TAC Co., Ltd. Administrative scrivener answer bulletin Reiwa 4 administrative scrivener exam answer bulletin will be released on the day of the exam on 11/13 (Sunday) by the qualified school TAC! In addition, “Answer meeting” will be distributed

TAC Co., Ltd.
[Administrative scrivener answer bulletin] Reiwa 4 administrative scrivener exam answer bulletin will be released on the day of the exam on 11/13 (Sun) by the qualified school TAC! In addition, “Answer meeting” will be distributed LIVE on YouTube!

TAC Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toshio Tada), which develops administrative scrivener exam preparation courses, will be held on November 13 (Sunday). It will be published on the TAC website on the day of the test.
In addition, on the same day, we will be streaming live on YouTube on the same day an “answer meeting” that explains “this year’s question trends”, “impressions of each subject”, “expected answers and points for descriptive questions”, etc.! Please take a look.
Reiwa 4th year administrative scrivener examination “answer bulletin meeting” LIVE delivery
[Image 1

▼ TAC’s administrative scrivener “answer bulletin” live delivery on YouTube! (Participation free)

▼ Distribution start date and time (planned)
11/13 (Sun) 20:00
2020 administrative scrivener examination [answer bulletin (expected correct answer)]
▼ Scheduled publication date (planned)
11/13 (Sun) 21:00
* Depending on the situation on the day, there may be a slight delay in uploading the answer bulletin.
* Access is concentrated around the time when the preliminary answer report is uploaded, and it may be difficult to view. Please note. Free [Web scoring service] Data research!
This is a service that collects answer data from examinees all over Japan on the web and provides more accurate score analysis results. By simply entering (selecting) your answers on the web page, you can view your graded results during the result viewing period (your description will also be graded).
▼Registration and answer entry acceptance period
11/13 (Sunday) 17:00 to 11/21 (Monday) 17:00
*This service is based solely on TAC’s own predictions of correct answers, and does not guarantee the pass/fail results of this test. “Main test analysis meeting” held at TAC school & LIVE distribution! [Image 2

Regarding this year’s main exam questions, we will analyze and comment on the difficulty and tendency of each subject, and the questions that divide the pass/fail. We will also show you future learning guidelines based on the tendency of questions. Please prepare a copy of your examinee number for the main exam and your own main exam questions. In addition, the contents of the TAC Shinjuku school will be distributed live on YouTube.
▼ “Main exam analysis meeting” held at TAC school & LIVE distribution! https://www.tac-school.co.jp/kouza_gyosei/sokuhou.html
▼ [School building] Implementation date and time (participation free, no reservation required)
・ TAC Shinjuku School 11/20 (Sunday) 10:00-
・ TAC Yaesu school: 11/23 (Wed/holiday) 10:00-
・ TAC Umeda School: 11/23 (Wed/Holiday) 10:00-
▼ [LIVE distribution] Implementation date and time (participation free, advance application required)
・11/20 (Sun) 10:00-
*To view the LIVE distribution of the “Main Examination Analysis Meeting”, you need to apply from the TAC website.
What is an administrative scrivener?
The work of administrative scriveners can be broadly divided into “document preparation work” that prepares documents to be submitted to public offices, documents related to rights, obligations and proof of facts, “representation of permission application” that performs the application on behalf of the client, and consultation from the client. It is classified into three types of “consultation work” to receive and give advice. Recently, many administrative scriveners are mainly engaged in consulting business, such as giving advice on problems faced by customers and proposing new businesses through consultation work associated with document preparation.
https://www.tac-school.co.jp/kouza_gyosei/gyosei_sk_idx.html “Company Profile”
Company name: TAC Co., Ltd.
Representative: Toshio Tada, President and Representative Director Established: December 1980
Business: Individual education business, corporate training business, publishing business, human resource business
Head office: 3-2-18 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8383 Website: https://www.tac-school.co.jp
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