Taumeisha Co., Ltd. Egg de chat seasonal design cans Merry Christmas now on sale from Tochigi’s poultry farm “Taumeisha”! A small egg-shaped cookie with gentleness and deliciousness. A Christmas story of a kitten and a mother hen.

Yumeisha Co., Ltd.
Seasonal design cans [Merry Christmas] of egg de chat from Tochigi’s poultry farm “Taumeisha” are now on sale! A small egg-shaped cookie with gentleness and deliciousness. A Christmas story of a kitten and a mother hen.
Newly designed cans of thinly baked cookies “Egg de Chat” made with the company’s fresh eggs, which were selected as the best eggs in Japan, and the rich and umami-rich Maho egg gold.

Tochigi Poultry Farm Co., Ltd. “Taumeisha” (Headquarters: 277-1 Harigaya-cho, Utsunomiya City, Representative: Masafumi Terauchi) has released a new can design for the popular product “Egg de Chat”. The new design depicting a story with a mother of a kitten and a hen as a motif is [Egg de Chat Merry Christmas]. This is the story of a kitten waiting for Christmas presents and a mother hen dressed as Santa Claus on a holy night.
Seasonal canned egg de chat [Merry Christmas] Decorate the room with glitter, and a large Christmas tree by the window. The long-awaited Christmas has arrived.
“Will Santa come?” Kitten fell asleep with excitement.
That night, in the kitten’s room, Santa’s mother gently puts a present on the pillow with a gentle look.
A Christmas-only can with such a warm kitten and hen mother drawn has been completed. This time as well, the design will tickle the hearts of all collectors, including cat lovers and can enthusiasts. [Image 1

Seasonal Can Egg de Chat [Merry Christmas]
Store price: 1,600 yen (1,482 yen excluding tax)
Contents: about 90g
Expiration date: about 50 days
Sale period: From November to Christmas only
* Due to limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are gone. We do not accept reservations or reservations.
[Seasonal egg de chat] Please look forward to cans with designs that match the season.
What is Egg de Chat
Egg de chat is an original cookie can gift with cute illustrations. A hungry lost kitten. I asked the hen’s mother to bake sweets with “magical egg”. Gentle and delicious. My heart became soft and happy. Thinking about such a story, Egg de Chat was born. A collaboration of thinly-baked light crispy texture and rich flavor using our own brand egg “Maho egg GOLD”. Please enjoy the luxurious taste and gentle time. Won first place in Rakuten Ichiba’s cookie and langue de chat categories. It is a popular product that was also introduced in Fujingaho.
[Image 2

Egg de chat regular can
Store price: 2,600 yen (2,408 yen excluding tax)
Contents: about 230g
Expiration date: about 50 days
Sales period: all year
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=UESuNzr-9CU] Eggdosha/Taumeisha PV Full ver.] Click here
List of stores handling
・Taumeisha Main Store (277-1 Harigayacho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture): Open all year round
・Laboratory Merci (795-4 Tonouecho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture) Closed on Wednesdays
・Ovo (ecute Omiya store, ecute Nippori store, Futako Tamagawa store) * For product inquiries, please contact 028-649-0607 (Laboratory Merci) mail order
・OVO Rakuten Market Store: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/ovo-farmtocake/ What is Oumeisha?
Taumeisha poultry farm founded in 1935. In 2018, we received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the 1st Tochigi Prefecture Agricultural Awards in recognition of our efforts in the production of high-quality brand eggs and the sixth industry. Eggs, which are essential to our daily dining table, have the power to enrich our daily lives. Believing in this, we have raised safe and secure eggs for four generations of our family since our founding in 1935. In pursuit of “really delicious eggs”, we arrived at making chickens happy. Delicious home-made meals made with body-friendly ingredients and a comfortable space. If the chicken that divides the eggs is happy, it will produce delicious eggs. Our mission is to wrap the lives of as many people as possible with such happy eggs and fill them with delicious smiles.
3 commitments 1. Chickens are also healthy from the body. We give special feed that contains more than 30 types of feed that do not use antibiotics, antibacterial agents, or coloring agents. When the food changes, the body changes, both people and chickens are together. 2. Warm water washing without chemicals, egg washing with ultraviolet rays. To ensure that you can enjoy our products with greater peace of mind, we also conduct thorough salmonella inspections.
3.Creating a clean and safe environment. Thorough disinfection of poultry houses and countermeasures against intrusion of carriers prevent the outbreak of germs and bird flu. In addition, we give lactic acid bacteria and yeast to create a constitution that makes it difficult for bad bacteria to propagate.
What is Polish Egg Gold?
Selected as the best egg in Japan at the Tokyo Farmer’s Market in 2005. The characteristic of “Maho egg GOLD”, which is produced by chickens that are carefully raised with feed containing more than 30 types of feed (special feed patent obtained in 2008), is the rich aftertaste. The richness and sweetness of the egg yolk. Raw eggs have more than 2-3 times more richness than regular eggs. In addition, the egg white has a high foaming property, so the fluffy bulge when baking eggs and cakes is exceptional. The refined taste and softness of the meat are highly praised by first-class chefs in Tokyo.
[Image 3d84722-12-fa37b74620fa97ef2f92-3.jpg&s3=84722-12-a6e29cda7f0badeb4fb29cd991207aac-3900x3901.jpg
polished egg gold

Company Profile
・ Company name: Yumeisha Co., Ltd.
・ URL: https://ranmeisya.com/
・Phone number: 028-653-6461
・ Email: info@ranmeisya.com
・ Address: 277-1 Harigayacho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture ・Business hours: 9:00-18:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays) [Image 4d84722-12-e07e459199a2a4683018-4.jpg&s3=84722-12-be157f4a18c4f577f516f0f31e78200a-960x660.jpg

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