Tech Thinker Co., Ltd. Regarding the introduction of CO2 emission zero electricity and fuel, you can clarify and effectively communicate the amount of contribution by user purchasing behavior! – Launch of calculation service for contribution to CO2

Tech Thinker Co., Ltd.
Regarding the introduction of CO2 emission zero electricity and fuel, you can clarify and effectively disseminate the amount of contribution by user’s purchasing behavior! – Launch of calculation service for contribution to CO2 reduction
When introducing zero-emissions electricity and fuel, our “CO2 reduction contribution calculation service” makes it possible to visualize how much cooperating partners and consumers will contribute to reducing emissions through their purchasing behavior, and to increase purchasing motivation. increase!

On November 11, 2022, Tech Thinker Co., Ltd. will start providing the “CO2 reduction contribution calculation service”. In recent years, plans have been introduced that allow customers to choose energy and fuels that do not emit CO2, such as electricity and gas. In
particular, the zero CO2 emission power plan has an average annual growth rate of 60%, and the number of annual contracts will reach approximately 1.8 million by 2025. is expected to rise sharply to However, more than a few companies feel that even with the
introduction of CO2-zero electricity and fuel, this is not well communicated to business partners and consumers. Through our “CO2 reduction contribution calculation service”, it is possible to calculate how much the purchase behavior of cooperating partners and consumers has contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions when introducing such CO2 zero electricity and fuel. We will increase the willingness to purchase from our partners and consumers by
transmitting clear information through quantification.
▼ Reduction contribution calculation service
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■ Development background
Rapidly introducing zero-CO2-emission electricity and fuel
Recently, an increasing number of companies are supporting
decarbonization and carbon neutral movements, including the
international initiative RE100 (Renewable Energy 100%), and there is a growing movement to procure renewable energy for the energy consumed in business activities. In addition, LNG trading has begun to offset the amount of emissions by purchasing forest protection activities and other initiatives as emission credits, making it “substantially zero.” The number of companies that use electricity and fuel with zero or virtually zero CO2 emissions is rapidly increasing, and is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 60% in the future, reaching approximately 1.8 million annual contracts by 2025. is included. Investors, business partners, and consumers have come to appreciate such environmental considerations, and it is expected that the number of companies that adopt zero CO2 electricity will increase
significantly regardless of company size or industry.
For effective communication, clarify the amount of contribution to reduction from the perspective of cooperating partners and users According to the results of an interview survey of companies that have already introduced CO2-zero electricity and fuel, about 60% of companies feel that conventional information dissemination does not effectively convey the fact that they are using CO2-zero electricity. It has been found to reach In order to solve these problems, we will start providing a service that calculates the amount of contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions due to the purchasing behavior of cooperating partners and users.
This clarifies how much each user’s purchasing behavior contributes to reducing emissions, and by enabling effective communication, it enhances the willingness to purchase by cooperating partners and users.
▼ Reduction contribution calculation service
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■Features of “CO2 Emission Reduction Service”
Building a methodology that takes into account the products and services of competitors
In many cases, when CO2 zero electricity/fuel is introduced and the amount of CO2 emission reduction is calculated as a result, the difference from the emission amount “BaU* (business as usual) emission amount” when CO2 zero electricity is not introduced is calculated. Calculate as emissions reductions. However, from the user’s point of view, purchasing decisions are made by comparing companies that have introduced zero CO2 electricity and companies that have not. should be defined as the difference from the “reference emissions” of other companies’ products and services. We build customized methodologies according to the business content of the company and the products and services of competitors.
Note: BaU (business as usual) emissions: CO2 emissions assumed if CO2 zero electricity/fuel were not introduced. BaU stands for Business as Usual.
It is possible to calculate according to the actual situation by considering multiple scenarios
We will identify the factors of the external environment by referring to information such as the current environmental impact of other companies in the relevant business field and the usage status of users’ products and services. Combining these multiple factors of change, presenting multiple possible scenarios, constructing multiple models from various perspectives, and calculating emissions reductions tailored to the details of each scenario.
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Issuance of reduction certificate to consumers and business partners By purchasing products and services from companies that use zero CO2 electricity and fuel, consumers can contribute to reducing emissions equivalent to their purchases. Supporting companies that conduct environmentally friendly business activities will contribute to the spread of natural energy and the prevention of global warming. By doing so, you can have an impact on the user’s psychology and encourage behavioral change.
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▼ Reduction contribution calculation service
■Introduction of case studies
Case 1. Improving profits by reducing expensive consulting costs Company A, which used to rely on a specialized consulting company every time it calculated emissions, succeeded in reducing the high consulting costs by introducing our service. Due to the company’s profit increase, the funds that can be used for other capital investment and new businesses have increased.
Case 2. Reduction of sales man-hours and improvement of sales by building a web system for prospective customers
Company B, a company that operates a rental hall facility, has built a web system that matches its own services so that client companies can estimate the amount of emissions when using the company’s rental halls and conference rooms. In addition to appealing our environmentally friendly efforts, we have increased the added value of our services, and information on prospective client companies that have used the system has enabled smooth sales activities, leading to an increase in sales.
Case 3. Differentiation through the creation of new products and services through carbon offsets and carbon credits
General trading company C has developed new products and services by implementing carbon offsets for CO2 emitted in the production process and by giving carbon credits to products and services. These efforts not only promote decarbonization, but also have PR effects for the company’s CSR management and environment-contributing company. Case 4. High added value through the development of eco-friendly products Company D, a manufacturer of daily necessities, is able to develop products and services with less environmental impact by calculating and managing emissions at each stage of procurement, production, and distribution of its products. It will be possible to clearly appeal to consumers the attitude of consideration for the global environment, and consumers will be able to obtain a large added value of
“environmental contribution” by paying an appropriate price. We succeeded in shifting the consumer’s selection axis from “price” to “environmentally friendly products even if they are expensive”, which led to an increase in sales.
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■ About Tech Thinker Co., Ltd. “Off Emission”
Tech Thinker Co., Ltd. operates CO2 emission calculation software and carbon offset platform “Off Emission”. Until now, consumers and companies have been plagued by issues such as “expert knowledge is required”, “consultation costs are high”, and “work is time consuming” when working on CO2 emissions calculations and carbon offsets. Aiming to solve these problems, our company provides a platform for CO2 emissions calculation/carbon offset that can flexibly respond to versatility, specialization, and individuality for all stakeholders such as companies and consumers, We will contribute to the realization of society.
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