Suntory Ltd. Starring Airi Suzuki! “100 Second Month 9” Starts on TikTok “Limit-chan’s # Careful Life ” Episode 1 is released on TikTok from today

Suntory Limited
Airi Suzuki starring! “100 Second Month 9” Starts on TikTok
“Limit-chan’s # Careful Life” Episode 1 is released on TikTok from today
In the first episode, Margin-chan, who has a high sense of
self-esteem, appears in the hometown tax payment! Spin-off videos such as self-introduction videos and limit cooking videos will be released sequentially

Official TikTok
Episode 1 video
Suntory Co., Ltd. announced the first episode of the TikTok drama “Limited-chan’s # Careful Life” starring actress Airi Suzuki, which proposes a highball “Shigowa High” after work, in November. It was released on the drama official TikTok account and Suntory official SNS account from 21:00 on the 21st (Monday). In addition, a
self-introduction video of the main character “Limit-chan” and a limit cooking video that introduces the dishes that appear in the drama will be released in sequence.
[Image 1d112140-2-2c2f51a09ec5ecc57290-8.png&s3=112140-2-47dc63772aba2fde60f5c0624c5d373e-1594x900.png
“Limited-chan’s #polite living” proposes a highball “Shigowa High” to drink at the end of work, and “Limited-chan” at the end of work enjoys “Shigowa High” and snacks that match it in his own way. It is a TikTok drama that depicts the situation. In the first episode
“Self-affirmation MAX when putting cheese futon on hometown tax dumplings”, enjoy the arrangement recipe of dumplings and “Shigowa high” that arrived as a return gift of hometown tax donation after work Chan” is drawn. With an arrangement of “Hotaru no Hikari”, actress Suzuki Airi expressively plays a working woman enjoying her time alone after work.
From today, in addition to the first episode of the drama, we will release spin-off videos such as the self-introduction video of the main character “Limit-chan” and the limit cooking video that introduces the snacks that appear in the drama. In the
self-introduction video, Airi Suzuki will comically introduce the profile of “Genki-chan” while posing with music. The limit cooking video introduces short and easy-to-understand recipes that match the “Shigowa High” that appears in the drama.
All 3 episodes of this drama will be released on the drama official TikTok account and Suntory official SNS from 21:00 every Monday. Please continue to pay attention to episodes 2 and 3.
About the main part of “Limit-chan’s # Careful Living”
Title: “Limit-chan’s #careful living”
Release date: All 3 episodes will be released from Monday, November 21, 2022 Episode 1 video URL:
Official TikTok account:
Delivery schedule:
November 21 (Monday) Episode 1 “Self-affirmation MAX when putting cheese futon on hometown tax dumplings”
November 28th (Monday) Episode 2 “The final round of the audition, the commentary is Mr. Highball. Thank you.”
December 5th (Monday) Episode 3 “I realized that spicy ramen after overtime is a textbook for life.”
▼Synopsis of the drama
Episode 1 “Self-affirmation MAX when putting cheese futon on hometown tax dumplings”
“Limit-chan” has finished a remote work online meeting. In the midst of my busy work every day, I wonder, “Am I helping someone?” Thinking, “No, I’m standing”, “Genkai-chan” heads to the refrigerator to pick up gyoza dumplings as a return gift for the hometown tax donation. “Genkai-chan” enjoys the end of work today with gyoza and sliced ​​​​cheese futon. While the dumplings are grilling, I prepare “Shigowa High” with canned highballs and a cup of ice that I bought at a convenience store. Gyoza and “Shigoowa High” make me feel like a festival in a single room, and while enjoying the time to take care of myself after work, saying “I’m seriously winning ~~~~”, I became a “hometown” with my hometown tax. I would like to make a toast to express my gratitude to Tochigi Prefecture.
[Image 2d112140-2-8e7cf2481227f28511c8-6.png&s3=112140-2-a04e4069fd7e524421b89d545c4f5e51-1854x1056.png
[Image 3d112140-2-f029fbd23766784e4479-7.png&s3=112140-2-d935c66c3383fa6df459117938519023-1856x1056.png
▼ Highlights of the drama
1. Full of sympathy for working people!? TikTok drama
This drama is a TikTok drama filled with “something” on the day you get home tired after work. It is a drama of about 100 seconds that you can sympathize with various “somethings” of working people, such as spicy ramen that you suddenly want to eat after work, and how you enjoy the time to support your favorite.
2. Airi Suzuki comically and happily plays Margin-chan!
Airi Suzuki, who plays the role of “Limit-chan”. Airi Suzuki, who is tired at the end of work, plays “Genkai-chan” in a comical and expressive way, enjoying her alone time in her own way. Along with Airi Suzuki’s narration, please pay attention to the expressions that change at a good tempo.
3. Proposing the best evening drink with highball “Shigowa High” and snacks after work
In this drama, three types of canned highballs are introduced: canned square highballs, canned Torys highballs, and canned Jim Beam highballs. increase. In this drama, we will introduce snacks that are perfect for highballs, and deliver the “best evening drink” that you want to enjoy at the end of work.
About the spin-off video of “Limited-chan’s #careful living” [Image 4d112140-2-a4180eab8b56baf32d5e-1.png&s3=112140-2-6105859acf3dda64e4eca50ff13b0f4a-1154x590.png
In this project, in addition to the main drama, various spin-off videos will be released sequentially on the drama official TikTok account and Suntory official SNS account. A self-introduction video in which Airi Suzuki poses with music and comically introduces the profile of “Limited-chan”, and a marginal cooking video that introduces snack recipes that match “Shigowa High” that appears in the drama. , It is a content that allows you to enjoy the drama more. A spin-off video will be released along with the release of each drama. Please pay attention.
Interview with Airi Suzuki
Q. Please tell us your impressions of the shooting.
It was a very warm scene, and the shooting progressed lively from beginning to end.
Personally, I learned how to pour a can of highball!
Ever since I was little, I used to pour my father’s beer just for fun, but I couldn’t do it well…
I was worried again this time, but I got one OK! I gained a little confidence in how to pour sake! (smile)
Q. What points did you sympathize with Genkai-chan?
When you push yourself to your limit, eat something high in calories while smiling at home alone.
I like eating while saying “Cheat day!”
I heard the recipe for gyoza dumplings with cheese on the spot, so I’m thinking of trying it next time (laughs).
Q. Please tell us about Mr. Suzuki’s limit-chan side.
When sleep deprivation continues, I often fall asleep before I feel my limit (laughs)
Q. Please give a message to the viewers.
Everyone who worked hard to the limit today, thank you for your hard work every day!
Enjoy a delicious highball with high-calorie rice through the Kyogen-chan drama I would be happy if you could drink while grinning and connect with your vitality for tomorrow!
Please treat yourself a lot with a cold highball! !
Profile of Airi Suzuki
[Image 5d112140-2-774fda4dd20ce1e7053c-2.jpg&s3=112140-2-13aec4566bb023a138a485292fca09c9-1200x800.jpg
Formed the idol group ℃-ute in 2005.
Solo vocalist debut in June 2018 at “Do me a favor”!
On July 9th of the same year, he held his first solo performance at Nippon Budokan.
2021 2nd solo Budokan performance, “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL” etc. Appeared in various festivals!
In addition to her activities as a singer, she has also worked as an exclusive model for Ray, and has expanded her range of activities to include actress work.
About Suntory Highball
[Image 6d112140-2-fb12ed3178f1dd15e63b-3.jpg&s3=112140-2-afb47300be4b38446fa986fe1386c760-756x1420.jpg
Square highball can
A can of refreshing highball with strong carbonation that reproduces the taste of a restaurant.

[Image 7d112140-2-23672cc574352b0396e5-4.jpg&s3=112140-2-d66672dfd471f2565059837c3f308142-756x1427.jpg
Torys highball can
A highball can with a lemon flavor and a refreshing and refreshing taste.

[Image 8d112140-2-89bf2f53322743c72716-5.jpg&s3=112140-2-12608c7a855489b49c18575fd0cb84cc-756x1425.jpg
canned jim beam highball
The world’s No. 1* bourbon whiskey Jim Beam highball can.
A highball can that goes well with meals with its unique Jim Beam scent and refreshing taste.
* 2021 sales volume (from IMPACT NEWSLETTER March 1 & 15 2022)

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