TechnoProducer Co., Ltd. Announcement of the start of sales of “Compass for new business, entrepreneurship, and investment” Innovation Quarterly Report (TM) “Fall 2022” Food Tech Kaitai Shinsho

Techno Producer Co., Ltd.
“Innovation Quarterly Report (TM)” Compass for New Businesses, Entrepreneurships and Investments “Autumn 2022” Food Tech Kaitai Shinsho “Notice of Launch of Sales”
Through patent information analysis, we have thoroughly dissected the “manufacturing” and “kotozukuri” of the food industry and food tech. We will show you a step ahead of the world that food tech will open in 5 years.

TechnoProducer Co., Ltd., which provides practical support for the creation of new businesses and research and development themes, as well as educational courses (e-learning and videos) on inventions and intellectual property, has identified global innovation trends in terms of “flow of money” and “flow of technology.” We have published the “New Business, Entrepreneurship, and Investment Compass“ Innovation Quarterly Report (TM) ”《Autumn 2022》Foodtech Kaitai Shinsho” that can be read from both sides.
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On sale at the official online shop of “Inventory School
TechnoProducer” (on sale from November 16, 2022)
■ Innovation Quarterly Report (TM) [Autumn 2022] Food Tech Kaitai Shinsho The food and beverage industry is undergoing a “once-in-a-century transformation” across the value chain, and it can be said that it is a “foodtech revolution” that affects many industries.
This book thoroughly analyzes the “manufacturing” and “kotozukuri” of the food industry and food tech through patent information analysis. It explains important technology areas and specific examples of innovations from noteworthy companies (edge ​​companies).
・Manufacturing process of substitute protein that will sell in 5 years ・Reform of the food industry to achieve both “decarbonization” and “health” ・Kao’s strategy to obtain strong patents for seemingly mundane food technology ・Startup business model that succeeded in achieving both “sustainable agriculture” and “profitable agriculture”
・Comparative analysis
“Coca-Cola continues to lead the way in beverages” and “PepsiCo shifts to food” “Nestlé, the king who adapts to change” and “Danone, who fights well through selection and concentration”
*A list of related companies surveyed in this special feature is also posted. 【table of contents】
1. At the forefront of alternative proteins to transform the food industry 2. Comparison of innovation strategies of Nestlé, Danone, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola 3. Kao’s Precision Life Care Concept and the Patent Strategy that Influenced Suntory
4. Nestlé’s Innovation Strategy Aiming to Achieve Both the World’s Top and the Achievement of the SDGs
5. Danone’s Innovation Strategy for Achieving SDGs
6. The essence of regenerative agriculture and Indigo Ag’s new business with good streak
Koji Hatada
Senior Researcher, TechnoProducer Co., Ltd.
Takahisa Kusuura
TechnoProducer Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO
■ Click here to purchase “Innovation Quarterly Report (TM) [Autumn 2022] Food Tech Kaitai Shinsho” Price 1,100 yen (tax included) ✴︎ Monitor price 110 yen (tax included) until February 28, 2023
◇ What is “Innovation Quarterly Report (TM)” ====================== “Innovation Quarterly Report (TM)” analyzes the world’s innovation trends from both “money flow” and “technology flow” by analyzing patent information using our unique method.
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– Easy-to-understand explanations with abundant illustrations – It was created with the aim of quickly delivering information that will serve as a “compass” to people in charge of new businesses and entrepreneurs who want to create innovation through new business creation and entrepreneurship, and to investors who want to invest in excellent innovations. We are here.
・Those in charge of new business who are looking for new business creation or new product ideas
・︎ Entrepreneurs who want to innovate by starting a business ・︎ Investors who want to invest in excellent innovation
◇ Click here for the list of “Innovation Quarterly Report (TM)”
■ Author profile
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Koji Hatada
Senior Researcher, TechnoProducer Co., Ltd.
Conducted wide-ranging research on green areas, insects, and plant viruses at agricultural universities and graduate schools, and obtained a master’s degree in bioresources and environmental sciences and a master’s degree in agricultural and life sciences from Kyushu University Graduate School and University of Tokyo Graduate School, respectively.
Participated in the “Invention School” when he was a graduate student at the University of Tokyo, and won a prize for two inventions. After graduating, worked in machine design and development at a production equipment manufacturer. Succeeded in improving stability in a coating equipment development project, contributing to an increase in annual sales volume of nearly 10 times.
Utilizing the experience of patent research, patent analysis and invention creation at “Inventory School”, he organizes in-house intellectual property education seminars and proposes inventions. After that, he was stationed in Taiwan for two years and experienced long-term business trips to the United States, Malaysia, etc., and worked on equipment improvement by entering the production sites of overseas customers. Since 2017, he has led a medical device venture from launching a new business to building a production line. In 2019, he became a senior researcher at TechnoProducer Co., Ltd.
■ Supervisor profile
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Takahisa Kusuura
CEO of TechnoProducer Co., Ltd.
Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University. Graduated from the Department of Applied Energy Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University.
Joined Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. in 1997. Assigned to the CP Business Headquarters, in charge of engine design and development for large motorcycles. After that, he joined Komatsu Ltd. and was in charge of new business development related to wind power generation in the reducer division. In 2004, established a start-up “SCIVAX Co., Ltd.” (concurrently serving as a researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) aiming to commercialize nanoimprint, an ultra-fine processing technology selected by MIT as one of the “10 major technologies that will change the world.” In 2008, TechnoProducer Co., Ltd. was established. In November 2008, he was selected as one of the 8 top inventors in Asia by Intellectual Ventures (now Xinova), the world’s first invention investment fund invested by Bill Gates and managing over $5 billion. In 2010, he opened an invention cram school. We provide practical support for the creation of new businesses and R&D themes, as well as education courses (e-learning and videos) on inventions and intellectual property. So far, 407 companies, mainly listed companies, have introduced it.
In 2021, “Intellectual Property Strategy to Mass-produce New Businesses – Let’s monopolize the market with ideas that prophesy the future!” ] Published. #1 bestseller in Amazon’s Kindle Entrepreneur category.
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■ We utilize our research know-how for services that have been introduced by more than 407 companies, mainly those listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Focusing on companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we utilize the research know-how taught at invention schools, including the “In-house Invention School (R),” which is mass-producing new businesses, from the perspective of intellectual property, business, and technology. This report analyzes the latest information on GAFAM.
■ Inquiries
TechnoProducer Co., Ltd.
Phone 050-3786-4941
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