TEAC Corporation Klipsch center speaker new product REFERENCE PREMIERE series “RP-404C II” and REFERENCE series “R-50C” will be on sale from December 10th.

TEAC Corporation
Klipsch center speaker new product REFERENCE PREMIERE series “RP-404C II”, REFERENCE series “R-50C” will be on sale from December 10th
TEAC Corporation (Headquarters: Tama City, Tokyo; President: Yuji Ei) has launched the latest model REFERENCE PREMIERE series center speaker “RP-404C II” and REFERENCE series center speaker “R-50C” under the Klipsch brand. Sales will start on December 10th.
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REFERENCE PREMIERE series center speaker “RP-404C II”
[Image 1d21574-374-7ade73c9a5c9a5926da6-0.jpg&s3=21574-374-f944bb1d408640a0aa656c59837ecd9f-1200x280.jpg
RP-404C II
[Image 2d21574-374-2e7a8c811218e3db0e86-1.jpg&s3=21574-374-d48e47602874a07aa7ac5ccf3d424a86-1600x1044.jpg
【Major features】
The newly developed large 90° x 90° silicon composite hybrid Tractrix(R) horn delivers high frequencies to the listening area with incredible efficiency for a crisper, clearer sound. Moreover, the smooth frequency response is realized by a phase plug and a
compression molding silicon face.
■ Linear travel suspension (LTS) titanium diaphragm tweeter
Proprietary 1-inch LTS minimizes distortion and enhances detailed performance. The LTS tweeter has been a hallmark of the successive Reference Premiere series and has been adopted as a component of top-of-the-line loudspeakers.
A vented tweeter housing can reduce standing waves that generate unwanted harmonics and improve high-frequency detail and clarity. ALL-NEW CERAMETALLIC WOOFERS
The Cerametallic(TM) woofer, a hallmark of Reference Premiere Series speakers, has been updated for flawless sound reproduction, minimal distortion and maximum efficiency. A redesigned woofer produces the power, detail and emotion you’ve come to expect from Klipsch’s Reference Premiere loudspeakers.
The shallow depth of the enclosed cabinet allows the RP-404C II to be placed anywhere.
Please check the product page for detailed specifications.
REFERENCE series center speaker “R-50C”

[Image 3d21574-374-8706c082ba2cad8ef4a8-2.jpg&s3=21574-374-4026d17cf181db603a6b89dd93e7fce6-1200x330.jpg
[Image 4d21574-374-14b6bbe36c259cdacc12-3.jpg&s3=21574-374-82e729c8861c39e415177562b5ec5681-1600x1360.jpg
【Major features】
The curvilinear structure of the Tractrix(R) reproduces the sound emanating from the horn most efficiently, delivering a wide, even and natural sound.
■ Linear travel suspension (LTS) aluminum diaphragm tweeter
Kapton (R), a material that is extremely lightweight and highly rigid, is used for the suspension, and neodymium magnets are used for the magnets. Excellent for the texture of the sound of acoustic
instruments and the glossy expressiveness of vocals.
■ Spun copper thermoformed crystalline polymer woofer
The TCP (Thermoformed Crystalline Polymer) woofer is lightweight and strong, and reproduces the powerful bass that is unique to Klipsch with a sense of speed while minimizing sound distortion.
By suppressing unnecessary vibrations caused by cabinet squeal, the bracing cabinet improves acoustic accuracy and reproduces more accurate sound that is faithful to the original sound. The cabinet has a calm black wood grain finish. It suppresses the reflection of light from the image and does not interfere with the image viewing. 【specification】
Please check the product page for detailed specifications.

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