Synergy Gate Held on 11/17 (Thursday)! Phiten Shop decides to hold two-way communication live distribution with viewers!

synergy gate
[11/17 (Thursday) held! ] Phiten Shop decides to hold two-way communication live distribution with viewers!
Live distribution from a store in Tsurumi Ryokuchi, Osaka, by Phiten, a body care company famous for health necklaces. Yoshimoto Kogyo Taketo will also appear on the MC.

11/17 (Thursday) from 20:30, live streaming from Phiten Shop Aeon Mall Tsurumi Ryokuchi. Phiten shop staff who know the shop inside out and the designer of the original products of AEON MALL Tsurumi Ryokuchi will appear. Maybe we’ll even get a voice requesting a new product! ? [Live detailed information]
Date: 11/17 (Thursday) 20:30-
Title: Experience the relaxing effect of Phiten! -Necklace for women born from customer feedback-
[Image 1

Guests: Sae Kawaguchi, Moeka Masuda (Phiten Shop Aeon Mall Tsurumi Ryokuchi staff) / Taketo (Yoshimoto Kogyo)
■What do you do during live streaming?
This time, Mr. Kawaguchi, a staff member of Phiten Shop Aeon Mall Tsurumi Ryokuchi, and Mr. Masuda, a designer, will appear on CHANCE!. Live streaming directly from the store!
Healthcare and body care are important to many people. If you want to incorporate it into your life, I think there are many people who want to buy it from a reliable shop / salesclerk.
At Phiten Shop AEON MALL Tsurumi Ryokuchi, we always value dialogue with our customers so that they can work on body care with peace of mind. In this live broadcast, please experience the “nice customer service that listens to the voices of customers and makes you want to visit” by Phiten Shop staff. Taketo-san will be able to experience Kawaguchi-san’s customer service remotely while using the products! At this live, original products that can only be purchased at Phiten Shop Aeon Mall Tsurumi Ryokuchi will also appear. Phiten’s brand “freeasy”, which was developed with all kinds of attention to detail for women, is currently developing an “Aqua Gold Necklace that contains pure gold using its own technology”. This is said to have been made in response to the voice of an actual customer who said, “I want a product that fits in with fashion and can be used everyday.” The designer, Ms. Masuda, seems to have been particular about the materials and design so that female customers can use it on a daily basis. There are also amazing episodes beyond imagination. Let’s hear a lot behind the scenes of product development with MC Taketo-san and Kawaguchi-san! Maybe the voices of the participants will be used in Phiten’s product development in the future?
■ Attractiveness of Phiten Shop Live Streaming
Phiten Shop, a body care specialty store that usually operates while directly interacting with customers at a physical store. Speaking of “Phiten”, many of you may have seen famous athletes wearing health necklaces.
There must be a lot of people who have troubles with body stiffness and beauty, or who are not aware of their troubles. We hope that even those who have never been to a Phiten shop will be able to learn about Phiten, and that it will be a place where customers can easily consult and resolve their own concerns and worries, and that they will become aware of problems they had not noticed. Therefore, we decided to start a live distribution that can be easily viewed and talked about anywhere so that information can be delivered to people other than customers who are directly involved!
This is a live broadcast by Phiten Shop staff, who are familiar with customers’ voices such as “I’m worried about this” and “I want to improve here” because we are able to get close to our customers because we are providing real customer service at the actual store. is the charm of
What do you like about this product? What effect does it have? How do you use it in your daily life? What is the body care method that can be practiced immediately? You can ask live questions about information that you can’t listen to at a real store.
Phiten Shop, which provides real customer service at stores, practices customer service using live distribution. It is a live commerce of Phiten shop that combines “real customer service x online customer service”. Phiten Shop AEON MALL Tsurumi Ryokuchi delivers products and information that can only be found in real time in real time. [How to participate in live streaming]
You can participate in the live by downloading the free CHANCE! App. ▼App Store URL
▼Google Play URL ▼QR code
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[Performers and shop information]
■What is Phiten/Phiten Shop?
Phiten Co., Ltd. is a body care company that produces various health items. Health necklaces are well-known, but we sell not only necklaces but also many products that support physical relaxation using technology that disperses metals in water at the nano level. The products are compatible with total body care that addresses a variety of physical concerns, and can be used not only for those who currently have physical concerns, but also for daily care.
It is a large company with 165 physical stores nationwide, but it seems that each store has its own unique approach.
Phiten Official Website:
■Features of Phiten Shop Aeon Mall Tsurumi Ryokuchi
Phiten Shop AEON MALL Tsurumi Ryokuchi has one of the largest site areas, interior decorations, and number of devices. I was surprised to hear that there are plenty of machines such as oxygen capsules and massage machines in the shop that you can’t usually experience. Another feature of AEON MALL Tsurumi Ryokuchi store is that customers’ voices can be taken in at a close distance.
We operate various initiatives specializing in body care with top-class efforts nationwide.
[Image 3

Phiten Shop Aeon Mall Tsurumi Ryokuchi
Shop information: I’m sure you’ll want to visit the Phiten shop when you see this live. Please take a look at the charm of Phiten Shop, which is always close to customers in real life!
On the day of the event, we will welcome other gorgeous guests and deliver a collaboration live! Please look forward to it!
[About the CHANCE! Event]
■ About this event
A major feature of this live event is “online customer service from the store through live distribution”.
Recently, an increasing number of companies have begun to pay attention to the potential of live commerce, which utilizes the good points of real commerce, such as the physical stores, the staff working there, and the way they serve customers in real life. Therefore, CHANCE! will actually hold a real customer service x online customer service live!
Please pay attention to the future possibilities of commerce created by store staff who usually interact with customers at actual stores and live streaming participants!
■ “CHANCE Seeds” event concept overview ~Let’s cultivate CHANCE seeds~ [Image 4d92350-10-3b9808e0384f0a037af4-2.png&s3=92350-10-eb7d9c185099f3642d9bf23a81fd4a83-960x540.png
“Isn’t it possible that by combining your own interests and
connections with people, you might come across unexpectedly unexpected opportunities to create unexpectedly big opportunities?”
Based on this assumption, the “CHANCE seeds” will be live-streamed by the “project” that will become the seeds, and each seed will be nurtured together while giving each other your opinions, ideas, skills, know-how, and experience. It’s an event. Enjoy the fun of live streaming.
You can also purchase limited items during the live. Please feel free to join us.
* Live distribution time and content are subject to change. Please note. * Live viewing is free, but communication costs will be borne by you. ■What is CHANCE!by Webinavi?
“CHANCE!” is a participatory live distribution app that aims to “create and grow opportunities” through live distribution. Rather than a one-way distribution, it is an application service with a unique concept that increases the “opportunities” of all participants through the participants (crews) cheering with comments, gifting, and live commerce (shopping) functions.
As a feature of “CHANCE!”, you can create unprecedented sessions by taking advantage of collaborative distribution at two locations. Furthermore, by having a large number of crews participating, you will be able to experience the joy of creating and expanding even more “opportunities” by multiplying infinite ideas and possibilities. ■ To enjoy the app more
・Member registration (crew registration, optional)
Crew registration is recommended to enjoy “CHANCE!” to the fullest. (You can participate in the live as a guest user without registering as a member.)
For those who have registered as a crew member, 500 CP of free chance points (CP) that can be used for gifting and product purchases are given. In addition, purchasing products during live distribution will be smoother. Open the app and proceed to the input screen from the crew registration button on the upper right.
・Communication with distributors
Launch the app and check the live you want to see from the live schedule. Click on the appropriate project banner to watch live. Please enjoy the live while freely communicating with the broadcaster by commenting, liking, gifting, etc.
Details about this release:


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