SynchroArt Foundation [saf] “saf ART AWARDS -Ukiyo-e- @GINZA SIX” judges decided! KENTO MORI, KATSUYA OOE, Tomohiro Ueda, etc.

SynchroArt Foundation [saf]
“saf ART AWARDS -Ukiyoe- @GINZA SIX” judges decided! KENTO MORI, KATSUYA OOE, Tomohiro Ueda, etc.
We will introduce the currently confirmed judges of the art
competition “saf ART AWARDS -Ukiyo-e-“, which all applicants can exhibit at GINZA SIX “Saf Gallery”, along with examples of
ukiyo-e-themed works.

SynchroArt Foundation (Founder: Daichi Sakamoto, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as saf), an art foundation that promotes the Japanese art brand globally, is a competition for art works with the motif of “Ukiyo-e” from the golden age of Japanese art. held. A wide range of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital works are solicited.
“saf ART AWARDS -Ukiyoe- @GINZA SIX” application details are here ↓
Judges: Daichi Sakamoto, Masutaka Sekine, Ichiro Sato, KENTO MORI, KATSUYA OOE, Tomohiro Ueda
Judge Introduction KENTO MORI
[Image 1

Profile of KENTO MORI
( Multimedia Artist / Dance Artist )
KM1 Co., Ltd.
Michael Jackson, Madonna, and other world-renowned dance artists. In addition, he has become an exclusive dancer for world-class top artists such as Chris Brown and Usher, and is active on the world’s highest stage and tour.
He has appeared in numerous awards including the Grammy Awards, and has performed in over 200 major cities in 50 countries on 5
In recent years, he has produced more than 70 original songs, and pursued new expressions that have never existed in the world, such as live performances that generate state-of-the-art AR developed in a joint project with the world-famous digital art group “Moment Factory”. is doing.
From 2021, we are developing the “Japan to the world” project with various local governments.
[KENTO MORI’s dance work with Ukiyo-e as a motif]
[Video 2:]

[Comment on the work]
It expresses the world of the floating world where the past, present and future are connected beyond space-time and common sense on a stage of dreams. Everything is created by imagination. A picture of priceless values ​​where invisible things exist as much as visible things.
[KENTO MORI’s Instagram account]
Introducing the judges KATSUYA OOE
[Image 2

Profile of KATSUYA OOE
( Fashion & Jewelry Designer / Interior Designer )
Spent his childhood in Milan.
(MILANO) Enrollment.
Produced by Dolce & Gabbana.
Obtained master’s degree in fashion design.
After graduating, moved to London and worked as a designer for Vivienne Westwood, Paris Collection, and Milan Collection.
Worked as a freelancer in Milan for numerous luxury brands, ateliers, and corporate collections.
“OOE” BAG brand
Paris collection announcement
Launched OOE JEWELY.
Design business tie-up with many brands as a design office. space design, interior design, bridal design,
He has worked on many items such as uniforms for Michelin restaurants. [Works by KATSUYA OOE]
[Image 3

[Image 4

[A work by KATSUYA OOE with an ukiyo-e motif]
[Image 5

[KATSUYA OOE Instagram account]
Judge Tomohiro Ueda
[Image 6

Tomohiro Ueda
Weda Jeweler CEO
Born in Tokyo in 1970.
1996 Graduated from Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance. Majored in Design Thinking.
Joined Ueda Jeweler in 1884, which was founded in the same year. In 2005, he became the 4th generation company and continues to this day. [Ueda’s work with Ukiyo-e as a motif]
[Image 7

[Image 8

“Plum Tree” and “Peach Tree” were inspired by Van Gogh’s work “Blossoming Plum Tree”, a copy of Utagawa Hiroshige’s “Kameido Umeyashiki”.
[Website of Weda Jeweler]
[Weda Jeweler’s Instagram account]
[1st “saf ART AWARDS -Ukiyo-e-@GINZA SIX”]
[Image 9

At [saf ART AWARDS -Ukiyo-e- @GINZA SIX], in order to make fair, neutral and rigorous judging decisions, we invited judges not only from the art industry, but also from various industries, and judged from multiple perspectives in each field. I will have it.
In this competition, we will accept a wide range of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and digital works with the motif of “Ukiyo-e”. All exhibitors will be exhibited at the “Saf Gallery” on the 5th floor of GINZA SIX, the largest art museum in Ginza.
The winners will have the opportunity to display and sell their work at various domestic and international exhibitions, including the art fair held in Shinsaibashi Daimaru in January.
Click here for more information on “saf ART AWARDS -Ukiyo-e- @GINZA SIX”
Application method
Click here for the application form for “saf ART AWARDS -Ukiyo-e-@GINZA SIX”
“Saf Gallery”
GINZA SIX 5F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Business hours: 10:30-20:30
Phone number: 03-6555-2989
– A gallery where various industries can interact is born in GINZA SIX of the “SynchroArt Foundation” (saf), which invests in artists and art groups and builds a huge art market in Japan and overseas. Presenting art works that represent the new era, linking videos with overseas galleries, and cutting-edge marketing using blockchain. Disseminate Japanese culture and share real-time experiences of world culture through exchanges with other countries.
“General Incorporated Foundation SynchroArt Foundation”
[Image 10

saf Founder: Daichi Sakamoto
After appearing in “Water Boys” in high school, he turned to the path of art. Many works of art are created from encounters with many collectors and artists, including presidents and royalty. Based on his great support for artists, he founded the art foundation saf, which allocates funds to relief activities such as support for people with disabilities, regional revitalization, and support for poor countries. He donates most of his work sales to saf. In 2022, “Saf Gallery” will be opened as a creative base for artists at GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in Ginza.
Fax: 03-6701-7524
Official LINE:
Click here to support SynchroArt Foundation
The membership fee for those who join the SynchroArt Foundation, which is sponsored by SynchroArt Foundation, during this period will be used to support artists and social contribution activities that require support.

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