Switch Media TV commercial advertisement analysis service “TVAL” will start distributing its first taxi co mmercial on “GROWTH” from November 7th

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TV CM placement analysis service “TVAL” will start distributing the first taxi CM on “GROWTH” from November 7th

Switch Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiharu Takayama; hereinafter referred to as “Switch Media”), which develops and operates the cloud-based TV commercial advertisement analysis service “TVAL”, has launched a taxi commercial in Tokyo. will be distributed on “GROWTH” from November 7, 2022 (Monday). (TVAL service introduction page URL: https://www.switch-m.com/service/tval)
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=smnWzlRgh3A] ■ About taxi commercials
Traditionally, it has been said that the return on investment for TV commercials is more difficult to understand than for digital advertising.
Recently, the method of visualizing the effect using data such as the number of website inflows and the number of named searches has become popular for TV commercials.
However, it is difficult to explain the relationship between TV commercials and sales for products such as food, beverages, and daily necessities that are sold in offline stores, and it is still considered difficult to measure their effectiveness.
This taxi commercial was produced with the desire to convey that even companies in industries and business categories that mainly sell products at stores can visualize the effects of TV commercials using our data and services.
“TVAL” is jointly developed with INTAGE Inc., which collects television viewing data from 24,000 monitors nationwide, as well as a huge amount of attribute data such as sex, age, hobbies, tastes, and lifestyle obtained from the same monitor. This is a service that allows you to analyze the efficiency of TV commercials with a single source data with the company’s purchase data (SCI (R)).
By using “TVAL”, it is possible to segment prospective customers of your company’s products from a large amount of attribute data, perform media planning to efficiently deliver TV commercials, and improve the effectiveness of TV commercials.
In this taxi commercial, the conversation between a boss and his subordinates shows that even non-IT companies can understand the effects of TV commercials.
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[Image 3d11256-47-a955c02d064bfdd6e10c-4.jpg&s3=11256-47-96b5a7d0bb118e302ad12a05845fd8d9-1920x1005.jpg
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■ Cast
Director role: Nanami Miho
Belongs to Condition Green. Born in Chiba prefecture. Widely active in magazine models and commercials. https://c-green.jp/nanami_miho/ Subordinate employee role: Karasu Hayashi
Belongs to Evergreen Entertainment. Born in Osaka Prefecture. Appeared in dramas and stage plays as an actor.
■ CM overview
Broadcast media: Taxi signage media “GROWTH”
Broadcast period: From Monday, November 7, 2022
Broadcast area: Tokyo
Taxi CM video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smnWzlRgh3A
■Features of the TV commercial effect improvement tool “TVAL” 1. Achieve KPI management like digital marketing
For the target segment segmented by detailed attributes, you can check TV commercial indicators that are easy to compare with YouTube ads, such as cost per impression and CPV (cost per view), on your PC at the earliest from the next day.
2. You can set the same attribute target as the persona of the product target Detailed attribute targets can be set from actual data on
hobbies/preferences, living environment, purchases, and contact with digital media. Visualize commercial viewing status by segment using INTAGE’s unique purchase data (SCI(R)) and digital media exposure data.
3. Analyzing the relationship between watching TV commercials and purchasing products
You can easily visualize what programs and time frames are watched by people who often purchase products in the same category, making it easier to reach potential customers. You can also analyze whether TV commercial viewers purchased products afterward, and whether the number of product purchases increased as the number of TV commercial viewers increased.
4. Utilize competitors’ commercial placement patterns for marketing strategy planning
In addition to being able to immediately check the performance of competitors’ commercials, you can also display comparison data in graphs that are automatically updated daily by specifying competing products for each product of your company.
5. Some can be used with a free account
With the freemium plan, you can view your company’s TV commercial data within a limited range.
■ About switch media
Switch Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Toshiharu Takayama) has the advantage of possessing TV viewing data collected from Japan’s largest TV viewing panel, and segment targets from a unique perspective. , Cloud-based TV commercial analysis service “SMART” that can analyze TV viewing data in almost real time, and cloud-based TV commercial analysis service “TVAL” that analyzes the relationship between viewing TV commercials and product purchases and leads to sales. We are operating.
-Switch Media Company Profile-
Company name: Switch Media Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shunji Takayama, President and CEO
Business description: Development and provision of cloud-based TV commercial analysis services “TVAL” and “SMART”
 Switch Media: https://www.switch-m.com/
 TVAL: https://www.switch-m.com/service/tval

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