Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. Charismatic love song CHIHIRO releases a love song for all couples! Release the lyrics in advance!

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Love song charismatic CHIHIRO releases a love song for all couples! Release the lyrics in advance!

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Yuka’s “Partner”, which he wrote and composed himself, became a big topic on TikTok. CHIHIRO, a charismatic digital era love song, will release a new digital single “Futari no Uta” in November, the day of a good couple. It was decided to release on the 21st (Tuesday). This work will be the third release in 2022 following “3%” released in September, but it is a pop love song that wraps the miracle of being able to be together no matter what happens with gentle piano sounds. It expresses the greatest happiness while incorporating playful gimmicks, and is the ultimate couple song that you want to deliver to your lover, couple, or partner.
CHIHIRO commented on this work “Futari no Uta” as follows.
This song is a love song that deepens the bond between two people who have been dating for a long time.
I wrote this song with the hope that all the wonderful couples will be able to get along with each other forever.
I would be happy if this song could warm the distance between us. The lyrics of “Futari no Uta” are currently available on the lyrics search sites “Uta Net” and “UtaTen”.
■ Release information
[Image 2d22498-1076-1a2dc3f81b6f2fc09a8c-1.jpg&s3=22498-1076-aabf93e3654c6209bc506e05105ef50a-3900x3900.jpg
◯ Digital new single “Futari no Uta”
Delivery release on Tuesday, November 21, 2022
■ Lyrics site
Uta Net https://www.uta-net.com/song/327349/
UtaTen https://utaten.com/lyric/ma22110111/
■ CHIHIRO Official Site
■ CHIHIRO SNS account
https://www.youtube.com/user/chihirostyle?sub_confirmation=1 ◯Instagram
◯ Twitter

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