ikebukuro, Tokyo) will hold a campaign to distribute “coupons that return up to 10% of PayPay points” from December 1st (Thursday) to December 14th (Wednesday). . When paying with PayPay for “Specialty Store Alpa” or “Sunshine 60 Sky Restaurant”, if you use this coupon, you will receive up to 10% of the payment amount as PayPay points.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy shopping and dining at Sunshine City. * You can download this release PDF from here → [Image 1

Period: December 1st (Thursday) to December 14th (Wednesday) *If the coupon distribution limit is reached, it will end at that point. Target store: Specialty store Alpa Sunshine 60 Sky Restaurant *Mega Bluebird, Hoken no Madoguchi, Toys R Us, Seijo Ishii, Family Mart, Orico Counter, Dora Kids, Post Office, MBE, Famima! ! , EXE, Chinese Noodle Aoba, Lome Spa Balboa, Cafe Quatriem, and Seattle’s Best Coffee are not eligible for the campaign.
Contents: If you get a coupon and pay with PayPay at the target store, you will get 10% of the maximum payment amount as PayPay points. *There is no maximum number of uses, but the maximum number of coupons granted during the period is 3,000pt.
* Coupons must be registered in advance on the PayPay app.
*Please check the campaign web page for details.
Campaign web page: Specialty store Alpa new store information
Various shops, including large-scale stores, will open in the Sunshine City specialty store Alpa.
In addition, notable shops that are opening for the first time in the area are opening one after another! There is also a pop-up shop for a limited time.
[Image 2

[Table 3: ]
New business!
■ Super Sports Victoria | (Specialty store Alpa B1)

[Image 3

Comprehensive sports shop where “Super Sports Victoria” specializing in sports such as running, racquet sports, baseball and soccer and “Victoria Golf Premium” golf specialty store coexist.
We send information of living
■ MUJI | (Specialty store Alpa 1F)
[Image 4

MUJI was born in 1980. The starting point is to thoroughly streamline the production process of things.
With the mission of “conveying the reasons for our products” to as many customers as possible, we have prepared many unique exhibition spaces in the store.
10/29 OPEN!
First store in Ikebukuro!
■ Desert Snow | (Specialty store Alpa B1)
[Image 5

Products that pursue trends and quality arrive daily. A shop where you can choose used clothes and experience the fun of fashion.
11/9 OPEN!
First store in Tokyo!
Beans and taiyaki | (Specialty store Alpa B1)
[Image 6

Expiration date is 1 minute! “An Butter Taiyaki”, which has a constant line of people, opens its first store in Tokyo! ! In addition to tsubuan taiyaki and royal custard taiyaki, we also have a variety of soft serve ice cream and drinks. In addition to taking home taiyaki, we also sell baked sweets.
12/1 OPEN!
Ikebukuro’s first permanent store!
■ Sukonbu | (Specialty store Alpa B1)
[Image 7

About 350 vendors! Handmade accessories are lined up in boxes with different views of the world. Please come and have a look at the box.
[Table 4: ]
■ Heral Bonnie | (Specialty store Alpa 1F)
An art lifestyle brand from Iwate Prefecture that aims to create a new culture with welfare as the starting point, with the mission of “Let’s stand out.”
■ Star Wars | (specialty store Alpa B1 event space)
We have a wide variety of products such as new products, miscellaneous goods, apparel, and figures with successive product designs. December 14th to January 30th, 2023
■ Nikumandarake no Mise | (Specialty store Alpa 1F)
A store specializing in authentic pork buns using ingredients from Niigata! 15 kinds of abundant variations.
* You can download this release PDF from here → *At Sunshine City, we are working to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections so that customers can visit us with peace of mind. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation during your visit. For details, please check the Sunshine City website.

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