Suntory Holdings Limited Bourbon Whiskey “Jim Beam” and “Jim Beam Highball Can” Renewal New Release

Suntory Holdings Limited
Bourbon whiskey “Jim Beam” and “Jim Beam Highball cans” renewal new release – Renewal aiming for a more “open and bright world view” –

Suntory Limited will renew bourbon whiskey “Jim Beam” * 1 “Jim Beam Highball Can” nationwide from mid-December.
*1 Package renewal only
“Jim Beam” is the world’s No. 1*2 bourbon whiskey loved in over 120 countries around the world. The “Jim Beam Highball”, which has a refreshing and sharp taste and is compatible with meals, has been supported by many customers.
*2 2021 sales volume (from IMPACT NEWSLETTER March 1 & 15 2022) This time, we will renew with the aim of conveying a more “open and bright worldview” by emphasizing the brand’s image color, white. About bourbon whiskey “Jim Beam”
Characterized by its subtle sweetness and mild taste, this whiskey can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as highballs. This time, we will renew the package while maintaining the popular taste. The package uses white, which is the image color of the brand, more widely, draws the renewed brand logo, and finishes it with an impressive gold design. It further emphasizes the “open and bright world view” that is typical of “Jim Beam”.
● About “Canned Jim Beam Highball”
While maintaining the well-received “exhilarating crisp taste that goes well with meals”, we aimed for a highly satisfying content that allows you to feel the aroma and taste of bourbon. The package has an impressive design of white and gold, similar to “Jim Beam”.
– Record –
▼ Overview of main products
Product name, volume/container, suggested retail price (excluding tax), alcohol content
jim beam
700ml/bottle, 1,540 yen, 40%
2,700 ml/pet, 4,850 yen, 40%
Jim Beam highball can
350 ml/can, 167 yen, 5%
500ml/can, 226 yen, 5%
*Prices are not intended to restrict retailers’ voluntary pricing. ▼ Release date Sequentially after mid-December 2022
▼Release area: Nationwide
▼ Item
“Jim Beam”: Whiskey
“Jim Beam Highball Can”: Liqueur
▼ “Jim Beam” homepage
▽ Inquiries from customers regarding this matter
Suntory Customer Center
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