Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. DreamBoat, a comprehensive male entertainment project, will hold “#Danpara_ Fest 6”! Show off a collaboration live that transcends the boundaries of the group.

Whom it may concern
Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
DreamBoat, a comprehensive men’s clothing entertainment project, will hold “#Danpara_Fes 6”! Show off a collaboration live that transcends the boundaries of the group.

On November 19th, the men’s entertainment project dreamBoat held “#Danpara_Fes 6” at Kanda Myojin Hall in Tokyo.
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dreamBoat is Fudanjuku, whose activity philosophy is to “enliven people”, and send a passionate message to you. “Pipping Hot”, a unit that sounds ROCK, and “BOP”, an abbreviation of “Best OverPowered”, are three groups full of individuality in men’s clothing with the theme of “be the most overwhelming”. formed from.
The performance started with dreamBoat’s “Give Me Your ATTENTION!” From the beginning, the performance of the engine was delivered at full throttle, raising the audience’s voltage at once.
Next, each group performed their own songs, and the venue was filled with even more excitement with their high singing ability and dance. [Image 2

When the performance ended, a VTR introducing the collaboration corner was played on the monitor at the venue, and it was announced that the three groups would form a unit for the first time.
Immediately, Rinku Eijo (Kazeojuku), Saku Aisaka (Pipping Hot), Lee Shizukuzuki (Pipping Hot), Otoki Kaizo (BOP), and Shin Shosaki (BOP) appeared on the stage, Sama unit”, performing exhilarating dance and singing.
With the MC in between, the “narcissist unit” Johgen Ohshi
(Kazeojuku), An Yakumo (Pipping Hot), Shosakishin (BOP), and Haruto Ayami (BOP) performed with comical movements. make me laugh
Sekita Yuki (Kazeojuku), Yoshimune Akahoshi (Kazeojuku), Yoki Arimitsu (Pipping Hot), Masato Ryumasa (BOP) formed a vocal unit and sang loudly.
At the end of the collaboration corner is the “dance unit” Sekita Yuki (Kazeojuku), Alan Hazaki (Kazeojuku), Takumi Ikari (Pipping Hot), Lee Shizukuzuki (Pipping Hot), Otoki Umi (BOP). , Ayana Haruto (BOP) captivated the venue with a highly complete dance performance and closed the corner.
As the performance finally came to an end, each group performed new songs that were about to be released.
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Pipping Hot’s “Uncover” was composed and co-written by Yohei Hashiguchi of wacci, whose hit song “Koidaro” is currently a long-running hit. The new song “Resistance”, which was created by The voltage at the venue reached a climax as both groups performed their first new song with a strong message.
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[Image 5

At the end, everyone sang their representative song “Megumi Dai Sailing”, and the performance ended in a great success.
Fudanjuku will release the single “Baby U” on December 14, 2022, and it has been announced that it will tour all 47 prefectures nationwide with live performances and release events as part of its 15th anniversary year activities.
Pipping Hot “Uncover” and BOP “Resistance”, which were unveiled for the first time at this performance, will be released simultaneously for the first time in the dreamBoat project on February 15, 2023. A competition plan will be held. This pattern will be updated from time to time on each Youtube channel and SNS, so please check it out as well.
It is also important to pay attention to the trends of each group, which is gaining momentum.
■ Photo by Mime Soga
【member comment】
・Kazeojuku/Sekta Yuki comment
Thanks to all of you, Danpara Fes was able to celebrate its 6th anniversary! This time, we were able to liven up the stage with a total of 22 members and research students, and it was a lot of fun.
Also, this time, we divided into units and performed cover songs, making the most of each individuality, and I was happy that everyone enjoyed it.
I would like to do my best so that I can continue with 7 and 8 from now on! ! ! thank you very much! ! ! !
・Comment from Pipping Hot/Youki Arimitsu
Thank you for Danpara Fes 6! ! Every time, the group gathers at once, and I think that Danpara has upgraded considerably this time so that you can enjoy performances and collaborations that can only be seen here! !
I want you to come visit us again while anticipating what kind of Danpara will be next! !
・Comment from BOP/Kokoro Shosaki
Compared to the previous “#Danpara_Fes5”, I feel that dreamBoat was able to put together a more cohesive stage!
In the shuffle unit, which was the first attempt this time, we were able to show a performance that made the most of each individual’s individuality.
BOP performed the lead song “Resistance” of the 3rd single written and composed by LIN of MADKID!
Together with this song, we also want to evolve powerfully!
【release information】
■ Kazeojuku
On sale December 14, 2022
31st single “Baby U”
■ Pipping Hot
On sale February 15, 2023
2nd single「Uncover」
On sale February 15, 2023
3rd single「Resistance」
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: LIN (MADKID)
■ dreamBoat
◆ Each music distribution site
◆YouTube “Yumegendai Sailing” Music Video
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnK2T6Wvi-A]

【Official site】
dreamBoat Official Site: https://www.dreamboat.site/
Kazeojuku: http://nfs724.com/
Pipping Hot: https://pippinghot-official.site/
BOP: https://www.teichiku.co.jp/artist/bop/
Teichiku entertainment
Details about this release:


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