Tenjin Co., Ltd. Gratify has been introduced as a customer attraction tool at the finest bread shop “Fujimori”

Tenjin Co., Ltd.
Gratify has been introduced as a customer attraction tool at the finest bread shop “Fujimori”
Satisfaction and customer attraction increase with “free drink x social contribution” that is close to customers

Tenjin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kakuhei Hiraizumi) has signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Fujimori Co., Ltd. (President: Momoko Fujimori) to create a new hybrid that uses paper cups as a medium. In October 2022, we started introducing the advertising service “Gratify” to “Fujimori” as a customer attraction tool.
■ Gratify service overview
“Gratify” is a new-age hybrid advertising service that uses drinks (paper cups) as a medium.
By registering as a Gratify member and answering a simple survey, users can receive a free drink every day. Furthermore, every time a user receives a drink, a donation is made to a charitable organization to help solve social problems.
By sponsoring this drink, advertisers can deliver drinks to users free of charge and contribute to society.
The paper cup containing the drink has a design that appeals to the company or service, and the advertisement is delivered to the user who receives it.
[Image 1

Fujimori Main Store
■Gratify and Fujimori
Gratify provides “Fujimori” with new points of contact with customers and topics by providing free drinks to customers and donations. By having customers listen to the explanation of the product while drinking Gratify’s drink and make a slow selection, the sense of distance with the customer will be shortened, the satisfaction level will be improved, new customers will be acquired, and the frequency of visiting the store will increase. “Fujimori” was selected for its merits as a tool to attract customers.
[Image 2

Promotion of companies and services with paper cups
[Image 3

Attracting customers with Gratify
■ Background to the start of Gratify deployment
Communication between companies and consumers has changed with the times. Among them, the advancement of digital technology has brought about major changes in advertising communication,
New methods have been created one after another, and have brought about great advertising effects.
On the other hand, it cannot be denied that communication has become excessive in the digital world.
Recently, third-party cookie regulations are progressing by major platformers, We believe that the time has come to reconsider communication between companies and consumers.
Therefore, we believe that communication from the upper funnel will become more important,
We conceived and started developing Gratify, a service that fuses the real and digital.
[Image 4

Concept for Gratify users
■ Features of Gratify
1. remain
A realistic paper cup stays in the hands of the target for a long time and is definitely visible.
In addition, since the history of receiving drinks remains digitally, it is possible to achieve inflow from both real and digital sources. 2. stand out
Paper cups, which are real media, not only attract attention in real situations such as in the city or office, but also match the SNS era and can be expected to spread on digital such as Instagram.
3. SDGs
A big feature is that not only can you get a drink for free, but you can also contribute to society by receiving it.
A high degree of goodwill is formed when users feel that they have made a social contribution together.
[Image 5

Diverse designs
【Company Profile】
Company name: Tenjin Co., Ltd.
Location: Kuwano Building 2F, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kappei Hiraizumi, President and Representative Director Established: August 2019
URL: https://tenjin-japan.com/
Service URL: https://gratify4u.com/
[Inquiries about services]
Tenjin Co., Ltd. Contact: Hiraizumi
e-mail: info@gratify4u.com

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