Tanba Trading Co., Ltd. A romantic smart home appliance lamp “Linked Lamp” that allows you to touch and let you know how you feel about your loved ones, even if you are far away.

Tanba Trading Co., Ltd.
“Linked Lamp,” a romantic smart home appliance lamp that can let you know how you feel about your loved ones even when you are far away. Popularity has led to general sales [Tanba Trading Co., Ltd.] A pair of romantic lamps that couples who live apart can use together! This is an introduction to an exciting lamp that can be connected across distance and space anywhere under a Wi-Fi environment.
Tamba Boeki Co., Ltd. (6-5-21 Higashijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo, Tamba Boeki Headquarters Building; Representative: Ken Tamba, Tel: 03-3901-6333) is a support purchase service site Makuake for Linked Lamps that allow you to feel connected even when you are far away. Pre-sale was completed and 420% of the plan was achieved.
Due to its popularity, general sales will begin on Rakuten Ichiba on December 12th.
With this product, you can touch the lamp to let your loved ones know that you care about them even when you are far away, and you can feel each other’s presence with the warm light. We will guide you as a quiet communication tool that goes beyond conversation, and as a perfect product for couples who are approaching Christmas.
・Summary: No matter where you are in the world, you can feel yourself there. A romantic lamp connected by touch!
・Product name: Linked Lamp
・Rakuten Ichiba: https://item.rakuten.co.jp/tamba/xu202211-02/ ・Company website: https:/tamba-training.com/
・E-mail address: tamba@tamba-trading.com
・Phone number: 03-3901-6333
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A Linked Lamp that allows you to feel the connection between lovers even when they are apart.
This lamp is a set of two, and when you touch it and turn on the light, the auxiliary light at the bottom of the Linked Lamp of your lover at a distance will light up. When the distant lover notices the lighting of the auxiliary light and touches the Linked Lamp, this auxiliary light will light up.
No matter where you are in the world, two people can be together beyond distance and space.
When we miss each other, we don’t need words to feel each other. Greetings are much more fun than a phone call.
To use this product, a Wi-Fi environment and a smartphone compatible with the application are required.
Details are described in the text. Please check before purchasing. Request from here ↓
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=82833&t=animationGifImage&f=042cf1562a1ffb00e68099422c23e79f.gif&img_id=1668668877220] If you press and hold for 5 seconds, it will change to flashing mode and can be used as a secret sign. You can also use this to let them know if something goes wrong.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=82833&t=animationGifImage&f=75525cce5fd453f57e3dcab961b3929e.gif&img_id=1668668884686]

Product features
・Night light, lighting, decorative minimal design
・In an internet environment, you can connect anywhere in the world, transcending distance and space.
・Brightness adjustable (both main light and auxiliary light) ・Press and hold for 5 seconds to flash (can be used as an emergency) ・It is most suitable for the present to a lover
・As a gift for children and the elderly
・Warranty period: 1 year
[Image 5

Request from here ↓
Use scene
– Touch the lamp when you get home. You can tell “I’m home” by turning it on.
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=82833&t=animationGifImage&f=9689a9da9497ea92e44a28539a8fbe13.gif&img_id=1668669180076] ・It can also be used as an original sign decided by two people, such as when it is okay to call or when you wake up. (If you press and hold the product switch, it will flash.)
・By turning on the light when a child (elementary school student) comes home from school, parents can receive a signal that the child is at home even if they are at work.
It can also be linked with the GPS of the map app on your smartphone, and you can also light the lamp when you enter the specified range. [Image 7

・Since LinkedLamp can send a signal just by touching it, even elderly people who are not good with machines can use it easily.
[Image 8

Keep track of your parents and children at work, at home, and far away. [Image 9

     For Christmas gifts and New Year gifts
[Image 10

[Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=82833&t=animationGifImage&f=ab31fbfb8bba7929b7622af8218d4144.gif&img_id=1668669426504] Let’s make an original sign together and have a light greeting with just the two of you on your smartphone!
[Image 12: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=82833&t=animationGifImage&f=d1d961cd6f0987f98fc61ef5faa3b9ef.gif&img_id=1668669466338]

Product Specifications
Product size: 9 cm x 9 cm x height 14 cm (lamp body)
Color: clear silver
Upper light source: Filament type LED L135mm/2200K/3V/300mA
Lower light source: LED (SMD2835)/0.2W/1800K
Material: Highly transparent polycarbonate + aluminum
Net weight: 249g x 2PCS
Packing size: 24.5 x 12.5 x height 18cm
* A Wi-Fi environment is required to use this product.
* A separate application “Smart Life (free download)” is required to make the initial settings of the main unit.
Details are described in “About the app” below.
Package contents
Linked lamp x 1 set (2 units)
USB 1.2m x 2
Instruction manual x 2 books (2 books are included so that you can give it to the other party when you give it as a gift)
About the app
An application (free) called “Smart Life” is required to set the main unit. [Supported OS]
If you have an iPhone: iOS 11.0 or higher (Currently, iPhone 5s is compatible with iOS 11.0, but please use a newer model if possible) https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/smart-life-smart-living/id1115101477 If you have an Android smartphone: Please make sure you can download the app in advance.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tuya.smartlife&hl=ja&gl=US Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do I need for initial setup?
A: Please download the designated app according to the instructions. Q: When will the goods arrive?
A: It is scheduled for mid-December. Just in time for Christmas. Q: Do you have a warranty period?
A: The warranty period is one year.
Q: Do they always have to be used in pairs?
A: No, you can use even one. As a smart home appliance, you can also adjust the brightness from the app and link it with some apps. Q: What kind of usage can be done as a smart home appliance? A: For example, if the weather forecast is sunny → turn on the main and auxiliary lights. In the case of rain, you can set the lighting pattern within the app, such as lighting only the auxiliary light. In addition, in combination with GPS, you can turn on the main light when you arrive at work, and turn on the auxiliary light when you arrive at school.
You can also use it as a bedside lamp to turn on the lamp when it is time to wake up.
Q: I don’t have a Wi-Fi environment, can I use it?
A: You can’t use it for its original purpose, but you can use it as a simple lamp. In that case, only the ON/OFF function of the main light can be used. It is not recommended, so please use it under Wi-Fi environment.
Q: I don’t have a smartphone, can I use it?
A: You can’t use it for its original purpose, but you can use it as a simple lamp. In that case, only the ON/OFF function of the main light can be used. It is not recommended, so please prepare a smartphone before using it.
before purchase
To use this product, a Wi-Fi environment and a smartphone compatible with the application are required.
For details, please carefully check the “Product Specifications” and “About the App” in this distribution article before purchasing. Request from here ↓
About the manufacturer
Zhongshan Hengsheng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. It is a modern enterprise that integrates lighting product research and development, production, sales and service, providing intelligent lighting, artistic lighting comprehensive proposals, and customized products. The company has strong product development and design strength. The main products are four categories: LED driving power supply, LED lighting products, decorative lighting products and fabric lighting, mainly sold to Europe, Oceania and America. It is characterized by solid quality, carefully selected materials and exquisite design. The company always attaches great importance to indoor lighting and its overall solutions, pays close attention to product details, strictly selects supply channels, and consistently maintains the production of high-quality products. We also have a strong customer service team ready to serve you.
[Image 13

[Street interview about the product concept]

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