Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. Healing experience with collaboration of nostalgic melody and wave sound played by Okinawa Sanshin

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Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
A healing experience with the nostalgic melody played by the Okinawan sanshin and the sound of the waves

As a new series following the popular series “Nostalgic Healing Children’s Songs and Songs” of the cover project “Heart and Mind ~Kokoro to Kokoro Music Box~” by the playable music box “Kanadeon”, the cover project “Heart and Mind” by “Okinawa Sanshin” ~Sanshin ga Tadaru Ryukyu no Kaze~” was released on November 16th with the first installment, “Nostalgic Trip Night Nursery Rhymes/Songs”.
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This project is the “ultimate healing sound” that perfectly matches the soothing sounds played by the Okinawan sanshin master and the “sound of waves of Okinawa”. The natural sound of the waves creates a relaxing effect, and it is a healing work that can be expected not only as background music for a comfortable life, but also for a comfortable sleep.
The songs released this time include nursery rhymes and songs based on the theme of “Night, Moon, Sea” such as “Oborozukiyo”, “Star World”, and “Winter Constellation”, as well as “Tsukinu Utsukushiya” and “Irayoi”. Includes 15 songs including Okinawan music such as Tsukiyohama. You can easily enjoy the feeling of traveling with the sound of the sanshin as if it were being sung by Mukaizato Kei, a sanshin player from Yaeyama, Okinawa, and the natural sound of waves that invites the listener to “Moonlit Beach”. How about trying a “virtual trip experience”?
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Mukaizato Kei
Yaeyama is a sanshin player and singer from Ishigaki and Shiraho. [Work information]
“Heart and Mind ~ Ryukyu Wind Played by the Sanshin” Series
“Nostalgic Trip Night Nursery Rhymes/Songs”
Delivery release on November 16, 2022
Three-line performance: Meguri total
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■ “Nostalgic Trip Night Nursery Rhymes/Songs”
[Image 3d22498-1081-6d8731f138a7ce00c89b-1.jpg&s3=22498-1081-a611cfa8d65915df8d3a64ad70d24ee6-3900x3900.jpg
(recorded music)
The sun sets on a distant mountain
world of stars
Tanukibayashi at Shojoji Temple
rabbit rabbit
hazy moon night
beach song
Irayoi Tsukiyohama Beach
moon beauty
Star Tour Song
twinkle twinkle
winter constellations
silent night
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