Teclast Limited to 24 hours! Teclast thin tablet “M40 AIR” sale resumed. Blue “P25T” has arrived!

24 hours only! Teclast thin tablet “M40 AIR” sale resumed. Blue “P25T” has arrived!
Time sale: 11/5 (Sat) 08:00-19:59

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24 hours only! Teclast “M40 AIR” and “P25T” time sale starts. Please check the article below for sale information and spec introduction ~ Amazon time sale information
Model: M40 AIR
Link: https://geni.us/3SRoskZ
Original price: ¥28,900
Final price: ¥24,565
Model: P25T
Link: https://geni.us/DEqFs
Original price: ¥14,900
Final price: ¥11,815
M40 Air spec introduction
[Image 2d80488-155-31c75032248af491931d-2.jpg&s3=80488-155-af459935e4669f16be208111c67d3130-1464x600.jpg
The “M40 Air” features BOE’s 10.1-inch IPS screen, 1920×1200 Full HD resolution and 300nits brightness (Typ). T-Colour 2.0 color
optimization technology delivers more vivid colors and richer details, effectively reduces blue light and is easy on the eyes. Insel’s TDDI integrated full lamination technology perfectly integrates display and touch, making touch control more sensitive.
The one-piece aluminum body provides durability and a luxurious feel. You can realize a detailed sensible feeling of use. Due to the back assembly design, the internal space utilization rate of “M40 Air” is also high, making the housing look slim. The thickness is 7.8mm and the weight is 430g. 80g lighter than the previous Teclast “M40” tablet. In addition, we can also touch on the design of the rear assembly of the new lightweight “M40 Air”. It is more convenient to work and carry.
[Image 3d80488-155-b041f3371408c4c6adcb-3.jpg&s3=80488-155-54672c50a9e7e6df9ddf0b49539dcd63-1464x600.jpg
It is equipped with a large-capacity lithium polymer battery of 6000mAh. For everyday use, the tablet lasts 8 hours, and charging once a day is sufficient. It also supports USB-PD 18W fast charging support, so it can reach 100% power after 4 hours of charging. You can quickly charge the battery and start the game.
Compatible with all Japanese communication bands. Equipped with a SIM slot compatible with 4th generation mobile communication 4G / LTE, it supports TDD + FDD 4G network call / Internet access. It can also support VoLTE and carrier aggregation for simultaneous calls and internet access.
P25T spec introduction
[Image 4d80488-155-19a05c2edeef02a1257b-4.jpg&s3=80488-155-cc05d01a32136328f7221363b32ce17c-2560x1440.jpg
The Teclast ‘P25T’ is available in two gorgeous finishes, a vibrant sky blue and a subdued silver gray. It gives you a different sense of fashion in different occasions. The back features a special wavy pattern texture design that provides excellent hand touch feeling, prevents slippage and reflects light in different light conditions. Equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS 178° wide-viewing angle display with 1280×800 HD resolution, it gives you an excellent visual experience in games and videos. “P25T” supports ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi 6, which is faster than Wi-Fi5, has a large capacity, and has low latency. Energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to enjoy superior audio with wireless headphones.
[Image 5d80488-155-dc67588130b6826f6a62-6.jpg&s3=80488-155-73ae194ff8e9f503dbb52ad24b240a79-970x300.jpg
Android 12 offers a more personal, secure, and easier user experience. Intuitive UI design and optimized system logic make your tablet run smoother than ever. Designed with user information security in mind, Android 12 offers powerful and easy-to-use privacy features. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can control who can see your data and when. With 3GB of RAM, you can smoothly multitask and switch between apps. 64GB of high-speed storage for users’ files, expandable with a Micro SD card. The P25T is equipped with a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera with autofocus for video calling and photography, and is additionally equipped with an LED flashlight for use in dark environments.
About Teclast Company
[Image 6d80488-155-827e8b7ed527bc1c7e45-0.png&s3=80488-155-63ee24211dc58aa98a26ffb9efe750b0-650x88.png
Teclast (a subsidiary brand of the company “Shangka Group”) was established in 1999. With the core idea of ​​”enjoying digital life for more people”, Teclast has expanded its development centered on high-quality tablets and laptops. Currently, we have already grown into a brand with over 100 million users.
We provide consistent services from technological innovation and product development to promotion and sales so that more users can enjoy highly reliable, unique, and cost-effective products.
“Teclast Official Site”
“Amazon.co.jp store link”
https://twitter.com/Teclast Japan
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