“Takumen.com” will start handling “Ramen Kingdom” Yamagata Prefecture’s morning ramen “Niboshi Chine se Soba Arata” from November 18th

Gourmet Innovation Co., Ltd.
“Takumen.com” will start handling “Ramen Kingdom” Yamagata
Prefecture’s morning ramen “Niboshi Chinese Soba Arata” from November 18th
Impressive quality with the same noodles, soup, and ingredients as the store at home

Gourmet Innovation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuma Inoue) is one of the largest ramen mail-order sites in Japan operated by our company, “Takumen.com”
(https://www.takumen.com/). will start handling “Niboshi Chinese Soba Arata” (Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture) from 19:00 on November 18, 2022.
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About “Niboshi Chinese Soba Arata”

[Image 2d2430-92-272c9c73a7e5cc1a788b-1.jpg&s3=2430-92-a994f997df0364b238ff05e2f49852ab-1200x800.jpg
“Niboshi Chinese Soba Arata” is a breakfast brand launched in July 2020 by Mr. Shinya Handa, who was born and raised in Yamagata Prefecture, where the spending on eating out ramen is top class in Japan. There are many shops in Yamagata Prefecture where you can enjoy morning ramen, and it can be said that it is a culture unique to the ramen kingdom. In addition, we operate a “triple crop” rather than two crops, with “Shinjunya” open during the daytime and “Goku Chuka Soba Hirota” open at night, and each offers different menus, so it is very convenient for breakfast and lunch. It is a popular restaurant that many people visit regardless of the evening.
About the product “Shinchan Ramen”
[Image 3d2430-92-18cc5fe06a5e12b3ea43-6.jpg&s3=2430-92-706213a0614626f126597c7018515c9b-3000x2000.jpg
The soup is made by carefully extracting the umami from 6 kinds of high-quality dried sardines over time. The thick, curly noodles that go well with the soup are carefully kneaded one by one by hand, and each one has a different undulation that creates an exquisite entanglement with the soup. It also comes with char siu, back fat, and seaweed, so you can enjoy the same taste as in the store just by preparing plenty of green onions at home.
・ Sales page: https://www.takumen.com/products/1552
・Price: 1,091 yen (tax included) *Shipping fee not included
・Ingredients: Noodles, soup with ingredients (char siu, pork back fat), seaweed “Takumen.com” will continue to strengthen sales activities for famous ramen shops so that you can enjoy the taste of famous shops all over the country at home.
What is “Takumen.com”? A ramen mail order site that handles 252 ramen shops nationwide and 357 products
Official website: https://www.takumen.com/
“Takumen.com” offers “the same taste as the store” by freezing the soup, noodles, and ingredients that are actually provided at famous ramen shops all over Japan. It is one of the largest ramen online shopping sites in Japan that you can easily enjoy. As of November 17, 2022, 252 famous ramen shops nationwide have joined as partner stores, handling 357 products, and the number of members has exceeded 420,000. Gourmet Innovation Co., Ltd. Overview
Representative Director and President: Takuma Inoue
Established: April 2010
Headquarters: WORK COURT Shibuya Shoto, 1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Corporate page: https://gourmet-innovation.co.jp/
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