Tanba Trading Co., Ltd. Compact mobile battery iWALK compatible with iPhone 12/13 series has been stylishly renewed.

Tanba Trading Co., Ltd.
Compact mobile battery iWALK compatible with iPhone 12/13 series has been stylishly updated.
Compact, lightweight, cordless popular product iWALK has evolved. Easier to use and more convenient.

Tanba Boeki Co., Ltd. (6-5-21 Higashijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo, Tanba Boeki Headquarters Building Phone: 03-3901-6333) is a distributor of cordless mobile battery iWalk brand products for the iPhone 12/13 series.
・Overview: Sales of iWlak mobile batteries
・Product type: Compact model
・Company website: https:/tamba-training.com/
・E-mail address: tamba@tamba-trading.com
・Phone number: 03-3901-6333
Stylish and classy design

[Image 1d82833-31-f86f8cf3837df628baa4-4.jpg&s3=82833-31-d685c5271de937c3d204776c73214d69-380x810.jpg
The rounded design is covered with sparkling stones.
Perfect for you who have a good touch and are stylish!
The stylish design makes it a perfect Christmas gift.
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[Image 2d82833-31-5c565e4d0fd7c904a337-3.jpg&s3=82833-31-ce84eabdcbe7bdcd21b31ba0fdb4c678-800x800.jpg

[Image 3d82833-31-3cffb76ab87618375c55-5.jpg&s3=82833-31-465385d0d54b2bf7cfc4bdf838325629-631x885.jpg
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Packed with functions in a compact body
The lipstick size does not get in the way even in a small bag. [Image 4d82833-31-5e4ff0f1bd0570bb2d4c-6.jpg&s3=82833-31-e32a7119d2abb38e4a8a3adb28f6b517-792x503.jpg
Small but highly functional.
Equipped with a pass-through function that allows you to quickly charge your smartphone or main unit, or charge your smartphone while charging the main unit.
Multi-protection to avoid over-discharge, over-charge and short circuit. With a capacity of 4500mAh and 5W output, it is possible to charge the iPhone series about once. Very suitable as a backup power supply for daily use.
[Image 5d82833-31-81fe4e2a1be2026e5ce6-7.jpg&s3=82833-31-46aa4c210b92788147297a98765e6aaf-790x1363.jpg

The conventional product had a problem that it was difficult to connect when it was attached to the case, but the connector of the iPhone connection part was extended to 5mm to make it easier to connect.

* Depending on the case, it may not be installed. Please check the interference part of the case when purchasing.
Contact information
Click here for the Rakuten page of Tanba Trading
If you are a wholesaler or purchase in bulk, please contact us here. 6-5-21 Higashijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0001
TEL: 03-3901-6333 FAX: 03-3901-6341
Email: takano@tamba-trading.com
[Image 6d82833-31-ce8fe560fd8a85861328-8.jpg&s3=82833-31-2835a99a269da48f74f6155342ab1d8b-320x72.jpg

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