Sustainable children’s clothing brand “ELMISA” re-debuts after 2 years

Sustainable children’s clothing brand “ELMISA” re-debuts after 2 years Genderless “long-life children’s clothes” that can be adjusted according to growth Two years after the stoppage of the production line due to the corona disaster, sales resume in line with the new normal life

From MISA Co., Ltd. of the ONE COMPATH group, “ELMISA”, a genderless long-life children’s clothing brand that can be adjusted according to the growth of children, has re-debuted for the first time in two years and has started selling at the official online store. did. Immediately after opening in November 2020, ELMISA was unable to sell due to the suspension of the production line due to the influence of the new corona, but this time, it will be sold for the first time in two years after product development according to with/after corona. resumed. [Image 1d18526-296-8587f19e28c5f3a08cac-0.jpg&s3=18526-296-932117e1bcce7c401755492dd4c5a878-3712x2475.jpg
Two people who wear exactly the same size clothes. The child on the left is 4 years and 10 months old, and the child on the right is 2 years and 5 months old.
Official online store
■ History of brand launch and re-debut
In today’s fashion industry, the high environmental burden caused by the mass production and mass disposal of clothing has become an international problem and is recognized as an important social issue. Under these circumstances, along with the spread of understanding of SDGs, the number of companies working on sustainable fashion with low environmental impact and consumers who are conscious of
environmentally friendly ethical consumption are increasing. On the other hand, baby clothes and children’s clothes have a shorter life cycle than adult clothes because the size does not fit as the child grows. Clothing that is no longer worn can be reused to reduce waste, but since the consumption cycle per person is fast, it tends to be treated as a consumable item rather than something that can be treasured for a long time.
Therefore, in November 2020, we launched “ELMISA” as a brand that develops long-life children’s clothing that can be worn with care for a long time, with a focus on quality, functionality, and
However, immediately after the launch, production became difficult due to the suspension of factory operations due to the impact of the new coronavirus, and sales continued from around the spring of 2021. We have been considering and preparing for product development so that we can sell it again, but during this time, a lifestyle different from before corona, such as a decrease in opportunities to go out and an increase in “home time”, has taken hold, and our awareness of fashion has changed. Did.
In response to this, conventional ELMISA products have been developed with the assumption that they will be used for a long time in special occasions such as special outings and anniversaries, but this time, ELMISA clothes can be used in more familiar situations regardless of outings. We have re-debuted by reviewing the products and prices so that you can spend your time in.
■ Brand concept
Long-life Small Wear
For children’s clothes, we have products that last a lifetime. “Long-life” It is clothes with a long life.
“Small Wear” It’s not children’s clothes, it’s just small clothes. like a craft. It’s not a consumable, it’s a little expensive, but it’s a lifetime item that can be used all the time.
■ Product features
ELMISA’s children’s clothes are not swayed by trends, but are organized in simple and natural tones that bring out the natural charm of children’s skin texture and smiles. Adjusters, drawstrings, and roll-up buttons are arranged so that the clothes can match the growth of the child, and the fabric is treated with a special water-repellent finish that is resistant to stains, and the sewing is carefully finished one by one at a factory in Japan.
■ 3 technologies for a lifetime
So that you can keep wearing your precious clothes forever.
Introducing three technologies of ELMISA for lifelong products. 1) “Types” that change as they grow
As your body grows, your clothes will change. The size can be adjusted with functions such as side stops, hem tightening, sleeve folding, gathers, etc., and can be worn much longer than normal children’s clothes. Also, by being able to adjust the size, even if you don’t know the details of your height, you can now give it as a gift with confidence.
2) Durable “sewing” that does not easily fray
Make your precious clothes last forever. At a factory with high technical capabilities, each item is carefully sewn. In addition, we are particular about the fabric that feels good on the skin, and it is surprisingly gentle and comfortable to wear. Resistant to moving children and repeated washing. Feels good and lasts a long time. I have made a durable garment.
3) Special “processing” to protect from dirt
By applying a special “anti-fouling and water-repellent” treatment (patented technology of our affiliated factory) to all clothes, we can protect them from everyday stains such as food spills, ketchup, mud, leakage, paints and crayons. increase. Play freely and energetically without worrying about getting your precious clothes dirty.
[Image 2d18526-296-ab28b376ddd170b6b1c0-1.jpg&s3=18526-296-4c2fe8ef9904398a1ed11cafce6e1052-1163x1535.jpg
■ “ELMISA” Producer (MISA Representative Director) Sayaka Uemura Comment I am a mother of two children, ages 4 and 0.
When deciding on a child’s clothes for the day, I thought things like, “I’m going to the park today, so let’s avoid wearing fancy clothes,” “I’m going to eat tomato pasta, so let’s wear clothes that can get dirty,” and “I don’t mind throwing them away if they get dirty.” There were overwhelmingly many days when I thought about what to wear, and when I look back, I feel that everyday life was a very important time. There are moments when my favorite clothes suddenly run out of size and I can’t wear them, and when I suddenly look back at the photos, I think, “I wish I had worn that favorite outfit at this time.” Some of you may have had such an experience, right?
You can wear it for a long time because the clothes evolve according to the growth of the child without worrying about getting dirty. When my child grew up, I thought, “I used to wear this outfit when I was 2 years old, but I can still wear it now that I’m 5.” It reminds me of my child’s growth and the slapstick days of my preschool years. ELMISA is a brand that was created with the feeling that it would be nice to have such a clothing brand as a parent. We believe that it is also a sustainable initiative to be able to give hand-me-downs regardless of the gender of the child.
We would be happy if ELMISA’s clothes could add more color to your precious time spent with your children.
■ Introduction of main products
[Image 3d18526-296-c36ee4b021d052167a87-2.jpg&s3=18526-296-35fc386ddf7fc89fc288ae80c877ddf5-2508x1672.jpg
The beige romper worn by the child on the left and the top on the right are matching, and the sleeves can be removed, so they can be worn all year round regardless of the season.

[Image 4d18526-296-8d0a47a6259ccde25f51-3.jpg&s3=18526-296-1c2c6cf0615cb34cd41ec81cad0d6f1c-2508x1672.jpg
Adult clothes are also available, and parent-child coordination and family coordination are possible from babies to moms and dads. Adult clothes can also be worn all year round because the sleeves can be removed.

[Image 5d18526-296-beb7df7921505f61dafd-4.jpg&s3=18526-296-2f6c4b4d59e43a75b63823f97e748699-3900x2601.jpg
Two people who wear the same size for both tops and bottoms. The child on the left is 4 years and 10 months old, and the child on the right is 2 years and 5 months old. The inner fabric of the top can be removed.

[Image 6d18526-296-56b26e17adf7ed7e5952-5.jpg&s3=18526-296-a0d51135e22341ea618daa0912514ac1-1672x2508.jpg
A child aged 5 years and 8 months wears the same size top as the two in the previous image. Can be used for 3 years or more.

■ Future development
In the future, while aiming to expand sales routes such as opening department stores and selling at children’s clothing stores, we will strengthen our efforts toward sustainable fashion, such as developing environmentally friendly products in the production process. ■ About MISA Co., Ltd.
Location: 4-3-12 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: September 20, 2019
Representative: Sayaka Uemura, Representative Director
Planning, sales and import sales of original brands of clothing and miscellaneous goods, mainly for babies and children. Our strength lies in product development through co-creation with customers, and we have produced more than 10,000 individual original products. With more than 25,000 followers on Instagram, it is very popular among mothers who are raising children. Operates two brands, “misanpo” and “ELMISA”. A group company of ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd.
・ misanpo
■ About ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd. (Toppan Group)
Location: Toppan Shibaura Building, 3-19-26 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: January 20, 1997
Capital: 600 million yen
Representative: Rei Hayakawa, President and CEO
Employees: 141 (as of April 2022/including seconded employees) URL:
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