Sweets HD Co., Ltd. Limited Quantity Italian cheesecake “Cassata” specialty store This is CASSATA. Relea ses “Christmas Special Cassata Set”!

Sweets HD Co., Ltd.
[Limited Quantity] Italian Cheesecake “Cassata” Specialty Store This is CASSATA. Releases “Christmas Special Cassata Set”!
It is a special product that assorted the classic cassata and limited baked sweets from the cassata specialty store.

The Italian cheesecake “Cassata” specialty store “This is CASSATA.” released the “Christmas Special Cassata Set” on Friday, November 25th. This is limited to 50 sets, and the price is 7,777 yen (including tax) including shipping. It will be shipped sequentially from Friday, December 2nd.
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Thank you for your continued patronage of This is CASSATA.
Today, November 25th (Friday), we released the “Christmas Special Cassata Set”. The set includes This is CASSATA. Classic plain cassata, rum raisin cassata, and baked sweets specially prepared for this set, as well as sweets that make the Christmas season even more enjoyable.
Would you like to have a Christmas gift or a winter gift?
* Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from Friday, December 2nd [set content]
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“The CASSATA” (1 unit)
This is CASSATA.
Carefully selected ingredients such as domestically produced lemon peel, raspberries, and pistachios are wrapped in cream cheese from Hokkaido and fresh cream from Kyushu.
A cheesecake with raspberry red and pistachio green that looks great at Christmas time.
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“The RAISIN” (1 unit)
Rum raisin cassata with a luxurious mix of the highest grade rum. It is a gem that maximizes the balance of flavors and the marriage of the three ingredients of rum raisins, cashew nuts, and macadamia nuts. Recommended for dessert at night during the holiday season.

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“Cassata Pound” (2 each of berry and lemon)
A special pound cake only for this time that is not usually sold at the store. The ingredients used for cassata are mixed into the cheese-flavored dough. Two flavors are available: berry and lemon.

-Product information-
This is CASSATA. “Christmas Special Cassata Set”
*Delivered frozen.
Release date: Friday, November 25, 2022
Shipping start date: Shipped sequentially from Friday, December 2, 2022 Sales price: ¥ 7,777 (including tax) including shipping
Contents: [The CASSATA] length 17cm, height 6cm, width 6.5cm, about 320g [The RAISIN] length 17cm, height 6cm, width 6.5cm, about 320g     [Cassata Pound] Berry, lemon 2 pieces each, about 52g/1 piece Expiration date: 2 months or more when frozen (below -18°C) *For details, please check the date on the display label.
Purchase method: You can purchase from the official website. Product page: https://bit.ly/3u3tp0w
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-Company Profile-
Sweets HD Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
■ Please contact us by e-mail
Email: info@thisiscassata.com
■This is CASSATA. Official site
■ Official Instagram
■Sister brand “This is CHIFFON CAKE.”
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