Swift Xi Selected for UAV Flight Planning Platform Construction Project for Urban Environments

Swift Xi Inc.
Swift Xi Selected for UAV Flight Planning Platform Construction Project for Urban Environments
Entrusted with NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) public offering project

“Digital Infrastructure Development Project for Industrial DX/Research and Development on 3D Spatial Information Infrastructure”
Swift X-eye Co., Ltd. is a joint venture in the “Digital
infrastructure development project for industrial DX/Research and development on 3D spatial information infrastructure” publicly invited by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development
Organization). Proposal project “Construction of a 3D spatial information infrastructure consisting of semantic data linkage space IDs with variable information capacity and realization of safe and efficient operation of drone autonomous movement at two bases through the infrastructure” (hereinafter referred to as “this project”) was commissioned.
Regarding the aim of this project, NEDO’s basic plan states, “Using the spatial ID as a common index, it will be easier and more efficient to search, integrate, and utilize a wide variety of spatial
information, and to provide spatial information in a machine-readable format. By providing this service, we aim to realize the safe and efficient operation of autonomous mobile robots such as drones, automatic delivery robots, and self-driving cars, and to create new value using spatial ID.
Currently, for the safe flight of drones, etc., technology to integrate and refer to data owned by both the government and the private sector, technology to select a safe flight route from information on people and vehicles on the ground, and technology for drone location information There is no platform that integrates countermeasures against attacks.
This project is an independent project of Intelligent Style Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the development and implementation of the 3D spatial information infrastructure, organized by SSIL (Space Service Innovation Lab), which conducts architectural design of the 3D spatial information infrastructure and verification for social implementation. Zenrin Co., Ltd., which is in charge of developing a risk management system for drone flight plans using the automatic flight route creation system, has developed safety support measures against the threat of Spoofing regarding dynamic human flow big data and drone position information necessary for drone operation risk calculation. It will be promoted by Location Mind Co., Ltd., which is in charge of formulation, and Swift Xi Co., Ltd., which is in charge of drone demonstration flights for the development of 3D spatial information infrastructure and risk management systems.
Kenji Fukuoka, President and Representative Director, said, “The 3D spatial information infrastructure, which is indispensable for the industrial revolution in the sky, will realize ‘visualization of the sky’ and will be an important infrastructure that supports the future. We will strive to become an information infrastructure that
contributes to aviation safety by utilizing the know-how of drone manufacturing and operation that we have acquired through the Swift Group, as well as the professional knowledge of Japan’s
aviation-related laws and regulations.”
Under the leadership of the national government, companies with various knowledge and experience cooperate and conduct demonstration experiments to develop an integrated 3D spatial information
infrastructure. It is expected to develop rules and standards for mutually linking data and systems. This will contribute to the institutionalization of smooth data linkage across companies and industries, which the Japanese government aims to achieve by 2027. COO (Chief Operating Officer) Nick Barua said, “As a member of the 3D spatial information infrastructure development that will lead not only to cooperation with existing aircraft such as helicopters, but also to the expansion of next-generation air mobility such as flying cars, drones I would like to conduct a use case demonstration flight that does not end with just one, but also leads to economic activities and disaster countermeasures in the real world.”
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