Survey on dryness and rough skin “Lotion” was the most frequently purchased product for rough skin, and “emulsion” was the top solution.

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[Survey on dryness and rough skin] “Lotion” was the most frequently purchased product for rough skin, and “emulsion” was the top solution. -Survey by LASELA, a beauty information media for cosmetics and cosmetics that understands the “last product”-

The beauty information site “LASELA” operated by Nile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshio Takahashi, hereinafter Nile) will be open from May 20th to September 30th, 2022. We conducted a questionnaire survey of 1,648 women in their 20s to 40s who have skin problems, beauty concerns, and purchased products. ■Summary of survey results
Among people in their 20s to 40s with dry skin, 27.4% are worried about rough skin. The item that has been purchased to solve rough skin is “skin lotion” at 30.0%. When we compared the percentage of products that improved the symptoms of rough skin, we found that the top product was “emulsion” at 61.5%, followed by “cream” and “lotion”.
27.4% of people with dry skin suffer from rough skin
30.0% of the items purchased to prevent rough skin were “skin lotion”. Top 3 items that have improved rough skin are “Emulsion”, “Cream” and “Toner” ■ Survey background
In this survey, of the 1,648 women in their 20s to 40s who have beauty concerns, those with dry skin were asked about their skin concerns and symptoms, the beauty products they purchased, and their usability. We will publish it.
■Survey overview
Survey target: 1,648 women in their 20s to 40s nationwide
Research agency: In-house research
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: May 20 to September 30, 2022
Number of valid responses: 1,648 people (20-29 years old: 759 people / 30-39 years old: 657 people / 40-49 years old: 232 people) *Dry skin extraction
■ 27.4% of people with dry skin suffer from rough skin
Of the 1,648 women in their 20s to 40s, 383 suffered from rough skin. Looking at the respondents by skin type, 27.4% of respondents suffered from “rough skin” due to dry skin, the second highest after sensitive skin (31.1%).
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■ Lotion was the most frequently purchased item for rough skin at 30.0%. When 383 people with dry skin suffering from rough skin were asked what products they had purchased to solve their rough skin, the product category with the highest number of purchases was “lotion”, accounting for 30.0% of the total. About 1 in 3 people have the experience of purchasing a lotion to solve it.
The second was “beauty essence (11.6%)”, followed by “face pack (8.5%)” and “cleansing (8.5%)”.
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■ The TOP 3 items that have improved rough skin are “Emulsion”, “Cream” and “Toner”
Of the 383 people who had problems with dry skin and rough skin, we asked those who answered that beauty products were able to improve their symptoms, and asked them which products solved their symptoms, and compared the percentage of those who were able to solve them by product genre.
As a result, the highest percentage of problems that could be solved was “emulsion (61.5%)”, followed by “cream (50.0%)” and “lotion (43.1%)”.
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Comment from a person who was able to solve rough skin with “emulsion” *excerpt Relieves dry skin and no more redness
Due to its high moisturizing power, it became difficult for the skin to become rough
My skin was rough and tingling, but it gradually disappeared and the dryness disappeared.
Even if the skin is rough and reddish, it will moisturize without irritating it at all.
Comment from a person who was able to solve rough skin with “cream” * Excerpt The dryness decreased as I used it.
It has a high moisturizing power and stays moist until the next morning, making it easier to apply makeup.
It penetrates deep into the skin, so it moisturizes well even when it’s dry in winter.
Just apply it after lotion or milky lotion, so it’s easy to continue, and since I started using this, dryness and rough skin have
“Toner”, which was purchased the most as a countermeasure against dry skin roughness, came in third overall.
Looking at the comments of people who were able to solve the problem of rough skin with “lotion”, there were many voices that moisturizing led to improvement of symptoms. On the other hand, it was found that those who could not solve the problem cited the lack of moisturizing power as the reason, and felt the effects of other products. Comment from a person who was able to solve rough skin with “lotion” *excerpt Moisturizes dry skin and feels moist to the touch
Not only did the redness and itchiness subside, but dryness
disappeared and dry skin improved.
Moisturizes without irritating even rough skin
After about 2 weeks of using it, the peeling stopped.
I originally had severe dry skin due to atopic dermatitis, but this product has a high moisturizing power and does not bleed at all on scratches.
Comments from people who couldn’t solve rough skin with “lotion” *excerpt I was not satisfied with dry skin with a lotion with a refreshing feeling, and I felt that the mask rubbed badly when my skin was not moist enough.
In the dry season such as winter, I felt tight even after using it, and I felt that my skin was unsatisfactory.
It didn’t moisturize my skin and I wasn’t satisfied with dry skin, and I couldn’t feel much effect even if I continued to use it.
Although it was certainly moist at the beginning of application, it did not improve the rough skin, the moisturizing effect was not maintained for a long time, and after a while it became dry. ■Selecting skin care items when your skin is dry [supervised by an expert] Winter is the season when the air is extremely dry and the temperature drops dramatically, increasing the risk of skin damage caused by dryness. Recharge your skin with highly moisturizing skin care items. -Effective skincare tips for rough skin-
It is important to moisturize skin with a weakened barrier function. It is lotion that plays an important role for that. Let’s fix the barrier function of the skin with a high moisturizing thing. Also, if you have a favorite lotion that fits your skin type, it is recommended to have items such as milky lotion from the same brand. This is because cosmetics in the same series are often formulated with line usage in mind, and a synergistic effect can be expected.
Milky lotion/cream
It is important to supplement oil content and prevent evaporation of water. Use a sufficient amount and apply by gently wrapping the palm of your hand. Also, if it contains oils that are not suitable for you, it may cause rough skin such as acne, so be careful.
Considering both the burden on the skin and the intensity of the makeup, choose a product that can properly remove dirt. Quickly and carefully without rubbing the skin. Please note that if the amount used is small, the friction on the skin will increase and it may also trigger dryness.
[Supervised by experts] Measures against dry skin, skin care methods, how to choose rough skin lotion
Rough skin and lotion Dryness measures and skin care Drying measures and milky lotion Lotion for dry skin Pack for dry skin Essence for dry skin Anti-dryness and face wash Foundation for dry skin Anti-dryness and makeup base Drying measures and cleansing We will continue to conduct surveys on beauty concerns at “LASELA,” a beauty information media for cosmetics and cosmetics that shows the “last product” that has solved beauty concerns.
[About LASELA]
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“LASELA” is a media that allows me to efficiently meet beauty products and services that are the “last product” for me, among the many products that are highly rated by word of mouth. Released in the spring of 2022, with the mission of liberating all women from beauty concerns and creating a world where they can be who they want to be.
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