TEICHI ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. Anna Takeuchi reports on the final performance of her original “playing” to ur! New E.P will be released next February!

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Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Anna Takeuchi reports on the final performance of her original “playing and talking” tour! New E.P will be released next February!
On 11/12 (Sat.), Anna Takeuchi held an additional performance of her musical instrument tour “Hikigatari TOUR 2022 atELIER -Atelier-” at Yodobashi Church Immanuel Chapel in Tokyo.
[Image 1d22498-1080-9194aac3c14b48230008-1.jpg&s3=22498-1080-82669f02eb49b4caf624ec86a36192bd-2000x1333.jpg
“atELIER -Atelier-” has the theme of playing and singing in places different from usual, such as important cultural properties, modern architecture, and theaters. This year’s event, which was held for the second time since last year, will be held at Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan Auditorium in Tokyo (October 16), Ishigura Sake Brewery Hakata Hyakunenkura in Fukuoka (November 2), and the middle meeting room of Osaka City Central Public Hall in Osaka ( November 4), a performance was held at the Aichi Chikusa Bunka Small Theater (November 11), and Yodobashi Church, the venue for the additional performance, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2004. In the sacred atmosphere of the Emmanuel Chapel, Anna Takeuchi gave us an organic and deep rendition of the instrument.
[Image 2d22498-1080-49be3d31e5ee5cf56ac8-0.jpg&s3=22498-1080-57c3d55aa94e97315b69d6ee0fbc04eb-2000x1331.jpg
The audience applauded when Anna Takeuchi appeared in the chapel, bathed in the beautiful afternoon sun. The first song is “Petunia no Hana”. The sound of the acoustic guitar and the heartrending singing voice resounded, and the whole venue was enveloped in a calm atmosphere. The sound that is completely different from live houses and halls is also impressive.
The first MC after performing “ICE CREAM.”
“It’s my first time performing in a church, too. The ceiling is really high! I hope you can enjoy a different atmosphere than usual.” [Image 3d22498-1080-b4668d3c910ef4db6b5a-2.jpg&s3=22498-1080-876a5d782da75da4c5e8ba09ec02af40-2000x1335.jpg
The theme of the “atELIER -Atelier-” tour is “I hope you can enjoy it as if you came to my room.” In the covers of “Rhythm Nation” (Janet Jackson) and “Odo” (Ado), they performed playful performances that make you think, “I wonder if you usually play and sing various songs like this.” Lamps, tables, and foliage plants placed on the stage also contributed to the intimate mood of this live.
[Image 4d22498-1080-93a438739e077cf780ef-4.jpg&s3=22498-1080-68e4f7a16409e04e3c3dac9f175b7595-2000x1336.jpg
In the middle of the live, he switched to a gut guitar and drew mellow songs such as “Iiyo” and “Awagata SUMMER”. The contrast between the gentle sound of the nylon strings and the expressive vocals was also memorable. On this day, the acoustic guitars used were the main “Martin/OMJM John Mayer” (John Mayer’s signature model that she admires), “Martin/00-18” and Martin’s gut guitar. His guitar playing, which combines a variety of techniques and expressive power, has also improved further.
In the second half of the live performance, the first release of the three-month consecutive release (September, October, November) “Aitaiwa” was played. The song, which expresses the emotional ups and downs of wondering whether to make a phone call or not, is a number where you can feel adorable sadness and excellent popness at the same time. The charm of this song was directly conveyed by the acoustic guitar playing.
After continuing the upper tunes of “ALRIGHT” and “RIDE ON WEEKEND”, the last part of the main volume is “Handa no Kaeba”. The session with the audience’s handclaps created a natural sense of unity.
During the encore, they performed the second song “made my day feat. Takuya Kuroda / Marcus D”, which was released for three consecutive months. And at the beginning of “Love Your Love”, he played off-mic and resounded, creating a big impression.
“I am very happy that the songs I made in my room are being listened to by everyone like this, and it feels a little strange. The words also stuck in my mind. Anna Takeuchi is currently working on a new EP. The rich musicality and colorful charm as a singer-songwriter, which was shown again on this “atELIER -Atelier-” tour, will likely evolve further from next year onwards.
text by Tomoyuki Mori
photo by Kazushi Hamano
February 2023 e.p release “title undecided”
-3 months continuous delivery release-
The first September 28th (Wednesday) “Aitaiwa”
2nd October 26th (Wednesday) “made my day feat. Takuya Kuroda / Marcus D” https://takeuchi-anna.lnk.to/made-my-day
Musical instrumentation TOUR2022 atELIER cafe -Atelier cafe- 11/23 (Wed) Kanazawa Shiratsushi Art (16:30/17:00)
11/26 (Sat) Sendai cafe Mozart Atelier (18:30/19:00)
11/27 (Sun) Sapporo・musica hall cafe (13:30/14:00)
11/27 (Sun) Sapporo・musica hall cafe (16:30/17:00)
12/10 (Sat) Takamatsu/Shikoku Village Cafe (13:30/14:00)
12/11 (Sun) Okayama Castle Public Hall (17:30/18:00) SOLD OUT -Anna Takeuchi INFORMATION-
Official website: https://takeuchianna.com/
Official YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@annasingguitar Twitter https://twitter.com/AnnaSingGuitar
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/annasingguitar/
TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@at_information
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