Telesis Network Co., Ltd. Awesome technique that makes full use of astrology ClockReading appraisal by fortu ne teller YUKI is now available on the fortune-telling portal site “Uranaeru Honkaku”!

Telesis Network Co., Ltd.
[Amazing technique that makes full use of astrology] ClockReading appraisal by fortune teller YUKI is now available on the
fortune-telling portal site “Uranaeru authentic appraisal”!

Telesis Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yoshimitsu Takaishi will operate the fortune-telling content portal “Uranaeru Authentic Appraisal” from November 28, 2022. ] We have started providing “YUKI teacher” content.
■ Uranai full-scale appraisal URL: YUKI-sensei’s new service fortune-telling content
URL: [Image 1

■ Introduction of appraisal contents
This site uses “Fortune Teller YUKI’s ClockReading” to carefully read each celestial body that has determined “your existence” from birth to the past to the present, and to read your essence, destiny, and more. I will clarify what kind of influence it has on unrequited love. In addition, YUKI’s original appraisal combined with the “chronical tarot” that reflects the reality of “now” and “future” from the ever-changing “movement of the stars” will reveal “when”, “with whom”, and “what”. , we will accurately guide the “specific path” and “answer” to grasp happiness.
■Introduction of supervisor “YUKI”
Centering on tarot, astrology, and rune fortune-telling, we are based in Hamamatsu City and perform appraisals in Toyohashi City and Okazaki City. Many celebrities have earned the trust of many celebrities for reading the user’s essential feelings from the movement of celestial bodies from the past to the present, and for accurately pinpointing feelings with a complex appraisal using tarot. In addition to media appearances such as TV, his activities are wide-ranging, including contributing to magazines, giving lectures, and receiving
consultations as a personality for a Brazilian radio station in Japan. ■ Content overview
・ Content name: “Yaba, all the stars! ] Emotions / time is also right as it is ◆ ClockReading / YUKI
・ URL: ・Start date: November 28, 2022
Introduction of the fortune-telling content portal site “Uranaeru” [Image 2d76132-270-a701a63e1455ff1728a5-1.png&s3=76132-270-73f28915f0c7995ab001c07532ca0829-400x100.png
From July 2020, we will start providing media for women with the theme of “fortune-telling x love” “Uranaeru-Fateful Love Fortune-”. Columns and articles for women who are looking for happy love and life in their own way, and fortune-telling created under the supervision of a popular fortune-teller who is active in various media such as TV and magazines and has a proven track record, is updated daily.
・ “Uranaeru Official Website” URL:
・ “Uranaeru Authentic Appraisal” URL: ■ Introduction of women’s deep romance column and free fortune-telling media “ENJYO”
[Image 3d76132-270-50ff4c8210897198e209-2.png&s3=76132-270-f8e85c929f10d8248637b430d9832889-400x132.png
“ENJYO” is a love column and free fortune-telling distribution media for women who love like a flame and live a gorgeous life. From deep romance to nightlife for women… Romance columns with various themes to read, and free fortune-telling by popular fortune-tellers who are active in various media such as TV, books, and magazines are updated daily!
■Company profile
[Image 4d76132-270-bed3cac6f4c272789af2-3.png&s3=76132-270-728d2aca2b71f7bf925ed1f2d3e349da-400x73.png
Company name: Telesis Network Co., Ltd.
Location: Akasaka Park Building 23F, 5-2-20 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yoshimitsu Takaishi, Representative Director Established: August 6, 1991

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