Tee Keishin Co., Ltd. From France beillevaire From November 18, 2022 (Friday) Macaron au fleur mignon will be on sale on the official website.

T-casein Co., Ltd.
From France [beillevaire] From Friday, November 18, 2022, [Macarons au fleur mignon] will be on sale on the official website.
[beillevaire] The splendid [Macaron au fleur mignon] has been very popular since November 18th (Friday), so we will start selling it on the official website again this year.

From France Five-star hotels in Paris and Michelin star chefs. Popular brand of fermented butter and premium cheese
Fromagerie and patisserie only available in Japan developed by [beillevaire]. From November 18th (Friday), 7 types of [Macaron au Fleur Mignon] will be sold at all Beillevert stores in Japan and on the official online site.
[Macaron au Fleur Mignon] has 7 flavors with different colors, and each petal is carefully arranged on the macaron, and attention is paid to the gorgeous appearance, deliciousness, and details.
Choose [Macaron au Fleur Mignon] as a gift for your loved ones or as a reward for yourself.
Macaron au fleur mignon
[Size: about 55mm in diameter x about 45mm in height, price: 1,296 yen each (tax included)]
[Image 1

Macaron au fleur mignon
Macaron au Fleur Mignon Citron
[Image 2

Macaron au Fleur Mignon Citron
It uses lemon peel candied puree to give it a rich taste.
Macaron au Fleur Mignon Ciel Bleu (Earl Grey)
[Image 3

Macaron au Fleur Mignon Ciel Bleu (Earl Grey)
Earl Gray tea leaves are boiled with concentrated milk to make ganache. *Ganache is a mixture of melted chocolate and whipped cream. Macaron au Fleur Mignon Blanc (Yuzu)
[Image 4

Macaron au Fleur Mignon Blanc (Yuzu)
Finished with ganache using yuzu pulp puree.
Macaron au Fleur Mignon Japonais (Matcha)
[Image 5

Macaron au Fleur Mignon Japonais (Matcha)
A bittersweet matcha-flavored ganache made with generous amounts of Kyoto Uji matcha. You can enjoy the original color and taste of matcha.
Macaron au Fleur Mignon Blanc & Rouge (Framboise)
[Image 6

Macaron au Fleur Mignon Blanc & Rouge (Framboise)
Ganache made with raspberry puree. Franboise finished with gorgeous colors. Macaron au Fleur Mignon Cassis
[Image 7

Macaron au Fleur Mignon Cassis
A bright purple ganache made with cassis (black currant) puree. Macaron au Fleur Mignon Bubble Noir (Bitter Chocolat)
[Image 8

Macaron au Fleur Mignon Bubble Noir (Bitter Chocolat)
Ganache using cocoa mass (bitter chocolate). It is characterized by a bitter aftertaste.
Original Christmas cake [Gateau Fromage Noel] 2 products will also be on sale from December 1st (Thursday)!
[Image 9

A new Christmas cake is released from Beille Vert
[Reservation/sale period]
Official online site: Accepting popular reservations until December 22, 2022 (Thursday)
* The number of sales is limited.
*Please see the official online site for details.
Store: From Thursday, December 1, 2022
Store delivery / sales start date: December 17 (Sat)-December 25 (Sun), 2022 Introduction of standard products
Starting with [Sand au Bourg], a synonym for butter sandwiches, [Gateau au Bouquet], a cake finished with butter cream to every delicate petal, and a semi-raw texture with the milky flavor of cream cheese. We also offer an assortment of baked sweets such as cheesecake [gateau fromage mi cui] and fragrant financiers of fermented butter. We also have fermented butter directly imported from France. From souvenirs and gifts to daily snacks, you can choose items that match your mood.
■ Gateau au bouquet
[Image 10

Gateau au bouquet
■Sand O Boule
[Image 11

sand o boule
■Sand au caramel
[Image 12

Sand au caramel
■ Grand Merci
[Image 13

Grand Merci
■ Trio de Amuse
[Image 14

Trio de amuse
It is on sale at all Beille Vert stores (Azabu Juban store, Matsuya Ginza store, Daimaru Kobe store, Toranomon Hills Business Tower store, Aoyama store) and the official online site.
[Brand Introduction: What is Beillevaire]
Founded in 1980. Fromagerie, which has a manufacturing facility and headquarters for cheese and fermented butter in Machecoeur village in western France. Currently, we have more than 60 sales offices in France.
[Image 15

The fermented butter and cheese created by Pascal Beillevert, a dairy farmer and cheese maturation expert, and the fermented butter and cheese produced by the terroir of Machecourt are loved by Michelin star chefs and 5-star hotels in Paris, the city of gastronomy. Known as France’s representative food professional purveyor fromagerie. [Image 16

beillevaire fermented butter
Through a partnership with beillevaire Fermented Butter Co., Ltd. Tea Casein Co., Ltd., the first landing in Japan was achieved in the summer of 2017, and a patisserie originating from the brand was opened in Azabujuban (flagship store). Subsequently, we operate 5 stores: Matsuya Ginza store, Daimaru Kobe store, Toranomon Hills Business Tower store, and Aoyama store. In August 2022, we will celebrate the 5th anniversary, and we will continue to develop stores nationwide, including online shops.
[Beille Vert store information]
[Image 17d35465-62-21fa2331ebddb115f6f0-13.jpg&s3=35465-62-6c5ba38b4ca71a5bb8700a644ff09668-577x413.jpg
beillevaire Asojuban
-Azabu Juban flagship store-
3-11-8 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
-Matsuya Ginza-
Matsuya Ginza store B1, 3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
03-3567-1211 (extension) 2026
-Daimaru Kobe-
Daimaru Kobe B1, 40 Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
-Toranomon Hills Business Tower-
Toranomon Hills Business Tower Commercial Building 106, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
-Mon Petit Plaisir Beillevert Aoyama-
Aoyama Oval Building 1F, 5-52-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
●Official site/online shop
● Rakuten WEB shop
●Official Instagram
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