Tebiki Co., Ltd. Announced the winners of the “tebiki Award 2022”, which recognizes users who have improve d on-site education

Tebiki Co., Ltd.
Announcing the winners of the “tebiki Award 2022”, which recognizes users who have improved on-site education
Three companies, ASKUL LOGIST, Tokyu Resorts & Stays, and Asahi Soft Drinks, will be commended as companies that use the video education platform “tebiki” to improve and reform on-site education.

Tebiki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Kiyama, hereinafter referred to as Tebiki), which operates the video education system tebiki for the field, will award users who have improved the field education of deskless workers. Award 2022” winners will be announced.
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From the left in the photo, Mr. Sakai and Mr. Suzuki of ASKUL LOGIST Co., Ltd., who won the gold prize, and Kiyama of Tebiki Co., Ltd. ■ About the “tebiki Award”
The tebiki Award uses the video education platform “tebiki” to commend the efforts of companies that are promoting the improvement and reform of on-site education, and this will be the first time. Each
award-winning company is determined by comprehensive evaluation based on multiple evaluation criteria such as “educational effect of video manuals” and “number and quality of video manuals created.”
■ tebiki Award 2022 Winners
[Gold Award] ASKUL LOGIST Co., Ltd.
Award reason:
ASKUL LOGIST Co., Ltd. is a group company of ASKUL Corporation that operates mail-order service for corporations “ASKUL” and mail-order site for individuals “LOHACO”. It is a comprehensive logistics company that handles product delivery to
We appreciated the fact that the company has expanded the use of tebiki to logistics sites nationwide and promoted staff education using video manuals.
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[Silver Award] Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd.
Award reason:
Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd. is a company of the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group that operates resort facilities such as golf courses and ski resorts, as well as the stay-type hotel “Tokyu Stay” and the membership resort hotel “Tokyu Harvest Club”.
The company was highly evaluated for its use of video manuals to standardize and multi-skill workers in a wide variety of business operations for each business type at more than 100 facilities scattered throughout the country.
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[Bronze Award] Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.
Award reason:
Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. is a group company of Asahi Group Holdings, which manufactures and sells national long-selling soft drinks such as “Mitsuya”, “Jurokucha”, “Wanda”, “Wilkinson” and “Calpis”.
Based on the results of the use of the video manual at the bases that introduced it at the small start, the company was praised for promoting its expansion to bases nationwide.
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Under the mission of “opening up the future of the workplace”, Tebiki will strongly support the transformation of the workplace where deskless workers work.
■ Cloud video education service tebiki
tebiki is a cloud video education system for workplaces where employees without desks (deskless workers) work in industries such as retail, service, manufacturing, logistics, nursing care, and restaurants.
tebiki, which was developed based on my experience as a food factory manager, is characterized by a UI that allows anyone to intuitively use the latest video technology from creation to editing, rather than forcing difficult system operations on site. Captions are
automatically generated using voice recognition technology by simply filming on-site OJT with a smartphone, and video editing such as scene deletion and stillness, voice recording, figure insertion, and automatic translation are possible. In addition, you can automatically analyze video viewing data to visualize who has learned to what extent, and manage the proficiency level of staff in real time. Immediately after the official release in August 2019, it has been adopted by customers in a wide range of industries by contributing to the improvement of on-site KPIs such as safety, quality, and efficiency while significantly streamlining on-site education. Product site: https://tebiki.jp/
Case study: https://tebiki.jp/case/index.html
■ About Tebiki Co., Ltd.
Based on the concept of “on-site education made easier with videos,” we provide a cloud-based video education system that allows on-site staff to easily create video manuals. Based on video shooting using smartphones, etc., we provide a package of various educational functions using video manuals, such as simple editing functions and employee proficiency check functions.
Representative: Takashi Kiyama
Business description: Development and provision of a cloud video education system for workplaces
URL: https://tebiki.co.jp/
Details about this release:


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