Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. Digital release of 64 early singles, including Joji Yamamoto’s representative song “Michinoku Hitori Tabi”!

Whom it may concern
Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Digital release of 64 early singles, including Joji Yamamoto’s representative song “Michinoku Hitori Tabi”!


Joji Yamamoto’s 64 early singles released so far have been digitally released as “Joji Yamamoto Early Single Collection” (Vol.1/Vol.2). The sound source of the hit song “Michinoku Hitori Tabi” in 1980, and “Oirase”, which is set in the same Tohoku as that “Michinoku Hitori Tabi” and has a contrasting gentle singing like a murmuring, since its release. A total of 64 songs that have received many requests from users, such as “Yume Kaido”, which continues to gain enthusiastic support from truck drivers. The title of the jacket was written by Yamamoto himself. It is being distributed well on each music streaming distribution / download service.
In commemoration of this release, the playlist “I want to listen now! Joji Yamamoto” covering everything from famous songs to the latest song “Suiren” is now available.
◆Comment from Joji Yamamoto
You can now easily enjoy nostalgic songs from the old days on your smartphone or computer! Please listen to it! !
▼ Joji Yamamoto “Early Single Collection Vol.1” https://lnk.to/ygvol1 [Recorded songs]
Northern Story, Chased by the Wind, Mayuko, Male Shadow Master, Traveling Alone in Michinoku, Dreams of Chelanthus, Karatachi no Hometown, Omokage, Shonan Lament, Like a Woman Traveling Alone, Roaring Sea, Winter Reading, Rolling Stone, Stupid Man’s Story, Dream Girl, Shanghai Airport, Oshu Road, Shut Up and Follow Me, Man Poetry, Short Friend, Choshu Man, Chic Life, Nostalgia, You named dream, like Yasha, when a man throws away his suit, setting sun, snow pier, dimples, labyrinth of love, don’t cry alone, goodbye in the night mist (32 songs in total)
▼ “Early Single Collection Vol.2” https://lnk.to/ygvol2
[Recorded songs]
Even if time passes, the two of us, Oirase, Etoranze, Yangtze River, Bamboo Dragonfly, Dreams, Ideas, People, Hometown of Fishing Fires, Tanabata Moon (When Hagi Flowers Bloom), Blue Border, Dyed Flowers, Last Letter , Kanmon Strait, in the sparkling wind, the sadness of the stick, two people in the twilight, the dream highway, the harbor town of the wind, the requiem of the starry sky, the shining eyes, so… that’s right, the drifting star, I only need you ,Storytelling, It’s raining outside…,Reminiscences,I’m here,Akiyoshi/Aomi,Wandering…as is,couple (two),forever…Okinawa,I want drunken water
▼Playlist “I want to listen now! Joji Yamamoto” https://lnk.to/ygpl Released on AppleMusic, AWA, KKBOX, LINE MUSIC, Spotify, YouTube The latest single from Joji Yamamoto
“Water lilies c/w Life Goyomi” now on sale
Water Lilies: Lyrics by Hitomi Yuuki, Composition by Seiichi Murata, Arrangement by Tatsuya Nango
Japan Composer’s Association / Japan Poetry Association Joint project “Song Contest Grand Prix 2022” Grand Prix work
c/w Life Story: Lyric Jun Goto Composition Sumi Nishio Arrangement Tatsuya Nango Japan Composer’s Association / Japan Poetry Association’s joint project “Song Contest Grand Prix 2022” Best work
Currently on sale on various music distribution services
TECA-22053 Regular price: 1,350 yen (1,227 yen without tax)
◆ First essay now on sale
“Someday you’ll feel relieved. Overcome colon cancer and breast cancer together.”
Author: Joji Yamamoto
Body price: 1,500 yen (1,650 yen including tax)
Issued by: KADOKAWA
◆ Joji Yamamoto label site
◆Joji Yamamoto Official Site
◆ Joji Yamamoto Official Twitter
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