Takahashi Shoten Co., Ltd. Takahashi Shoten “Techo Grand Prize” Awarded the 26th Year Quote Grand Prize With the appearance of judges such as Seiko Ito, “I want to applaud the ‘listening power'” Commemorating the 25th + 1st year of the Techo Grand

Takahashi Bookstore Co., Ltd.
Takahashi Bookstore “Techo Grand Prize” Awarded 26th Year of Quote Grand Prize Seiko Ito and other judges appeared and said, “I want to applaud the ‘power of listening'” To commemorate the 25th + 1st year of Techo Grand Prize, past works released at once New TV commercial also unveiled for the first time

Takahashi Shoten Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Minari Shimizu), which publishes notebooks, practical books for daily life, children’s books, etc., announced the 26th notebook award on Tuesday, November 15th. At the ceremony, the Grand Prize, Special Prize, Excellence Prize, and Product Planning Grand Prize Excellence Prize were announced and commended.
On the day of the competition, Seiko Ito, Naoko Azuma, and Sakiko Hirano will be on stage as judges. Along with announcing the winners of this year’s Techo Grand Prize, trophies were presented to the winners. In addition, there were comments on this year’s award-winning works and a talk looking back on the awards over the past 25 years along with a chronological table.
The list of award-winning works will also be published on the special website of Takahashi Shoten’s official website (URL
https://www.takahashishoten.co.jp/techotaisyo/result/) from Tuesday, November 15th.
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Announcement of the winners of the 26th Techo Awards
The award-winning works selected from over 48,000 letters have been decided! Quote Grand Prize: “I’m happy, because it’s me!”
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In the 26th Techo Grand Prize, which solicited “quotes that make you want to write them down in your notebook”, we received 48,171 entries for the Quote Grand Prize. A total of 6 works, including 2 works, were selected as award-winning works. The three judges were Mr. Seiko Ito (writer/creator), Ms. Naoko Azuma (poet/writer), and Ms. Sakiko Hirano (food essayist).
In addition, we received 2,293 applications for the product planning award, which was solicited at the same time.
Quote Award
[Table 9: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/69413/table/84_1_8054f1638c987146fc3d16c18807c980.jpg ]
Speaker: A daughter who got married and left home
Applicant: 54 years old, female, office worker (Iwate Prefecture) 【background】
She is an outspoken daughter and a nurse. Sometimes I have conflicts with my husband, and because of my straight personality, I was very worried every day, and when I asked him, “Are you okay?” I had a hard time in secret, and I couldn’t help but cry, “Ugh…” because it must be hard to work in this day and age.
・It is actually unfortunate that you can only be aware of your own happiness by comparing it to something else. The willingness to see through the mechanism and attract happiness directly encourages us as well. (Ito)
・These words show that you are firmly living your life, and are very fun. It is surprisingly refreshing to realize that I am the one who makes myself happy, and that is why I am okay. (east)
・It is important to love yourself in difficult times. That is why we can love others. I felt a strong will to inspire myself with the last “!” mark. (Plain)
special prize
[Table 10: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/69413/table/84_2_c8b86d2965d3a0fd904f902865e814c4.jpg ]
Speaker: 7-year-old daughter
Applicant: 46-year-old male office worker (Osaka Prefecture) 【background】
These are the words that my daughter said on her class visit day. During a class on war and peace in society, the parents of other children were also impressed. I thought my daughter was amazing. [Commentary]
・It is the present earth where I feel like this every day. Children will come up with the best solutions. Adults decide they can’t do it. In the first place, it is this thought that created the United Nations, so we must always believe that it can be done. (Ito) ・A wonderful proposal born out of a child’s sorrow over the constant wars on earth. It is also a word that sharply criticizes the present age, and it touched my heart. (east)
・I was deeply moved by the desperation of a young girl’s wish in a world of constant conflict. (Plain)
special prize
[Table 11: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/69413/table/84_3_e32df590d3ce88b41f48577f48181679.jpg ]
Speaker: Father
Applicant: 49 years old, female, self-employed (Shizuoka Prefecture) 【background】
My father has built many houses over the years as a master carpenter. I was raised among craftsmen from an early age, and I was taught many things, such as thinking physically, finding beauty in all things, and doing work that creates added value. Having a job in my hands, on the recommendation of my husband, I went to the path of cooking. I am now the owner and chef of the restaurant my father built.
・Inevitably, you will tell a success story by forcing “strong wind” and “storm” on others. So success itself is not fun. What people need is a gentle breeze, a warm one. (Ito)
・In a world where efficiency is prioritized and only appearance is sought, the presentation of the word “breeze” as a direction that is not that way, and the sense shines. (east)
No gusts, no storms. I was taken aback by the delicate gaze that dared to say that the gentle breeze was important, rather than the dramatic one. (Plain)
special prize
[Table 12: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/69413/table/84_4_d93e2c43c2c417f6b4dd07e59410833c.jpg ]
Speaker: daughter
Applicant: 46-year-old female therapist (Tokyo)
It was a while after my daughter entered kindergarten, and she began to develop her own sense of self and self-assertion. I was also tired of living an unfamiliar life, and I was irritated by my daughter’s slight opposition. One day, my feelings of anger exploded against my daughter and I ranted. My daughter didn’t say anything at the time, but that night she said these words to me. I was shocked by the calm and loving words of my 4-year-old daughter. “That’s right! As a mother, I shouldn’t use words like that! I have to use beautiful words full of affection!” .
So mother, please be careful with your words. You teach adults well. Amazing. If you put “politician”, “teacher”, “internet celebrity” instead of “mother”, your attention will turn to the power of words. (Ito)
・If a child says something like this, the mother must reflect and choose her words carefully. I think it’s a word with a punch. (east) ・The ability to instantly convert the thought “Your rant is not what you really mean, is it?” into this word is wonderful. I felt the power of words. (Plain)
Outstanding performance award
[Table 13: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/69413/table/84_5_3c4fdf35a0a540555a73272b432ff5e6.jpg ]
Speaker: me
Applicant: 50 years old, female, housewife (Chiba Prefecture) 【background】
At the time, it was a word I used to express my hope that children who were nervous at the time would have fun even in tense situations such as school arts and piano recitals.
・It’s called a warrior shiver, but even if you’re not a warrior, your heart will tremble. with anxiety and anticipation. Let us also call it the “Drum of Courage”. (Ito)
・When you’re nervous and your heart is pounding and you can’t help it, remembering these words will help you calm down. It is expected to have universal utility. (east)
・Learning, growth, and encounters are possible only in a state of excitement and tension. It’s wonderful that the expression “drum of courage” is used to affirm rather than run away from it. (Plain) Outstanding performance award
[Table 14: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/69413/table/84_6_62be9e235c067f792899fadf01a81d83.jpg ]
Speaker: grandmother
Applicant: 31-year-old male office worker (Shiga Prefecture) 【background】
On January 10, 2022, on my grandmother’s 81st birthday, my
grandmother, mother, sister, me, and my wife went to a famous champon restaurant for lunch. I ordered 4 bowls of champon with plenty of vegetables (grandmother and mother shared) and 2 fried rice. This is what my 81-year-old grandmother said to us when she was the first to eat a hearty bowl of champon and fried rice. The table was packed with dishes and the voluminous champon, and it really touched my heart. I want you to eat heartily and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life forever!
・You can really feel it. “Healed” just returned to the original state, but “increased volume” means that the capacity itself has expanded, so I’m happy that my life has suddenly become richer! (Ito)
・A grandmother’s words about the joy of having a plentiful and delicious meal. There is a sense of humor that makes living in the present fun. (east)
What a charming and life-giving word! The scenery of the meal that fills the table comes to mind vividly. (Plain)
Product Planning Award Excellence Award
[Table 15: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/69413/table/84_7_48845b8bd27b2c563c47449e4e7731e2.jpg ]
Applicant: 18 years old, female, student (Aichi Prefecture)
[Planning overview]
“Dame Acorn” is a bad self (“Acorn” is a nickname). Anyway, I focused on “visualizing” my actions.
On the monthly page, you can check your daily goals for each month, write how you were on that day with “○ / × / △”, and enter the total amount of study time and money spent that day. I can do it.
On the weekly page, there is a daily plan (ToDo) for the week on the left page and a grid + time scale on the right page, so you can check yourself for the week at a glance.
It combines all the elements of a one-page-a-day study planner with left and diary formats.
The idea of ​​incorporating a grid and time scale on the right page of the weekly left style is excellent. The time management using markers in the entry example was also practical, and the work was ingenious in every detail.
Product Planning Award Excellence Award
[Table 16: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/69413/table/84_8_70aa8d80dfa9fb93a685922ff5d43528.jpg ]
Applicant: 62 years old, female, housewife (Nara Prefecture) [Planning overview]
It is a household account book that you fill in item by item from the beginning, not by day and month.
When tabulating for a month, subtotal the amount spent for that month on each item page, and then add those subtotals to get the total amount spent for that month.
In addition, when there is an item that you want to check later, such as entertainment expenses or medical expenses, you can grasp the consumption amount and contents for one year at a glance just by looking at the page of the item without searching by day or month. I can do it. It is very convenient when filing a tax return for medical expense deductions.
It is very persuasive because it was actually handmade and used. The entry format, which is specialized for dividing expenses (items), is easy to tabulate and search, and it was a highly complete work made from the perspective of people who actually use it.

Overall review by the judges “I want to applaud the ‘listening power’ to listen carefully to someone’s words”
[Image 3

At the end of the award ceremony, we received overall comments from the three judges.
Mr. Hirano said, “There were wonderful words. Among them, the words of the grand prize were condensed because of the difficult times, the power to believe in one’s own happiness, the power to love one’s life, and a positivity similar to strength. I felt that it was words,” commenting on the award-winning work.
When asked to comment next, Mr. Higashi said, “I thought that there were many works that I could replace myself with and make my mind positive. There were only words that I wanted to keep in my heart and keep warm.”
Lastly, Mr. Ito said, “Most of the works that were awarded today were words spoken by someone, but I felt that the Techo Grand Prize is an award that recognizes that ‘listening ability.’ It’s very important, and now in Japanese literature too, listening is important.This time, I would like to listen to someone’s words and applaud the
wonderfulness of writing and sending it.” I finished my review.

A retrospective talk on past award-winning works commemorating the 25th + 1st year
[Image 4

Before the announcement of this year’s award-winning works, the judges Mr. Ito, Mr. Higashi, and Mr. Hirano took the stage and gave a look back on the past award-winning works. This year marks the 26th time for the Techo Grand Prize, and a panel featuring some of the works from the 25-year history of the Techo Grand Prize up until last year will appear on the stage. We looked back on the history of 25 years while introducing the past award-winning works in a quiz format where a part of the work was hidden and the judges guessed the hidden part. First, in addition to the Great East Japan Earthquake, from the 2012 Quote Grand Prize, the year after Nadeshiko Japan won the World Cup, “Aiming for a bright ’00’!” “is. Mr. Hirano, who was asked for an answer about this hidden part, answered “future” even though he was worried. The correct answer that was announced is “I’m aiming for a bright poverty! ’. Mr. Hirano also commented, “It’s a word with weight. The contrast between bright and poor makes me startled.” Mr. Ito also said, “I think it was difficult to choose because it was a time when many things were said to be inappropriate, but it may have been the feelings of the person concerned.” I looked back at people’s feelings.
The next question was the 2017 Quote Grand Prix, which had Japan’s record for winning medals at the Rio Olympics the previous year and the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen line. “is. In response to this, Mr. Seiko Ito answered “seasoning” with a confident look. The correct answer is “The number of people is also a side dish. ‘ was revealed, he said with joy, “The direction was right.” Mr. Azuma also commented on the work that honestly expressed joy, saying, “It’s wonderful to feel the happiness of eating together.”
And the last question that was raised was that the year after the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the winner of the 2021 Quote Award, “”○○” is in full bloom! ” is. In response to this, Mr. Higashi answered “spring” that he thought about it twisted. The answer, “The ground is in full bloom! ‘ was announced, Higashi-san was impressed, saying, “It feels sad when you say “fall,” but when you change your perspective to “the ground is in full bloom,” I feel like the world looks brighter.” Comment on how it looks. In addition, Mr. Hirano also said, “I am surprised that you are presenting a new way of looking at the world in the pure words of a child,” and talked about the power of words to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Before the announcement of this year’s grand prize, it was time to look back with the judges on the history of the techo grand prize that has been close to people living in the times.
[Image 5

[What is the notebook award? ]
The Techo Grand Prize is a “Words and Ideas” contest. Works will be solicited in two categories, the Quote Grand Prize and the Product Planning Grand Prize, and excellent works will be selected. I want you to feel more familiar with the notebook. I want my notebook to be useful in my daily life. Born from such a feeling, this year marks the 26th time. Every year, we receive many entries with quotes that make you want to write them down in your notebook, as well as product ideas that you would like to have, and continue to evolve as an award that will create a new future for notebooks.
The Grand Prize is given to the most excellent work, and the winner will receive a prize of 1 million yen. In addition, 365 excellent works from among the entries will be published in our company’s “Quotes and Proverbs Daily Calendar”. The Grand Prize for Product Planning calls for novel ideas and planning intentions for notebooks, diaries, and household account books.
[Image 6

■Overview of the 26th Techo Grand Prize
Date: November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) 11:00-12:20 [10:30-press reception starts] Quote Grand Prize Judge Seiko Ito (Author/Creator) Naoko Azuma (Poet/Author) Sakiko Hirano (Food Essayist)
A new TV commercial with the theme of “choosing a notebook is choosing a way of life” will start airing on December 3, 2022 (Saturday), set in the notebook sales floor of the town. Please enjoy the moment when people who choose a notebook think about their own way of life and life.
In addition, the music that colors the commercial is Takahashi Shoten’s original “Happy New Year Song.” As a New Year’s song that is earlier than anywhere else, we will liven up the arrival of the new year. I want to make it a standard song that will make you think, “Oh, another new year is coming. I want to buy a new notebook.”
■ CM overview
New CM
“People in the notebook department-this book-” (15 seconds)
[Image 7

[Image 8

“People in the notebook department ~ important year ~” (15 seconds) [Image 9

[Image 10

・ Over-the-counter broadcast: From Tuesday, November 15, 2022 ・ TVCM: December 3, 2022 (Sat) ~
・Broadcasting area: Nationwide
・URL: https://www.takahashishoten.co.jp/2023cm
[About Takahashi Bookstore]
Founded in 1954, with the slogan “Takahashi is a notebook”, we publish diaries, household account books, calendars, books, including notebooks that are simple but detailed and easy to use. The sales share of notebooks at bookstores nationwide is No. 1 (*in-house research). In addition, books are published in a wide variety of ways, such as children’s books, employment books, qualification books, business books, etc. The Zannennai Kimono Encyclopedia series, which has been published since 2016, has so far published 7 volumes and has become a hit with a cumulative total of over 4.8 million copies. Company name: Takahashi Shoten Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshinari Shimizu, President and Representative Director Head office location: Sunshine 60 14th floor, 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6014
Business Activities: Book publishing (lifestyle books,
employment/qualification test books, diaries/notebooks, calendars, household account book editing/planning, logistics, etc.)
Details about this release:


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