Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Everything is real except for himself!” Gotoku Kueisho, a well-known folk song master in Okinawa, finally makes a major debut!

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Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
“Everything is real except for himself?!” The famous folk song master Gotoku Kueisho, who is well-known in Okinawa, has finally made his major debut!

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It has been decided that Goeku Eisho, a master folk song master who boasts immense popularity and name recognition in Okinawa, will make his major debut on January 18th next year from Teichiku Entertainment. Eisho Gotoku is a comedy character based on the motif of a folk song classroom instructor played by the Okinawan comedy duo “Handsome”. With more than 60 commercial appearances and multiple regular programs, he is now a popular character that everyone knows in Okinawa.
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This time, on the occasion of the debut from the long-established record company “Teichiku”, which has been in business for 88 years, Eisho Gotoku and his disciple Kenta Nakaza, who answered the interview, said, “Teichiku-kun, you finally realized how wonderful I am. Late. I want to say that it’s been too long, but it’s really good.It’s safe now!Let’s aim for the world with me.If you don’t follow me properly, you’ll get ripped off.Chame!” ! Like a folk song master who welcomed the
Also, as a dream for the national debut, “Four major dome tours. Before that, Nippon Budokan is fine. For now, it’s better to have a roof. You don’t have to worry about rain. Even Gotoku Eisho can’t do anything about the weather! Anywhere with a roof is fine.I’ll sing under the eaves of somewhere.Please plan the venue and Gotoku Eisho’s schedule as soon as possible!” He spoke about his motivation with an intonation of Okinawan accent, but his apprentice Kenta Nakaza said, “Before telling a dream story, I will first go around 41
municipalities in Okinawa Prefecture, sing at public halls and roadsides, and sell CDs by hand!” tightened the excited master. [Image 3d22498-1078-3d32fe939a876b226662-1.jpg&s3=22498-1078-0d7b7dae9b5af305f4dca4afe5791c7a-2475x1856.jpg
From now on, he will deliver the song not only to Okinawa but also to the whole country. Up until then, I had been sticking to Okinawa and working locally, but I can’t help it if Teichiku told me that.Finally, the ‘mountain’ called Gotoku Hisaesho is moving!A folk song singer who is within reach, Gotoku Hisaesho First of all, you guys should buy my CD “Gotoku Kueisho Taizen II”.There is a quota of 1000 copies in 3 months.It’s a pressure!Buy a lot and buy a lot for your family, relatives, acquaintances, friends, and people who don’t know. Hand it out to people. I don’t have the desire or the ability to do it. Anyway, I’ll make you work harder than a horse, so I’d like to thank everyone in the country for your support, Gotoku-sensei!”
In addition, it will be released for 3 consecutive months from November 16th, ahead of the debut work “Gotoku Kueisho Taizen II” which will be released in January next year. The first song is a collaboration song with Gotokuhisa and the popular Okinawan comedy character “Okane Nozomi”. “Tannafakru-bushi” full of love will be released. The song has already been featured in the local news, and has become a hot topic in Okinawa Prefecture as a “dream
*In the text, “Chindami suru yo” comes from the tuning of the sanshin, and Gotoku Kueishō frequently uses it to mean “correcting a distorted mind and way of thinking.”
*”Chame!” in the text has no particular meaning, and seems to be derived from “Achame”, which means “improvised dance to the sanshin”. *To everyone in Japan who does not yet know Gotoku Hisaesho
Eisho Gotoku is the comedy duo “Handsome” from Okinawa.
The slogan is “everything is genuine except for himself.” Produced by comedians Kenta Nakaza and Tomoji Yamashiro.
The sound producers are Toru Yonaha, who is said to be the treasure of Okinawa, and Seijun Higashigamon, Katsuya Akamine, and Masahiro Don Kubota. Produced down to the last detail by our team of musicians. ■ Distribution release
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Vocals: Eisho Gotoku and Nozomi Ogane
November 16, 2022 Distribution start
■ Product information
Major debut album “Gotoku Hisaesho Taizen II”
On sale January 18, 2023
TECL-1003 ¥2,750 (tax included)
■ FEC Office Co., Ltd.
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