Technos Japan Technos Japan publishes a white paper on the information investment effect of trading information sharing platform CBP

Technos Japan
Technos Japan publishes white paper on information investment effect of trading information sharing platform CBP
-Annual investment effect of 6.1 million yen, moving paper and email ordering operations to the cloud-

Technos Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Takashi Yoshioka, hereinafter “Technos Japan”, securities code 3666), which opens up the future of a society connected by DX, is an information investment in companies that have introduced the trading information sharing platform CBP. We have published a white paper on the effect.
[Image 1d11506-60-11974edbf01f48227ce7-0.jpg&s3=11506-60-8cc3e7a7fa6b762d617bdc767a3974ee-1493x841.jpg
        URL: Technos Japan’s CBP (Connected Business Platform) is a transaction information sharing platform that can unify the series of commercial flows from ordering to acceptance inspection to billing to payment in inter-company transactions on the cloud. We will contribute to the promotion of corporate DX and ESG management by realizing
sophistication of transaction operations, reduction of work burden and paperless. In May 2022, the “CBP order settlement service” on CBP was officially certified as “EDI compatible products and services common to small and medium-sized enterprises”, and digital transactions not only between large companies but also between small and medium-sized companies are efficient, safe and secure. It is now possible to use This document is a report that used ABC/ABM* to quantitatively investigate the effects of information investment in information service company A (employees: about 400) that introduced CBP. The annual result is about 6.1 million yen, and we can expect a cumulative investment effect of about 23 million yen in five years from the introduction.
1.ABC: Activity Based Costing
A method of visualizing business activities by taking an inventory (qualitative) of work and grasping (quantifying) the amount of work, and measuring what kind of value it creates.
2.ABM: Activity Based Management
A management method that achieves both service improvement and cost reduction through ABC analysis and optimizes management resources. *The analysis results in this document are a simulation of the information investment effect by CBP, and do not guarantee the effect.

■ Business issues of Company A before introducing CBP
Prior to the introduction of CBP, the ordering process was complicated due to analog processing.
1. Receiving orders by mail and paper is the basic
2. Scan the received documents and save the originals
3. All acceptance confirmations are done by phone or email
■ Problem solving by CBP
After introducing CBP, business-to-business transactions were completed on the cloud. Achieved significant operational efficiency. 1. Data linkage with core system
2. Share transaction data between departments and companies
3. Unified management of communication information
[Image 2d11506-60-78f947cb49316adbfba4-1.png&s3=11506-60-a246c6d48587a429d54c6f006c0a68af-860x378.png
■Information investment effect by introducing CBP
By introducing CBP, Company A realized operational efficiency improvement involving business partners and made it possible to recover its investment in a short period of time.
1. Estimated information investment effect of 6.1 million yen per year with the introduction of CBP and 23 million yen over five years 2. Achieved a 49% reduction in activity costs for order processing and a 40% reduction in order processing
3. 47% reduction in activity costs for order-receiving operations for business partners
*Investment amount in the first year: 14.6 million yen
(Breakdown: system investment of 1.36 million yen, business activity costs of 13.24 million yen)
Information investment effect
[Image 3d11506-60-86b51fc0fafc8588ecd5-2.png&s3=11506-60-4016c48a614bdda95c2c70d39f3a641f-822x409.png
Reduction of business activity costs in Company A
[Image 4d11506-60-5fe8e8eec2398c3ab2be-3.png&s3=11506-60-b2001d1c7fd973e7be98c935992f88e4-747x373.png
Reduction of business activity costs at business partners
[Image 5d11506-60-25d0c09f80c764715cef-4.png&s3=11506-60-d579fde4f8ef25fe51becb43302e8f2d-712x352.png
For more information, please download the document from the link below.
■ About CBP (Connected Business Platform)
[Image 6d11506-60-ad748475787e345f45e0-5.png&s3=11506-60-6340721611a4d06fb84687f837425bb7-951x461.png
It is an inter-company data linkage platform that serves as the foundation for optimizing the value chain, enabling the systems of each company to cooperate with each other and to utilize inter-company data in a consistent, flexible and real-time manner. It consists of two core platforms: a business-to-business transaction platform that accumulates and utilizes data, and a data collaboration platform that connects data.It promotes communication through data utilization and improves productivity throughout the value chain.
-Company Profile-
■ Technos Japan Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1994, we have expanded our business with a focus on ERP business. Established CRM business as another pillar through M&A in 2018 and 2020. The solutions we handle are mainly SAP, which is the global standard for ERP, and Salesforce, which is the global standard for CRM. With the group mission of “connecting companies, people, and data and contributing to the development of society,” we provide services that promote digital transformation in management and business areas for companies.
Location: Tokyo Opera City Tower 14th floor, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Takashi Yoshioka
Established: April 27, 1994
Capital: 562.52 million yen

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