Suntory Holdings Limited 44th Suntory Prize for Arts and Sciences decided

Suntory Holdings Limited
44th Suntory Prize for Arts and Sciences

The Suntory Foundation (Chairman Shingo Torii) has decided to present the 44th “Suntory Prize for Arts and Sciences” to the following nine people.
This award is divided into four categories: “Politics/Economy”, “Art/Literature”, “Society/Customs”, and “Thoughts/History”. Every year, works published after January of the previous year are selected, and those who have conducted original and excellent research and criticism that consider society and culture broadly are honored. Since the establishment of this award in 1979, the number of recipients has reached 371, including this year.
The presentation ceremony will be held in Tokyo on Monday, December 12th. -Award Winners and Eligible Works-
[Political and economic sector]
Yuichiro Kamata (Associate Professor, Haas School of Management, University of California, Berkeley)
“The Raijin and the Strange Seeds That Can Read Minds: Game Theory for Children” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
Gen Konno (Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Aichi Prefectural University) “German Nationalism: A 2,000-Year History of ‘Universal’ vs. ‘Unique'” (Chuokoron Shinsha)
[Arts and Literature Division]
Dan Shao (Full-time Lecturer, World Language and Society Education Center, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
“Literature that gives birth to translation, translation that gives birth to literature: Kazuko Fujimoto, Haruki Murakami, science fiction novelists and multiple translators” (Shohakusha)
Yuri Nakura (translator, part-time lecturer at Waseda University, etc.) Focusing on “Alexandre Blok Poetics and Life” (Michitani)
Ayaka Murashima (part-time lecturer at Meiji University, part-time lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University)
“Festiges of the Stage – Theatrical Photography and
Actors/Photographers” (Moriwasha)
[Society and customs section]
Kazuhiro Iwama (Professor, Faculty of Letters, Keio University) “The World History of Chinese Cuisine — Beyond Gourmet Nationalism” (Keio University Press)
Kotaro Yabu (Associate Professor, Faculty of Physical Education, Sendai University)
“The Age of Jiu-Jitsu Maniacs: The Jiu-Jitsu Boom in America in the Early 20th Century and Its Surroundings” (Asahi Shimbun Publishing) [Philosophy and History Section]
Seiki Tsutsui (Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Stanford University) “Human Rights and the State: The Power of Ideas and the Reality of International Politics” (Iwanami Shoten)
Mao Naka
(Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, Kobe University)
“Human Philosophy of Reproduction — Re-questioning ‘motherhood’ and kinship” (Keiso Shobo)
-Titles omitted-
◎ Please see the following URL for the brief biographies and evaluations of the winners.
Winner Biography: Selection and review: -Selection process-
Outstanding Japanese works published after January 2021 are
recommended by each selection committee in four categories:
“Politics/Economy”, “Art/Literature”, “Society/Customs”, and “Thoughts/History”. , After deliberation by the selection committee twice, the winners and works were decided.
In the selection process, the focus is on the individuality of up-and-coming critics and researchers with promising future prospects, and on works that clearly express the individual’s ideas and assertions. In addition, selection is based not only on representative candidate works, but also on the overall achievements of a series of writing activities to date.
-Selection Committee-
Political and economic sector
Mr. Fumio Ohtake (Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University) Mr. Shinichi Kitaoka (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo) Mr. Masayuki Tadokoro (Specially Appointed Professor, International University of Japan)
Mr. Takero Doi (Professor, Keio University)
Izuru Makihara (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Satoshi Machitori (Professor, Kyoto University)
Arts and Literature Department
Yuko Ikegami (Professor, Kobe University)
Tohide Katayama (Professor, Keio University)
Mr. Mitsuyoshi Numano (Professor, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies) Atsushi Miura (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Mr. Masashi Miura (literary critic)
Yutaka Watanabe (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)
Social and customs department
Shoichi Inoue (Director, International Research Center for Japanese Studies) Mr. Shigeru Kashima (Author, French literary scholar)
Mr. Yuji Genda (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Ms. Junko Saeki (Professor, Doshisha University)
Mr. Takumi Sato (Professor, Kyoto University)
Toru Takeda (journalist, critic)
Philosophy and History Division
Mr. Shigenori Uno (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Tadashi Karibe (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Sumihiko Kumano (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Mr. Akihiko Tanaka (President, Japan International Cooperation Agency) Mr. Takuo Dome (Professor, Osaka University)
Yuichi Hosoya (Professor, Keio University)
-About the Suntory Foundation-
The foundation was established in Osaka in February 1979 to
commemorate Suntory’s 80th anniversary. Since then, in response to the globalization and information age of Japan, we aim to support academic research related to society and culture, develop excellent human resources in these fields, and contribute to the development of academic culture in Japan and the world. We are doing business in Homepage
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