Tamaki Town, Mie Prefecture I want you to know the charm of Tamaki Town’s “food”! Hold an online event!

Tamaki Town, Mie Prefecture
I want you to know the charm of Tamaki-cho’s “food”! Hold an online event! If you are interested in Tamaki Town, please join us!

In Tamaki Town, Mie Prefecture, we will introduce the town’s agricultural products and specialty products, and we will hold an event on December 3rd where participants will have a lively discussion about what they would do with “Tamaki’s food”. It will be held online on Saturday!
Through events like this, we would like to let people know about the appeal of Tamaki-cho’s food, and hope that this will lead to promotion and dissemination outside of the town. Also, as a special gift for participants, we will give away Ise Udon, a local dish of the Ise region!
This will be sent to everyone’s home after the event, so the participants will be able to share their taste impressions and opinions with many people through the promotion methods and SNS that were considered during the Waigaya (discussions and exchanges of opinions). I would be happy if you could!
We are looking forward to your participation!
In Tamaki Town, various agricultural and livestock products are grown on the gentle land and warm climate. Among them, “Tamagusuku Pork” named after Tamaki Town was used at the Ise-Shima Summit!
We have also started an initiative to let many people know about the charm of Tamaki by selecting gems that we would like people outside of Tamaki to try and introduce as “Tamaki Brand Taste of Tamaki”! Tamaki Town has the charm of food nurtured by such a blessed nature. [Image

https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=8UXaNizdH02vE1q-RrmZIb_xWcP3u5pIqA3r2AWZ5KNUQkkxWjcwWEw5VlE0WTEyUkk1QVJPU0hWVS4u Meeting place: Gathering on ZOOM
Dissolution location: Dissolution on ZOOM
[Schedule on the day of the event]
-13:00 Participant entry (please enter the room with the name you entered on the participation form)
13:00 Event start
13:00-13:10 Explanation of basic information about Tamaki-cho products 13:10-13:20 Introduction of the 2021 Tamaki Town Specialty Product Promotion Project
13:20-14:00 Opinion exchange: “How would you promote ‘Tamagusuku’s food’?” 14:00-14:15 Discussion report from each team
14:15 Event ends
* After the event, we will send “Ise Udon” to all participants.

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