TeamViewer Japan Co., Ltd. TeamViewer Remote Access and Augmented Reality Support Now Available on Slack Platform

TeamViewer Japan Co., Ltd.
TeamViewer Remote Access and Augmented Reality Support Now Available on Slack Platform
Supporting remote work team collaboration with advanced technologies such as AR
TeamViewer, a global leader in remote connectivity solutions, today announced functional collaboration with Slack, a collaboration platform essential for team work. This will allow users to initiate web-based TeamViewer remote access and augmented reality (AR) support sessions from within the Slack environment.
Slack includes a variety of tools and features that remote teams can leverage to get their work done. This time, users can download the “TeamViewer” app from the app directory of Slack ( ) to use the “TeamViewer” functions in the Slack environment. can now be seamlessly integrated with With this new integration, session invites for remote control and AR connections to mobile devices can be shared directly in Slack direct messages and group channels for more efficient collaboration and support. Adding an AR connection is especially useful when physical work is required. Users will be able to see and collaborate on real work using a shared video feed. In addition to the voice connection, you can remotely point to a location you want to identify “virtually” in the other person’s field of view, draw with a pen or marker to detail what to do, share files and chat. You can also use functions.
The integration of TeamViewer and Slack is based on a device-agnostic, web-first approach, further improving accessibility and seamless interactions. Remote helpers can immediately provide remote access and AR-based support without having to install the app.
Alfredo Patron, executive vice president of business development at TeamViewer, said: “Remote work is a key enabler of collaboration and support. Over the past few years, Slack has set a new standard for agile team collaboration and is used not only by leading companies but also by many communities. Bringing TeamViewer’s remote access and AR support into Slack gives users even more options to collaborate and be productive anywhere, on any device.”
To take advantage of this new integration, organizations will need a TeamViewer subscription compatible with their Slack license. See here ( ) for more details.
*This press release is an abridged Japanese translation of the announcement distributed in Germany on November 17, 2022.
About TeamViewer
TeamViewer is the global leader in remote connectivity platforms, helping companies of all sizes to go digital. TeamViewer, a remote connection solution, enables users to connect with devices such as PCs, mobile terminals, factory machines and robots, and people around the world regardless of location or time, providing highly secure remote access and support. , control and collaboration capabilities are available at any online endpoint. It is provided free of charge for individuals, and currently has about 620,000 registered users. Corporations are used in a variety of industries, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. Team Viewer is leading DX and innovation in the fields of AR, IoT, and AI while flexibly responding to environmental changes such as device decentralization, automation, and the new normal. Since the company was founded, TeamViewer has now been downloaded on 2.5 billion devices. The company was established in 2005. Headquartered in Göppingen, Germany, the company employs approximately 1,500 people worldwide. Sales in 2021 are approximately EUR 548 million. TeamViewer AG (TMV) is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and a member of the MADAX stock index. TeamViewer Japan Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 as a Japanese subsidiary of TeamViewer. The website of the Japanese corporation is
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