Supervised by Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation, drone “DMTER M10” training machine set that mee ts the compliance standards of registered training institutions is now on sale!

Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation
Supervised by Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation, drone “DMTER M10” training machine set that meets the compliance standards of registered training institutions is now on sale!
December 5, 2022Registered Training Institutions, along with the establishment of a new system for model certification and aircraft certification, support the development of an environment for learning drone piloting skills

Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation (Headquarters: Miyagi Prefecture, Representative Administrative Scrivener: Shintaro Sasaki), which specializes in drone-related license applications and solution development, is a registered training institution to be newly established on December 5, 2022. We will supervise the “DMTER M10” training machine set (sold by ROBOTIX JAPAN Co., Ltd.) that meets the standards and support the environment necessary for learning drone operation skills.
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● Drone “DMTER M10” Background of training machine set sales A new piloting skill license system for drones will come into force on December 5, 2022. In addition, regarding the practical examination of “registered training institutions” that play the role of a driving school to acquire piloting skills, the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s “Ministerial Ordinance Concerning Registered Training Institutes and Registration Renewal Training Institutes for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” stipulates that unmanned aircraft used in the completion examination of registered training institutions Conformance standards are established for aircraft (drone).
Main Compliance Criteria for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) Transmitter (Propo): Can easily change the operation mode (1/2) Airframe size: The length of the line connecting the center points of the diagonal rotor propellers is 20 cm or more.
Stable flight even at wind speeds of 5 m/s
Capable of flying for at least 10 minutes
Override: Able to avoid dangerous maneuvers by using a different transmitter than the student’s
Therefore, as part of supporting the establishment and operation of a registered training institution, Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation will provide a drone that meets the above-mentioned compliance standards. We will support sales as a training aircraft. ● Main features of “DMTER M10”
Just the right body size – 10L size
It is possible to spray a field of 1Ha in one flight, and the aircraft is just the right size between DJI’s agricultural drone AGRAS MG-1 and T20.
Dual transmitter (master/slave) function
Equipped with a proprietary signal selector, it is possible to connect two transmitters to one aircraft.
vision sensor, altitude laser
Sensors and lasers keep the height above the ground constant, making it easy to spray.
Equipped with an automatic adjustment function for the amount of spraying Adjust the spray amount according to the speed to prevent uneven spraying. built-in tank
It is a built-in type that inserts the tank from above the drone, making it easy to replace the tank.
With heat sink for heat dissipation
By attaching a heat sink as a heat dissipation measure, thermal runaway is prevented.
Dual transmitter (master/slave) function
Equipped with a proprietary signal selector, two transmitters can be connected to one aircraft.
[Image 2d79826-29-21cb4f2bbdf4e5a6b762-0.png&s3=79826-29-82c5d1882345ea1cb2eb69a5eba10a4c-800x334.png
● Training machine set contents
Aircraft body: 10L model
Transmitter: 2 units
Battery: 5
Charger: 1
* We also sell the regular version (main unit, 1 radio, charger, 2 batteries) instead of the training machine set.
● Specifications of “DMTER M10”
Maximum takeoff weight: 27Kg
Battery: Unloaded flight time 18 minutes / actual spray time 12 minutes / standard charging time 40 minutes (rapid 20 minutes) Sales price: 2,200,000 yen (excluding tax)
The aircraft is also in the process of complying with the type certification and body certification system (over 25 kg).
In addition, Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation is currently supervising domestic drones weighing less than 25 kg, and is expected to be announced by the publisher (ROBOTIX JAPAN Co., Ltd.). ▼ Distributor of “DMTER M10” (ROBOTIX JAPAN Co., Ltd.)
■ About Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation
Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation is an administrative scrivener corporation based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, specializing in drone-related license applications, license management, and legal advisors. We are well versed in legal affairs related to drones and boast a wide range of support
achievements in Japan, from personal hobbies to listed companies. In addition, we respond to more than 3,000 applications annually through the launch of many drone schools and their management and advisory services. The representative, Sasaki himself, also runs two drone schools, and not only has knowledge of procedures and flight rules, but also has a wealth of connections in the drone industry. Company Profile
Company name: Boundary Administrative Scrivener Corporation
Established: March 2020
Representative: Shintaro Sasaki
Head office location: VIP Sendai Futsukamachi 2F, 6-26 Futsukamachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Business description: Drone-related license application, subsequent license management, legal advisor
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