TAIAN The bridal tool Oiwaii has been greatly updated. Implemented a wedding system that “makes a good couple’s day a better day” and evolved into an all-in-one service for the bridal business.

Bridal tool Oiwaii has been greatly updated. Implemented a wedding system that “makes a good couple’s day a better day” and evolved into an all-in-one service for the bridal business.

The vertical SaaS “Oiwaii” specializing in the bridal industry has significantly enhanced its functions, and has released “Oiwaii Produce” to revamp the industry’s wedding system. As a result, Oiwaii’s functions have evolved into an all-in-one tool that supports customer acquisition functions, meetings between planners and brides and grooms, and lifelong customers after the ceremony.
[Image 1d63181-26-b07fc3709c2fb19af6bf-6.png&s3=63181-26-fcaea8984f09bcdf9f4ed3ed65897042-654x320.png

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(The image is a smartphone screen for couples of Oiwaii produce) [Image 3d63181-26-53af042cdc6da06c4736-3.png&s3=63181-26-a1fc91b2685692c64cd60dfcb648ed9b-1284x706.png
(The image is the planner management screen of Oiwaii produce) About a year has passed since the release of Oiwaii. We have heard the voices of many bridal business operators, but what has been raised as a voice of concern is the integration of various marketing tools, wedding systems, ordering tools, and lifelong customer tools in the industry. Summary It was the existence of a tool that can be centrally managed.
■ Oiwaii 3 services
1.Oiwaii Produce
We support wedding preparations while creating a planning sheet for each customer, such as web invitations, online gift selection and ordering, schedule management until the wedding, and couple homework management. This will greatly reduce the burden on planners. 2. Oiwai Marketing
Realize collective management of the phase of attracting customers, such as management of fair schedule vacancies on our own website and each media, cooperation with employee schedules, centralized management of customer information, automatic mail delivery function for each customer status, etc.
3. Oiwaii Anniversary
A service that accompanies the “celebration” in life. From a wedding planner to a partner who co-creates life’s “celebration” through customer management and email marketing centered on anniversaries [Image 4d63181-26-d810585d1ee56517d5f0-0.png&s3=63181-26-317ffa1f688b0713825d26f22e12348f-1298x708.png
(Oiwaii Marketing management screen manages the bride and groom as a set, backing up until they become customers)
[Image 5d63181-26-e6f5aaba7e8907eb06b7-4.png&s3=63181-26-a79d85794acf0c60a361da592c7d0aec-1298x708.png
(Oiwaii Anniversary management screen, supporting lifelong customer after the wedding ceremony)
■ Future plans for Oiwaii
Many bridal businesses have used this service so far, but what we value is listening to our customers and constantly updating it. Since its release, Oiwaii has changed its shape and improved and
strengthened its functions many times, but the driving force behind it was the sincere and straight-forward feeling of the bridal operators for the celebration of the wedding. . TAIAN Co., Ltd. believes that by supporting such businesses, we can create “a better form of
celebration”, and we will continue to update it permanently. [Image 6d63181-26-653c6297302d588b3006-1.jpg&s3=63181-26-07777619e684942297fbd945e8edbcce-1298x973.jpg
■ Inquiries
TAIAN Co., Ltd.
-Company Profile-
Company name: TAIAN Co., Ltd.
Established: June 23, 2020
Location: A YOTSUYA 1NW3, 2-8 Yotsuyahonshiocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Mariko Murata
URL: https://taian-inc.com/
Business description: Development and sales of wedding-related products Details about this release:


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