Tea Life Co., Ltd. RIKACO x Tea Life’s new brand “NATURE TEA LAB” has started!

Tea Life Co., Ltd.
RIKACO x Tea Life’s new brand “NATURE TEA LAB” has started!

Tea Life Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as “Tea Life”) with the concept of “Forever healthy and forever beautiful”, based on the experience and technology of selling tea for over 35 years, RIKACO’s We will start a new brand [NATURE TEA LAB] that links sensibility.
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Based on living in your own way, we propose a tea life (a life with tea) that enriches your daily life. For those who want to be more beautiful and rich in mind and body, RIKACO’s sensibility and rich experience and technology of tea life are linked to deliver organic tea born from the power of the sun, water and the earth.
■ Philosophy
“What is your ideal lifestyle?” First of all, it is important to know yourself and start little by little while finding your own way without comparing yourself to others. The source of the energy for that comes from the inside of the body. That’s why I want to be a little more careful about what I put in my body on a regular basis. [NATURE TEA LAB] will continue to provide items that will enrich your daily life for those who are positive and continue to seek “likeness”.
Through a cup of tea, your daily life and yourself will become richer, and this will be conveyed to the people around you, making everyone richer. We want to enrich the mind, body, and society through the help that only we can. This is the philosophy of [NATURE TEA LAB]. [Image 1

■ Thoughts in the brand name
NATURE = The power of the sun, water and earth, sticking to organic materials TEA = delicious tea, tea time to face yourself
LAB = Rich experience and technology of tea life
We would like to deliver a special tea that is completed with the power of the sun, water and earth, based on reliable technology. Through a cup of tea, we want to enrich the mind, body, and society. That’s what I think.
Herbal blend tea that is close to the health of women and families We are currently jointly developing three types of tea with RIKACO for launch in January 2023. Once the details such as the release date are decided, we will inform you about it including the dedicated site and official SNS.
Dedicated site https://www.tealife.co.jp/naturetealab/
Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nature_tea_lab/ The products delivered at [NATURE TEA LAB] are all organic, and the tea bags also use a plant-derived filter that returns to nature. While recharging the blessings of nature, we would like you to think about yourself, your family, and environmental problems through organic. [Image 2d73392-53-6396011456a501acff0c-2.jpg&s3=73392-53-7e3deea67a63fbc4fdcfee74f6423a4d-3900x2600.jpg
■ RIKACO profile
Born March 30, 1966. She has gained popularity as a model in many fashion magazines, and is also active on TV with her unadorned remarks. While raising two sons, he also acquired an organic advisor and a beauty food meister.
In his 50s, he started YouTube and Instagram, and distributed various themes such as his commitment to life and food, and women’s unique worries. It is gaining support from women of all generations. [Image 3d73392-53-8a48446df60d3f4914c5-4.jpg&s3=73392-53-6066c60e6b528a5d69e7c9f78f60c7c5-3900x2600.jpg
■ Tea life profile
Established in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture in August 1983, for over 35 years, we have been planning and selling healthy teas from around the world, including Japanese tea, rooibos tea, and pu-erh tea. With the company motto of “joy of being happy”, we aim to provide “wellness and life support” through e-commerce to help you live a healthy life in the age of 100 years.

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