Tegeume! Miyazaki Gourmet PR Secretariat Miyazaki’s exquisite gyoza, which has become Japan’s number one “gyoza kingdom”! Mythical village gourmet that you want to enjoy with your family and friends during the year-end and New Year holidays! Hometo

Great! Miyazaki Gourmet PR Secretariat
Miyazaki’s exquisite gyoza, which has become Japan’s number one gyoza kingdom! Mythical village gourmet that you want to enjoy with your family and friends during the year-end and New Year holidays! Hometown tax It’s delicious even at the end of the year! Luxury Gourmet in Miyazaki Prefecture!
Miyazaki Prefecture’s “Tegume!” Gourmet Information Dissemination “Order Gourmet”

Known as the “Sun of Japan,” Miyazaki Prefecture has a warm climate all year round, and is rich in high-quality agricultural products, where you can enjoy a variety of gourmet dishes that make the most of the ingredients. This time, Tegeume! At the Miyazaki Gourmet PR Secretariat, we would like to try Miyazaki Prefecture’s new gourmet “Japan’s No. 1 Gyoza”* and the auspicious mythical village gourmet that you want to enjoy with your family and friends during the year-end and New Year holidays! We will introduce information on “order gourmet” such as Miyazaki Prefecture’s high-end gourmet that you can enjoy with hometown tax payment.
*Miyazaki City ranks first in Japan for both gyoza “purchase frequency” and “spending amount” in the 2021 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau household budget survey. [Image 1d107481-2-853a6a74b9dfa12a6816-0.jpg&s3=107481-2-f7649a377d2183cd80ba8807aa22c9ed-590x455.jpg
Japan’s No. 1 “Gyoza Kingdom” Miyazaki’s locals love exquisite gyoza! Miyazaki, which has a thriving agricultural and livestock industry, has become the kingdom of “Japan’s No. Miyazaki gyoza, which was born in a tropical country, is a new gourmet in Miyazaki Prefecture that is attracting attention not only from Miyazaki City, but from all over Japan.
[Image 2d107481-2-b86bc61898cdf5b6295b-2.jpg&s3=107481-2-0bb982ada062d5c2fd75c8861a8f84e2-600x282.jpg
Gyoza no Maruoka
Originating in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, this gyoza shop specializes in take-out and order gyoza. The ingredients are domestically produced mainly in Miyazaki and Kyushu, and they are made with a traditional method that does not use preservatives, and are widely loved both inside and outside the prefecture.
[Image 3d107481-2-792d118826fbfe72d3a0-1.jpg&s3=107481-2-b9f7ba01c2cd84a891c7cbee2de4ecea-591x216.jpg
Mochiri dumplings
Dumpling Mawatari
Founded in 1967, Gyoza no Mawatari is a gyoza specialty store located in Takanabe Town, Miyazaki Prefecture. Since its opening, the recipe and taste have been strictly adhered to, and the “secret mochiri skin” that makes the most of the taste of the ingredients has won the hearts of many fans. The richness and deliciousness of the ingredients will fill your mouth as you chew on the dumplings that are packed with umami.
[Image 4d107481-2-1fc140a2957498c2017b-3.jpg&s3=107481-2-2f4055886c355a9dd67bfaf19ccce7d7-612x263.jpg
frozen gyoza
Takanabe Gyoza
Takanabe Gyoza, founded in 1971 in Takanabe Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, is a gyoza that is soft and does not harden even when it is cold. We ship frozen gyoza at minus 30 degrees, so you can recreate the freshly made flavor at home.
Miyazaki’s gyoza is the best in Japan again this year! Efforts of Miyazaki Prefecture Hinata Gyoza Federation
Miyazaki City, which has become the “Japan’s No. 1 Gyoza” kingdom, and Takanabe Town, the “Gyoza Town”, have collaborated to form the “Miyazaki Prefecture Hinata Gyoza Federation,” which consists of local restaurants and other establishments. ”, we are promoting the appeal of Miyazaki gyoza widely inside and outside the prefecture.
[Image 5d107481-2-ff64daa6d7427cd3b30a-4.png&s3=107481-2-35dc7dddf97a1e909d8586ae5a6496e0-184x184.png
Comment from Mr. Sekiya of Hinata Gyoza Association Secretariat “Miyazaki has a thriving agriculture and livestock industry, and the quality is good, so it is a very blessed environment for producing delicious gyoza. We are working to contribute to the industrial development of Miyazaki prefecture as a whole by making gyoza made with the finest ingredients.In addition to the gyoza introduced above, there are many other delicious gyoza. Please enjoy the variety of “Miyazaki gyoza”.

Perfect for New Year’s Eve! Benefit gourmet from the birthplace of Japanese mythology
Miyazaki Prefecture is the setting of the myths related to the origin of Japan described in Japan’s oldest history books “Kojiki” and “Nihon Shoki”, and many myths, traditions, historical sites, etc. remain. Izanagi-no-mikoto (Izanagi-no-Mikoto), who gave birth to Amaterasu Omikami (Amaterasu Omikami), performed a purification ceremony, Ninigi-no-mikoto (Ninigi-no-Mikoto) descended to Takachiho, and Emperor Jinmu was born. There are many “myths” and “traditions” that have been handed down from ancient times, such as the tale of the eastern expedition, and it is truly the “birthplace of Japanese mythology.” We will introduce gourmet food that is perfect for the year-end and New Year holidays from the auspicious land of Miyazaki. [Image 6d107481-2-cc0457f432bb07478c79-9.jpg&s3=107481-2-237ce7483dab803a8f9915271e133e10-206x206.jpg
Tsukuyomi fruit
Daughters of Amaterasu
The girls of Amaterasu are made up of women from Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture, and are engaged in the manufacture and sale of processed products using the agricultural products of Takachiho Town. The sun goddess Amaterasu Oomikami is a goddess. The women of Takachiho want to be a presence that lights up Takachiho like Amaterasu Oomikami. Miyazaki Prefecture is the number one producer of kumquats, and because of their beautiful golden color and the kanji character for gold in their names, they are treasured as lucky charms. In addition, Tsukuyomi no Mi, which is made from gold crowns grown in Takachiho, the birthplace of Japanese mythology and protected by the gods, is popular not only with Japanese but also with foreign tourists. increase. Ripe kumquats are boiled in syrup for a semi-raw finish, so you can enjoy a gummy-like texture. It is a gem that carefully finished all processes of sorting, processing, drying, and bagging by hand.
[Image 7d107481-2-0045b14239a4b577bacd-8.png&s3=107481-2-27fd27742de4b7bc18b7495ac86fd46d-127x197.png
Kagura Sake Brewery
Kagura Sake Brewery was founded in 1954 in Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture, the birthplace of mythology. Since then, we have consistently strived to improve quality without compromising, and have continued to brew excellent authentic shochu, which has been praised by drinkers all over Japan. . KUROUMA taru is a long-term storage liquor based on authentic shochu that has been stored in barrels for 6 years, and is best suited for barrel storage. , and it has a rich and mellow taste. Furthermore, by filtering the unblended whiskey at minus 20 degrees, we were able to bring out the clear aroma. It is a gem that you can enjoy the smoothness of the aftertaste and the rich and soft texture.
[Image 8d107481-2-739640762d5669a4d9fe-7.jpg&s3=107481-2-9a78c9ca9111310189914356daa60b7a-518x362.jpg
Miyakonojo Wine
Miyakonojo Winery
Miyakonojo is a delicious meat town that boasts some of the best quality and quantity of beef, pork, and chicken in Japan. Miyakonojo Winery makes wine that makes the meat even more delicious. Naturally, red wines tend to be more common, but whites and rosé wines also go well with chicken and pork. The wine made at the foot of Mt.Takachiho, the stage of Tensonkorin mythology, is named after the gods who came down here with Ninigi no Mikoto and the gods related to the local mythology. The rich and powerful red is named after the god of power, the transparent fresh white is named after the god who made mirrors and magatama, and the cherry-colored rosé is named after the god of cherry blossoms. Please enjoy this wine with delicious meat while thinking about the mythical world of this country during the year-end and New Year holidays.

I want to eat it once! Miyazaki Prefecture’s high-end gourmet with hometown tax! Miyazaki Prefecture was the first in Japan to successfully farm white sturgeon, and is famous for producing sturgeon and caviar.
Furthermore, thanks to the blessings of the Kuroshio Current, Miyazaki Prefecture has world-class beef, such as the plump Ise lobster and Miyazaki Beef, the champion of the wagyu world that has won the Prime Minister’s Award four times in a row at the Wagyu Olympics. There are many exquisite and top-class gourmets that can be proud of. And you can enjoy such supreme gourmet food with hometown tax.
[Image 9d107481-2-c6d0fd36f5e571d884bc-6.png&s3=107481-2-b4e847d4df6d799dc3bdb64b07df5b79-229x136.png
Miyazaki Caviar 1983
Japan caviar
“I want to make caviar that Japan can be proud of to the world.” After 30 years of trial and error, we have finally blossomed as pure domestic aged fresh caviar “Miyazaki Caviar 1983”. In 2021, that thought evolved into a unique manufacturing method that focuses on the “original taste of caviar”, and the ultimate domestic caviar that can only be found here was born. Full-bodied and umami, silky texture and mouth-melting, rich taste. A happy aftertaste that remains on the tongue. Please enjoy the best caviar that Japan is proud of. [Image 10d107481-2-718c6504cabf12585f5a-10.jpg&s3=107481-2-b1c10593f483c564de026a4e309ffe53-520x323.jpg
Toi Misaki Ise Lobster -Fresh Frozen-
The coast of Cape Toi in Kushima City, which is located at the southern tip of Miyazaki Prefecture, is a perfect fishing ground for spiny lobster. Ise ebi lobsters, which are caught in the rough seas of the Kuroshio Current, are characterized by their firm flesh. Ise lobster, which is a luxury ingredient, is quickly frozen immediately after being caught,
We will ship directly from the production area while keeping the freshness. How about using it as an ingredient for special days such as Christmas and New Year’s holidays? Delivery date designation is also possible.
[Image 11d107481-2-b7d241449643608300fd-5.jpg&s3=107481-2-6bf32f18dcd20d62ab6f9c383c6ba415-448x448.jpg
Miyazaki beef
We manufacture and process high-quality beef and pork, and also operate 4 restaurants in Miyazaki Prefecture and 6 restaurants in Fukuoka and Osaka. In October of this year, at the 12th National Wagyu Talent Exhibition, Miyazaki Beef won the highest award, the Prime Minister’s Award, for the fourth time in a row. Please enjoy the best Japanese beef in Japan, which won the best taste in the beef category. In addition, we offer healthy, safe and Safe pork, ham and sausage are also very popular.
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