Tatehiko Hata’s newly written original stage work “Tomuraushi” will be performed. It is also revealed that Hideo Ishiguro, Nobuaki Tsunoda and Hiroyuki Miyasako will star in the lead roles.

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Tatehiko Hata’s new original stage work “Tomuraushi” will be staged.Hideo Ishiguro, Nobuaki Tsunoda and Hiroyuki Miyasako will also appear in the lead roles.
An entertainment work featuring live Japanese drums in straight play
From February 4th (Sat) to February 12th (Sun), 2023, “Tomuraushi” will be performed at Jiyu Theater in Tokyo.
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“Tomuraushi” worked on scripts for “HERO” and “Dragon Sakura”, and in 2004 he made his debut as a novelist with “Mystery Novel”. The same work is an original stage work written by “Takehiko Hata”, who is widely active as a novelist, playwright, director, and scenario writer, such as being made into a serial drama and movie as “Unfair” and recording a big hit.
It is an entertainment work featuring a live performance of Japanese drums in a straight-play play centered on a suspenseful story. The main character of this work is “Hideo Ishiguro” who is active in numerous dramas and movies, including the main character of “Ultraman Orb” broadcasted on TV Tokyo in 2016, Gai Kurenai. Ishiguro plays the role of Hitoshi Yamato, a popular national actor who is arrested for an impossible reason one day when unjust arrests by the government are rampant and is sent to the snowy mountain prison “Tomuraushi Prison”, which is said to be impossible to escape from. challenge. The role of the head of the “Tomuraushi” prison, where he is imprisoned, will be played by a double cast of “Nobuaki Tsunoda,” who is also active as a karate expert and bodybuilder, and “Hiroyuki Miyasako,” who is active as a talent. In addition, a unique cast such as Noboru Kaneko, Sho Hinata, Toshihiko Tanaka, Keiichiro Ichikawa (9bic), Kei Hosogai, Seshiru Oko, Junna Ito, and Maho solidify their side. Tickets will start accepting applications for the fastest advance on the official website from Monday, December 5th. Please see the official website for details.
Such an unreasonable world is strange.
You guys must be aware of that funnyness, too.
One day when unjust arrest by the country was rampant. Hitoshi Yamato, a national actor who is at the height of his popularity, has also been arrested for an unbelievable reason. The court sentenced him to 100 years of forced labor. Yamato is sent to the “Tomuraushi Prison”, a prison in the snowy mountains that is said to be impossible to escape from.
The four unique prisoners who shared the same room in the prison accepted the unreasonable situation and were prepared to face death in Tomuraushi Prison.
“I’m not going to die here”
Yamato tries to choose the life that lies ahead with his own will. Multiplying the meaning of life, I chose – “Jailbreak”.
Yamato stands up to destroy Tomuraushi Prison.
Can they escape from Tomuraushi Prison safely?
And who should they really fight?

When the producer, Yu Kariha-kun, said, “I’d like a stage where men play Japanese drums. thought.
But at that time, I already had a motif that I wanted to write as a new work, so I decided to combine it with the Japanese drums with the rough technique of Ultra C.
“Huh? Will this story lead to that?”
[Comment from Hideo Ishiguro]
Over the past two or three years, the flow of work has changed dramatically due to the corona disaster, and there was a time when I was very depressed without being able to organize my mind. However, thankfully, I am very grateful that I am able to continue my entertainment activities with the support of my fans.
I had always wanted to star in a stage play, but there was a part of me that held back my feelings. However, when I received the offer this time, I looked at the cast list and found that they were all full of wonderful acting and individuality. And the Japanese drum performance that I wanted to try for a long time. I wanted to go all out here, so I told him, “Come on! I want to do it!”
The staff and cast will work together to create a stage that can convey excitement and fun to everyone who comes.
Come and see your new self!
[Comment from Nobuaki Tsunoda]
The real thrill of being on stage is LIVE.
It’s the same as martial arts, take 2, I love the view of the world where redoing doesn’t work.
Even though it’s the same script, each time the play changes subtly, the feeling of being alive is also the charm of the stage.
This time, in a double cast with Mr. Miyasako, how much contrast can you play a character in a special and perverted enclosure called Tomuraushi Prison with Chief Miyasako? The theme is also shivering. Also, the real pleasure of LIVE is breaking the pre-established harmony (laughs) I’m secretly looking forward to making the co-stars dance with a ridiculous curveball (laughs)
[Comment from Hiroyuki Miyasako]
It’s been about three and a half years since I’ve participated in a full-fledged play on stage, and I’m very excited.
It’s a character with an image that I’ve never played on stage before, so I’d be happy if you could pay attention to that as well.
Performance overview
[Performance name] “Tomuraushi”
[Performance date and time] February 4th (Sat) to February 12th (Sun), 2023 All 12 performances
[Image 2

* Nobuaki Tsunoda and Hiroyuki Miyasako, who play the role of the prison warden, will be double-cast. [A] Nobuaki Tsunoda appearance / [B] Hiroyuki Miyasako appearance
[Venue] Free Theater (1-10-53 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
[Ticket price]
・ With benefits: 12,800 yen (tax included)
・All seats reserved: 9,800 yen
*Benefit tickets and all-reserved-seat tickets are not superior or inferior in terms of seats.
[Ticket sales schedule]
■ Official Fastest Preceding by Cast
Reception period: December 5, 2022 (Monday) 10:00 to December 18, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59
Results announcement: December 21, 2022 (Wednesday) around 18:00 *Customers who reserve tickets in the fastest advance will receive a bromide for each cast (you can choose your favorite cast) as the fastest advance benefit at the theater on the day of the performance. (Benefits included, all seats reserved)
For details, please see the official website
■ General release date January 8, 2023 (Sunday) 10:00-
Hideo Ishiguro
Noboru Kaneko, Sho Hinata, Toshihiko Tanaka, Keiichiro Ichikawa (9bic) Seshiru Oko, Junna Ito, Maho
Kenji Takechi, Kohei Yamamoto, Shigemi Tanaka, Yoshinobu Hirayama, Yuatsu Sugie Shinji Ishii, Kotaro Yoshida, Akio Ikeda, Takaharu Oikawa, Nobu Akaishi, Takashi Asami, Junko Shiode, Maiko Doi
Kei Hosogai
[A] Nobuaki Tsunoda, [B] Hiroyuki Miyasako (double cast) and others 【staff】
Screenplay: Takehiko Hata, Naoko Mogami
Directed by: Takehiko Hata
Planning: Yu Karuha (Ask)
Organizer/Production: Ask/Sunrise Promotion Tokyo
[Official site] http://askcoltd.com/tomuraushi-stage/
[Official Twitter] @tomuraushistage
[Inquiries] Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337 (Weekdays 12:00-15:00) [Image 3d41063-375-6f2d62799219405f15e1-1.jpg&s3=41063-375-825732ad9094aa765fd99cfc59fe9d64-2000x1143.jpg
(Top left → right) Hideo Ishiguro, Nobuaki Tsunoda, Hiroyuki Miyasako, Kei Hosogai
(Bottom left → right) Noboru Kaneko, Sho Hinata, Toshihiko Tanaka, Keiichiro Ichikawa (9bic), Seshiru Oko, Junna Ito, Maho

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