Table Tennis T League Tamas Co., Ltd. x TV Tokyo Table Tennis School x T League Collaboration Project “WONDER”

General Incorporated Association T League
Tamas Co., Ltd. x TV Tokyo Table Tennis School x T League
Collaboration Project “WONDER”

In the T league, Tamas Co., Ltd. (brand name: butterfly, head office: Suginami-ku, Tokyo, president: Takuko Osawa, brand: butterfly) and TV Tokyo table tennis cram school (every Sunday at 11:00 pm on TV Tokyo) 30 minutes ~ broadcasting) will carry out a collaboration project “WONDER”.

In the collaboration, players representing each team will release gem episodes under the theme of “first WONDER experience”.
In addition, the “T League No. 1 Trick Shot Championship” will be held in the familiar “Trick Shot” corner of the program, where each team will challenge.
■Distributed on each company’s YouTube channel Collaboration distribution overview
“Please tell us about your first WONDER experience” Table Tennis/Private Edition
[Appearance] Two players representing the team from each T League team [Date and time] November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 6:00 pm
[Platform] Scheduled to be released on the following 3 channels at any time. TV Tokyo Table Tennis Channel BUTTERFLY official channel T League official channel The first will be distributed on November 30th (Wednesday) on TV Tokyo Table Tennis Channel, and the second on December 7th (Wednesday) on the BUTTERFLY official channel.
The third installment will be distributed on the T-League official channel on Wednesday, December 14th.
■ Overview of program collaboration project
Shun Mizutani challenges the trick shot that the viewer succeeds in TV Tokyo Table Tennis School’s program specialty corner “One trick, ittokuuu?”.
Players representing each team of the T League devised and implemented trick shots with a high degree of difficulty. Will gold medalist Jun Mizutani be able to defeat T leaguers’ “WONDER trick shots”!? After challenging all trick shots, the T League No. 1 trick shot will be determined from a total of 10 trick shots!
“Challenge Jun Mizutani! T League No.1 Trick Shot Championship (provisional)”
[Program] Broadcast every Sunday from 11:30 p.m.
[Date and time] Scheduled to be broadcast from January 2023
Program overview
[program name] TV Tokyo table tennis cram school – person rally, ittokuuuuu? [Broadcast time] Every Sunday from 11:30 p.m. to midnight
[Performers] So Takei, Jun Mizutani
[Simultaneous broadcasting] TX, TVO, TVA, TSC, TVh, TVQ (6 stations affiliated with TV Tokyo)
[Official HP]
[Official Twitter] @txttjyuku

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